Canadian Grand Prix 2016 Music Playlist of Canadian Artists You Should Know

Welcome to Canada and if you are traveling by train, car, bus, air, or just walking around the circuit here is a all Canadian music playlist for you to enjoy and discover some Canadian talent.  The playlist has mellow start and goes from there.  While there is so much talent out there, I just put this together of friends of mine or those musicians my friends know.

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Megan Bonnell her recent album was fully crowd funded, from my home town Toronto, not only can she sing she can also make a mean banana bread.

Alannah Myles  I used to spend a lot of time on the road with my buddy Kevin Jones who was tour manager for his brother Mick Jones of the band Foreigner, and Alannah was always around Ca Va is mellow start to the playlist.

Serena Ryder – born in my hometown of Toronto and she kicks ass.

Anna Cyzon – Is a dear friend of mine and she totally rocks she has also been a great help to me for my film on fans of David Bowie.

Armando Scarlato Jr. One day walked into a jam session of the David Bowie film started to sing and blew everyone away.

Alanis Morissette – I first met Alanis on my birthday dinner in Los Angeles with my buddy Tim Thorney she had come to shop her album Jagged Little Pill.

Drake – Also from my hometown of Toronto (the 6) and a friend of my buddy Sammy. I don’t need to say more it’s Drake.

Virgina Storey  she just rocks, and put new twist to her music she is a big fan of Bowie and if he was still with us he would like her music.

Gang Signs  – My friend Karen Hood owns a music label File Under Music and this band is signed to her label.

Bend Sinister – Also signed to my friends label File Under Music of Vancouver.

Francesco Yates – I first met Francesco at a fashion show his big influence was Prince and Michael Jackson.

Hill And The Sky Heroes –  A solo project of my very multi talented friend Hill Kourkoutis  a massive fan of David Bowie.

Justin Bieber  – Well who does not know this dude, Lewis Hamilton been hanging with him of late and my mom loves him.

Sarah Fisher – Super cool friend another multi talented Canadian.

The Weekend  – This dude from my home town been killing it, working real hard and has collaborated with my friend Hill Kourkoutis also on this play list.

Tim Thorney – A very talented friend of mine who is a record producer, singer songwriter and owner of Villa Sound a very cool recording studio, he has his fingers on the pulse of talent in Canada.

In My Coma – This band not only rocks they can party and we have done it they have a new album coming out this fall.

Mandy Bo –  She just followed her dream and works really hard, I really like her and she has a crowd funding project on the go, check it out on her website.

NJ Taylor – From Montreal a big fan of Red Bull Racing, she is one very talented friend who is always working at her craft.

Young Empires – I got turned on to them by my fashion stylist friend Kirsten Readerh who styled one of the band members.

Brian Asha  lives in Vancouver and just likes good music.



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Michelle Obama,Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah talk about ‘finding one’s passion’ and Canadian Sarah Fisher making a powerful film right now about passion SXSW

First Lady Michelle Obama will grace the SXSW stage tomorrow (March 16) for her keynote panel with a star-studded squad, including rapper Missy Elliott, songwriter phenom Diane Warren, and actress Sophia Bush, as well as moderator, the multi-hyphenate Queen Latifah.

The women will pool their life experiences together and engage in a dialogue on finding one’s passion, music, and the importance of girls’ education everywhere.  As they speak and it will be Live Streaming, Canadian actress, singer, songwriter Sarah Fisher is on the set in Canada making a powerful film “Kiss and Cry “ and a real life story that about a girl who finds her passion, acts on it, and fights to the very end of her last breath the story of Carley Elle Allison.

Sarah Fisher is a girl who believes in all things good, and she will relate to everything that Missy Elliott, Diane Warren, Sophia Bush, Queen Latifah and Michelle Obama have to say at SXSW.  Sarah, when not recording, or making a film, is all about empowering girls, caring about education, poverty, and the wild life of this planet.  When I reached out to Sarah to see what she was doing in her words this was the answer.

“Filming right now! Kiss and Cry movie! Honouring the beautiful Carley Elle Allison, 17 year old girl diagnosed as 1 in 3 and a half billion (second in the world) love story like no other! … Lots of Canadian stars and has all of Canada backing up and supporting this amazing girl and unbelievable life changing story! Her motto “always smile” . – Sarah Fisher

Let Girls Learn is a government initiative led by President Obama and The First Lady to help all the 62 million girls who can not get to school.

Carley who was a figure skater, singer, songwriter, while fighting her cancer never gave up on school.  While she had to delay going to Queen University for a year , she finally did make it, but her time there was cut short as the cancer spread. Not once did she lose faith that she would ditch the disease that was ravaging her lungs and arm.

While Carley is no longer with us, her voice that cancer tried to take away is with us still. At SXSW it is about film, music, and so this story of Sarah Fisher making this film about a girl to whom getting to University was so important is an amazing story. This story should inspire all those girls who want to help getting other girls to school, and I am thrilled that Sarah is making this film and that she is playing Carley which is perfectly cast, because Sarah has the same spirit of Carley. I am warning you now you may get tears watching this video. Make sure to catch the the live-stream of the keynote from SXSW and please help support the Carley’s Angels.

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Sarah Fisher is gonna give you chills in ‘The Stepchild’ Premiering Sunday on Lifetime TV

Canadian actress, singer, songwriter, model, Sarah Fisher will be giving you chills and thrills in her upcoming film ‘The Stepchild’  that will premier, Sunday January 10, on Lifetime TV. She is with a great cast along Lauren Holly, Paul Johannson from the most popular ‘One Tree Hill’, Kennan Tracy and Al Sapienza.

After spending months in the hospital recovering from the physical and emotional injuries she suffered during a home invasion that claimed the life of her father and left her stepmother, Beth, injured, Ashley Bennett returns home to try to move on with her life. Plagued by fragmented memories of the night of the murder, Ashley begins to suspect that her father’s friend and business partner, John, who is now living with her and her stepmother, is up to no good and she enlists the help of her boyfriend to look into his behavior. When Ashley learns that John’s wife died in an unusual accident, she becomes convinced that John is behind her father’s murder and that Beth is in serious danger. However, Beth sees Ashley’s erratic and paranoid behavior as a sign of suffering from post traumatic stress. Is Ashley simply jealous of this new man or is John a cold-blooded killer? And if Ashley can remember everything from the night of the murder, will she be prepared to face the truth?


The Stepchild Sunday, January 10, 9PM EST, Monday, January 11, 1AM EST, Saturday, January 16, 10PM EST, and Sunday, January 17, 2AM EST.

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Josef Newgarden wins Indy Car Alabama Grand Prix for his first win it’s all rock and roll

I first met Josef Newgarden a year ago in Toronto with Degrassi actress Sarah Fisher and team owner Sarah Fisher. I knew then that Newgarden had what it takes to be a rock star in Indy Car. When I met Newgarden I brought with me a gold Bowie guitar and he rocked it in true David Bowie style.

Today Josef Newgarden won his first Indy Car race today at the Alabama Grand Prix, and I have this feeling this kid will start to rock and roll Indy Car from here on in. So watch out, and go check out this star in the making, like Sarah Fisher her family and I did when they raced on the streets of Toronto last year.  I am gonna give you an up close look at Newgarden when Indy Car rolls into Toronto so make sure you tune in who knows if Sarah Fisher the actress is not acting or doing a concert may just get her to give you a tour Live Stream.  Keep you posted so stay tuned.
2014-07-19 12.38.44 (2)

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Sarah Fisher thinks Meryl Streep is phenomenal ! Golden Globes Day Interview with Sarah

Sarah Fisher is a Canadian actress, model, singer, and songwriter from my home town of Toronto.  What can I tell you about her?  Keep your eyes on her because it will not be long till you see her walk down the red carpet at the Golden Globes, or the Oscars.  Sarah has rocked it with David Bowie’s gold Jarrell guitar, went to check out Adam Lambert and Queen rock it and while she is a busy girl, working on her music or film and her role as Becky on Degrassi she has always been passionate about her project to help Kids Help Line.

Sarah Fisher talked about her project and her music video for Kids Help Line, and it’s a great story on the day of the Golden Globes.

1.  What was your inspiration to write your new single? And how did you come up with the concept for the new video?

I am a strong believer in living your life to the fullest, that’s what will make you the happiest. What that means to me is living in the now and always looking ahead.  I am a national spokesperson for Kids Help Phone, it’s a non-profit organization that supports and counsels young people who are going through difficult situations. I am so in-love with the work they do and I am honoured to be part of a life changing organization.

The song Walk On came to me very quickly; the message is truly a huge part of who I am and how I live my life. I wanted to help change the way we speak about  ‘bullying’, I didn’t want to focus on the bullying part as much as I wanted to focus on moving forward; “walking on”. I co-wrote the song with a great artist named Chris Stylez and we were so inspired, we finished the song within an hour.

The concept for the video was actually a very interesting experience for me. Music has always come to me quite naturally, however because of my experience with filming, this was the first time a video inspiration came to me. After writing over half the song, I had an image pop into my head, it was an image of a pair of shoes…and then an army of shoes. Slowly the entire video played out in my head.

I am so thrilled that my on-camera experience has now found its way into my music and influences that part of my career. I am also so grateful for my video team, they encourage me to participate in every step of the music video production process.

2.  Did you do the video in one day or was it done between your various projects for television and film?

Usually for our music videos we tend to shoot for more than one day, but for Walk On we had about forty friends, family, Kids Help Phone volunteers and even some fans came out to be a part of the group shots, which was incredible! So this video was shot all in one long day at my beautiful high school, Bayview Glen. Everyone who took part in this music video is making a difference and they were all incredible! I am very thankful for the turn out.

3.  What was the inspiration for writing the song?

To me “Walk On” means moving forward in life. Not letting ‘bullying’ own you, not letting the names people call you or the bad things you’ve experienced define you, not letting the weight of your past determine your future.

4.  Who all worked with you in creating the music video?

I have an amazing creative team called Sunset6 Productions made up of Director Dan Snow and Producer Juan Mendez; they are the creative geniuses behind this music video. They have such incredible vision and work so hard, I am extremely proud and excited to be working with them. Being on set with them is an absolute pleasure and a BLAST! I would recommend Sunset6 Productions to anyone looking to shoot music or corporate videos.

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