One day you’re smiling the next day crying the Red Bull Racing saga Australian Grand Prix 2015

Elyse Knowles
Elyse Knowles

We all know by now that Christian Horner starting whining like his car engines after the race. Hey man get your game together and man-up. When Lewis Hamilton was told about the drama, of reining in Mercedes Formula One cars this was his point of view.

“I was sitting next to Sebastian [Vettel] after the race and I said: ‘Sebastian, you did this for four years. You were 30 seconds ahead for four years.’ So I know what it feels like,” said the world champion. “Back then he had no one behind pushing him. At least I’ve got my team-mate, who I was really racing. I don’t remember that ever being the case [with Red Bull].”

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David Bowie Is, George Lucas, Red Bull to Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel at the Australian Grand Prix


George Lucas, Dani, Dietrich Mateschitz owner Red Bull

The David Bowie Is exhibit is currently in Paris.  It will move to Melbourne  in July the city that also hosts the opening of the 2015 Formula One season the Australian Grand Prix. George Lucas executive produced the film in which David Bowie stars, ‘Labyrinth’. So what connects George Lucas, Dietrich Mateschitz, Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari?  a band the Rolling Stones, and Ferrari.

When I took the above photograph in Monaco at the Monaco Grand Prix,  the team of people who at the time worked for Lucas, had invited me to the Stars Wars party, and I was keen to meet a fellow Canadian actor Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader) and at the time I also owned an Energy Drinks Company.  After the party Lucas’s assistant want to call for a taxi to go to her hotel and I offered to drive her the car having been delivered directly to the hotel.  Try getting a taxi in Monaco during the Grand Prix weekend, you will wait forever, and with me taking her she would have the added bonus of my commentary on the street  track on Monte Carlo.

As we walked out the door man raced to an awaiting Ferrari and opened the door for her. Lucas’s assistant looked at me a little amused, “that’s your car?”, “Yea, I just got it today, I don’t even know who to start it yet”, I told her ( which was true as I had to ask the valet).  When we got in the Ferrari the varoom start that is associated with a Ferrari was heard then again you hear that all the time in Monaco.  I managed to get the small lights on, but had no idea how to turn on the headlight.  I informed my passenger we will be alright as the car had Monaco plates they the police will give us a pass.  It was during this drive that Lucas’s assistant informed me of his passion for Ferrari, as in his youth Lucas wanted to be a race car driver.

Few months later I would invite Lucas and few others to the Rolling Stones show in San Francisco and it was there I was to learn how much Lucas loves technology, not as much understanding it, but using it to tell his story better on the big screen.  This point always registered in my brain and it has been logged.

Many years later as the Rolling Stones are the Rolling Stones they where on tour and this time happened to be in Montreal at the time of the Canadian Grand Prix.  Red Bull Racing’s , Sebastian Vettel won the race.  As I gave my friends the tour of the paddocks after the race and pit lane, I saw Vettel and wanted to see if he wanted to come to the show that evening. Vettel introduced me to his assistant, and asked if he could get his team into the show.  Naturally I told him he had nothing to worry about all would be taken care off.  The Rolling Stones made it happen the reason they are the Rolling Stones is that they also have a first class team around them, and their relationship with David Bowie is infamous.

Few months later the Rolling Stones on tour tragedy struck as Mick Jagger’s girlfriend of many years  L’Wren Scott killed herself.  Allowing a respectful time to pass, I thought it maybe a great idea to lift Mick Jagger’s spirits by having Sebastian Vettel Formula One world champion present Jagger a Jarrell autographed guitar.  This time Sebastian Vettel obliged, his way of show support and saying thank you for the time all of Red Bull racing came to see the Rolling Stones in Montreal.  The guitar is made by Jarrell guitars who after discovering that Sebstain Vettel also plays guitar presented him with a guitar as well.  It is also a guitar that Bowie film has used with one kindly offered by the man himself to take on a world tour allowing people to hold it the gold Jarrell Bowie guitar.   Shortly afterwards the news hit the media that Sebastian Vettel was leaving Red Bull Racing and moving to Ferrari.

Today in Melbourne we come full circle with David Bowie film, Lucas and his love for Ferrari and Vettel his dream to drive for Ferrari.  The fun is only beginning as the season is just starting.  If you are Italian or a Ferrari lover like Lucas and myself we will all have something to cheer about.  Italian chef Alberto Annarumma who is excited about Ferrari and David Bowie film and holding the guitar which is on a world tour even created a David Bowie Menu to delight your sence.

Check out the Ferrari I gave Lucas assistant a spin in, and some of the images of things evolved and unfolded up to today’s race in Melbourne.

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Canadian Grand Prix 2014 – Through The ‘Golden Eye’ of Sean Brosnan and fiancé Sanja Banic

%21B8QjHWQCWk%7E%24%28KGrHqYOKigEzS-1wQZ9BM2gY16W%2Bg%7E%7E_12.jpg (658×1000) The multi-talented Sean Brosnan veins carry blood that is Irish and Australian that being from his father Pierce Brosnan (Irish) and his mother Cassandra Harris (Australian) who died in 1991 after a 4-year battle with ovarian cancer. Sean Brosnan with his fiancé Sanja Banic both filmmakers and partners of Knight Marcher Films came to spin their own magic with Red Bull Racing resulting in the first win by the Australian driver born in Perth, Daniel Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo passed series leader Nico Rosberg with two laps to go and held on for his first Formula One victory in a wild Canadian Grand Prix and Sean and Sanja got a real up close look at it all from start to finish.

Ricciardo the 24-year-old became the first non-Mercedes driver to win in seven races this season, although even he admitted there was luck involved (Sean and Sanja maybe) and that it is too early to say that Red Bull is back as a championship contender.

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“Obviously Mercedes had their issues and that enabled us to close on them,” a giddy and still disbelieving Ricciardo said after the race. “It’s a bit surreal. Really cool.”

The Aussie driver remembered to save some champagne from the post-race podium celebration to spray on his race engineer, Toronto native Gavin Ward.

Rosberg finished second despite engine and brake problems, while the second Red Bull driven by four-time world champion and defending Canadian Grand Prix winner Sebastian Vettel came in third.

The race ended under a caution flag after a spectacular crash involving Sergio Perez’s Force India car and Felipe Massa’s Williams. They narrowly missed taking Vettel out.

Sean and Sanja are used to hollywood action but in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix who could have predicted the ending of the race, and they loved every moment, soon afterwards heading back to Ottawa and to a movie set. Both Sean and Sanja agree “F1 Rocks”.

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The British Boy Rocks and Rolls In His Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton The Brit left it late to get to the circuit for yesterday’s qualifying session.

And in a mad dash to reach the paddock, he bumped over a central reservation and hurtled down the wrong side of the road.

The 28-year-old then stunned the home crowd, who came here to roar on his Mercedes’ teammate Nico Rosberg and Red Bull’s reigning champion Sebastian Vettel, by pinching pole with a last-gasp flying lap.

And this came after what the 2008 world champion claimed had been a “disastrous” weekend.

He said: “It’s really overwhelming to get pole after the last couple of days I’ve had.

“We have been struggling since first practice, through second and third. They were just disasters.

“And it was even worse this morning. We went into the truck, worked hard, made a lot of changes and, fortunately, the car was beneath me and I was able to put in the time I did. “I’m proud to get pole but Sunday is the important day.

“I just hope I can give Red Bull a run for their money.”

Hamilton, who also took pole position at Silverstone last week, will have to fend off a challenge from Vettel and his Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber, who qualified in second and third.

Last Sunday’s British Grand Prix winner Rosberg was left fuming at his team after their gamble not to send him out for a second run in Q2 meant he qualified in 11th.

He groaned: “The team underestimated it and it did not really work out.”

Today’s race had been under threat as F1 stars considered going on strike following the tyre blow-outs which rocked the British GP.

However, the new Pirelli rubber, which has been re-enforced with bulletproof material Kevlar, stood up to the brutal Nurburgring circuit.

And Vettel, who has never won his home Grand Prix — or in July — does not expect there to be a problem this afternoon.

He added: “I am confident we won’t have any problems but once the race starts we leave it to race director Charlie Whiting.

“We can’t see from the cockpit what is going on. Charlie is the one who will be deciding. We had a good chat with him on Thursday night and he is aware of what is going on.

“We were close to having a red flag at Silverstone and we’ve learned our lesson.”

Jenson Button again struggled to trouble the pace-setters and will start in ninth.

But the Brit is optimistic about turning his sluggish McLaren around.

He said: “My lap was as good as it’s going to get for us at the moment — in fact, it was one of the best laps I’ve done in a very long time.

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Fashion Brands Go Coachella Music Festival

Kate Bosworth, Lily Collins_coachella Even a passing mention of this Southern California musical festival elicits a range of emotions, from nervous excitement to downright anger. The cool kids think it’s overwrought with hype and inappropriate feather headdresses, yet hardcore festival goers can’t get enough.

Still, fashion bands are clamoring to be involved with Coachella–whether by sponsoring an event, or landing a coveting spot in a festival style market story. So it is still worth it?

In 2012, Coachella generated more than $47 million in ticket sales, according to Billboard magazine. This year’s sold-out festival—which takes place over the next two weekends—is on track to generate even more revenue. (Packages started at $399.)

On top of that $47 million, the festival organizers make quite a bit of cash on sponsorships. Unlike some festivals, which plaster dozens of brand names all over the venue, Coachella keeps its sponsorshipFashion Coachella pool small. This year there are only six lead sponsors: Heineken, H&M, JBL, Red Bull, Fruttare, and Playstation. The official sponsorships likely reach seven figures, but many brands host events offsite, too, which vary in price. (This year Guess, Harper’s Bazaar, and Diesel are just three brands of dozens doing offsite events.) While they’re not as expensive as being inside the festival grounds, these parties can be pricey, too. “If it’s a cocktail thing for an hour it could be $10,000. If it’s taking over an area or doing an after party, I’d say upwards of $50,000. Or it could go up to $500,000,” says one industry exec about these “unofficial” events.

H&M, the only fashion brand on the roster, is taking big advantage of its position. Not only will the fast-fashion firm promote its new Conscious Collection around the polo grounds, it’ll also host its very first VIP event. “We have watched first-hand how music and fashion inspire and change trends,” says H&M spokesperson Jennifer Ward. “After three years of presence on the polo fields, we decided it was time to host our own private VIP event in addition to the sponsorship.” The brand will host its event April 13 on a private estate in La Quinta, CA, with performances by Santigold and The Dough Rollers.

It’s a tactical—and savvy—move on H&M’s part. After all, Coachella is the first big festival of the season, which means blogs, magazines and e-commerce sites use images from the weekend to generate hundreds of “Get the Look: Festival Style” type stories. “It’s become like Mother’s Day,” says the aforementioned industry exec. “Every PR agency has it on their pitch calendar.” And H&M has been a big part of that movement. It’s “Fashion Against AIDS” collection, which was showcased at the festival last year (with proceeds benefiting AIDS awareness), was inspired by Coachella

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Mexico, Mexico, Mexico at United States Grand Prix 2012

More Formula One visitors are expected to come to Austin from Mexico than from any other foreign country, said Steve Alberts, communications manager at the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau. Four charter flights from Mexico were set to arrive in Austin carrying about 500 fans, said Jim Halbrook, a spokesman for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and more Mexican fans are flying to other Texas cities.

Something President Obama already knew that United States of America is changing with growing Latin population. With Sergio Perez, in the race it get’s people from Mexico very excited.

At Circuit of the Americas, the first track purposely built for Formula One in the United States, spokeswoman Ali Putnam said that 110,000 tickets were sold and that 15 percent went to non-American buyers, many of them from Mexico.

David Cantu of Monterrey, Mexico told me he likes Perez because, “He’s Mexican.”

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