Pope Francis and Leonardo DiCaprio meet at The Vatican and talk about the environment

I want to share this award with all the first nation’s people represented in this film and all the indigenous communities around the world. It is time that we recognize your history. – Leonardo DiCaprio

The indigenous communities of the world, respected nature their lives depended on it. The feared it, used what the earth provided as wisely as they could. The Mayan civilization of Belize where Leonardo DiCaprio has an island vanished from the face of the earth before the arrival of the Europeans and some feel it is because of climate change.  In Belize you have  the second largest coral reef in the world, and it’s one hundred percent a living reef as opposed to the Australian Great Barrier Reef .


Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do – David Bowie / Space Oddity


David Bowie sang the words above in ‘Space Oddity’ and while he is no longer with us on earth he is probably looking down at planet earth, while floating around the moon seeing the sorry state of this planet and wondering, what can I do?   Well Bowie need not worry because of people like the Pope, and Leonardo DiCaprio who are telling companies, leaders of nations take note and change your ways. Enough is enough.  Global warming, affects us all.  If you have children you want them to have a full life so we must restore the balance.


Your Holiness, thank you for granting me this private audience with you, – Leonardo DiCaprio


The private audience was a meeting of two people who are on the same page, and both on the mission to seek solutions and help to change.  DiCaprio through his foundations investments in new studies and programs and the Pope through his ‘word’ from the seat of Saint Peter.  We must also involve the youth of this world. We can do this by creating a school of nature, for all the children of this world to come to experience the beauty of nature, forests, rain-forest, jungle, fish, coral reef, the ocean, and the animals and how there ebb and flow. They would soon learn  that without one element in this ebb and flow of nature the chain is broken and thus we could all perish.  The ideal place for such a school of nature (kinda like the school of rock) is where DiCaprio already owns an island.  If you follow the travels of some of the birds, and turtles from the mainland to the island and their feeding habits you come to see (‘the ebb and flow’).  What a wonderful gift to give any child the opportunity to find themselves among the ‘sounds and vision of nature’ empowering them with knowledge, so no one can pull wool over their eyes, especially governments, oil, gas and mining companies.  This is our future the young, your children.

The youth must be engaged, they thorough their own experience at the school of nature will impart their findings using social media and this will keep the subject front and center, while educating them on the importance of nature and our planet.  The Pope today reaches out to billions with the use of his social media, and the internet was created to be used to spread the word, break barriers, and bring about change, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, text, YouTube their vision of  ‘enough is enough’.  So let’s change the game and collectively with the Pope, and Leonardo DiCaprio make and everlasting positive impact for all human kind.

Many of my friends have already told me, ‘to count them in’.   The question to the readers is, are you in?


We simply cannot allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity – Leonardo DiCaprio / Davos Jan. 20. 2016




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Chef Oliver Glowig A Journey To Paradise – TOCA Restaurant Ritz Carlton Toronto

Oliver Glowig If you take communion, then when I bit into the thin wafer, shaped like a skateboard perfectly placed with the poached raw fruits, vegetables with braised tomatoes and black olives, my first thought was the Vatican should really have Oliver Glowig make the communion wafers, it will bring people flocking to the church. That is how good it was, freshly made in the kitchen of TOCA restaurant where I had been filming Oliver Glowig for a scene in my documentary film ‘David Bowie Is Around The World’.

The film I am producing and directing features interesting people from around the world who like David Bowie have no respect for the status quo.

Two Michelin star chef Oliver Glowig, while in the kitchen peeling an artichoke and then talking about how it was to be prepared and what was to go top during the filming had me worked up. When the lobster with artichoke heart and burrata arrived I just savored the moment.

As each course arrived a full explanation was given about what you were about to eat in detail a sign that you are in a five star luxury hotel where nothing is left to chance, ( and people wonder why I always suggest to the VIP’s soon to arrive from Hollywood, Ritz Carlton, Toronto).

Having traveled the world, accustomed to five star luxury hotels from the time of the Aga Khan’s own foray into luxury hotels in Italy, mood in a restaurant to accompany the food of a Michelin star chef Oliver Glowig is absolute essential and TOCA did not miss a beat.

It would have been utterly foolish of me not to go for the full tasting menu and in doing so I began a journey to paradise.

Rome is one of my favorite cities, where women with strollers walk in high heel, everyone takes there time enjoying life, anywhere you go food is good, and most importantly noting you can dream has not been done in Rome already. So if you are going to Rome, then it is a good idea and I certainly suggest that you go see a chef, my friend, one of the stars of my film Oliver Glowig.

Oliver Glowig – A Chef, A Model, A Kitchen – TOCA Resteraunt – Ritz Carlton Toronto from Timothy Hollywood Khan on Vimeo.

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TIFF13 – Ritz Carlton – TOCA Warms Up With A Star From Rome

IMG_9488 My friend Leonardo Temperini is the Executive Director at the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese in Rome, and it is a great spot in the eternal city.  So what a delightful surprise to find from the sterling team of the Ritz Carlton Toronto while trying to work my way through a monstrously delicious club sandwich that 2 Michelin Stars chef Oliver Glowig will be visiting their TOCA restaurant next week.

Chef Oliver Glowig, his German origin has granted him a talent for precision, dedication and accuracy and all his time spent in Italy’s Campania in addition to being married to a Nepalese wife has given him experience and passion rarely anyone who is not an Italian possesses. Rome is one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in the world and I love it, yet I have never had the opportunity to dine at Oliver Glowig.  That is about to change.  As the days quickly race away till September 5 when the world descends upon Toronto for one of the greatest film festival in the world, The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), it is great to be able to get into the swing of things with the visit of chef Oliver Glowig.


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