Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton Boy’s Of Monaco Battle It Out – Monaco Grand Prix

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Monaco Grand Prix 2014

At last, the rivalry which will define this Formula One season has exploded in spectacular fashion. After all the niceties, the politeness, and the mutual backslapping between these two long-time friends, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s private duel for the world championship took a hugely bitter turn after the German controversially secured pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix.
Asked if Rosberg intentionally ruined his final effort by going off the track, bringing out the yellow flags as Hamilton tore around Monte Carlo’s streets, the Briton replied: “Potentially”. He also cryptically said of the incident: “I should have known that was going to happen.”
Tensions were running so high that the 29-year-old even hinted that he may resort to drastic measures and drive Rosberg off the road in the race itself.

While he stopped short of categorically branding Rosberg a cheat, his facial expressions and strained body language told the story.

If you think Formula One in Monaco was not rocking it was because F1Rocks. From the Amber Lounge to the cool fashion shop Eleven Monte Carlo it was rocking with guitars. As the boy’s of Monaco raced the streets of Monte Carlo, The Rolling Stones were doing sound check in Oslo, what makes more noise asked the Fairmont Monte Carlo host to the cool guitars of Phillip Jarrell? Me thinks it’s the guitars in the hands of the Rolling Stones.

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David Bowie Film Takes – Jarrell Guitar On Tour And You Can Win

Swedish Model Josefine with Jarrell Guitar, fashion by Magpie designers for Prince at Ritz Carlton Toronto

From the mind of visionary designer Phillip Jarrell comes an extensive collection of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, amps, microphones, and unique guitar accessories for the serious musician. Phillip Jarrell has combined his personal insights from a lifetime in music, art and design and invested them all into a comprehensive line of top quality products for musicians and producers.

Jarrell guitars and basses are handmade with the finest tone-woods, Tone Pros hardware and Seymour Duncan pickups according to Phillip Jarrell’s personal specifications. These modern classics embody years of painstaking design, experimentation and refinement into a focused group of guitars and basses ready to rock yet refined to meet the expectations of the most accomplished players. Jarrell Guitars include acoustic, semi-hollow, chambered, and solid body instruments.


As the production of the David Bowie film tours the world to various locations in each city a Jarrell guitar will be showcased at a venue that is music related.

1. In each location at a selected venue the guitar will be showcased and by following all on Twitter, you get in the game to win.

2. #DavidBowieIS #Film you comment on Bowie. It can be one word.

3. You are now in the game.

The fun does not just stop here, throughout the production of the film followers can win cool gifts with those whom we have partnered with to help make a very exciting project, in the style and manner of Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol

Why you may want to win this guitar. All you need to do is check out this video. Playing the guitar in this video is Monte Pittman, and Gary Lucas.

Monte Pittman:

Monte Pittman is an American musician, songwriter and studio musician, based out of Los Angeles, known largely as Madonna’s long-time guitarist but has quite a diverse professional resume, including stints that range from glam-pop star Adam Lambert to metal band Prong.

Pittman started playing guitar as a teenager when he “finally got my first guitar when I was 13”. His guitar teacher was Robert Browning. He also took music theory and piano lessons from Delores Rhoads at the Musonia School of Music in North Hollywood.
Pittman’s early musical influences came from bands and artists such as Kiss, Metallica, Slayer, Steve Vai, Jimmy Page, Pantera, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead, to name a few.

Gary Lucas:

Gary Lucas is an American guitarist, a Grammy-nominated songwriter, a soundtrack composer for film and television, and an international recording artist with over twenty solo albums to date. He has been described as a “guitarist with a global guitar” (Larry Rohter, 9 May 2011, New York Times) “one of the best and most original guitarists in America” (David Fricke, 16 Nov. 2006, Rolling Stone); a “legendary leftfield guitarist” (The Guardian, 24 Dec. 2005); “the thinking man’s guitar hero” (The New Yorker, 8 Jan. 2007), “perhaps the greatest living electric guitar player” (Daniel Levitin) and one of “the most innovative and challenging guitarists playing today” (fRoots, March 2002). Lucas’ style melds easily into rock and blues, has “avant-garde affinities,” but is “not easily typecast.” (Steve Dollar, May 6, 2011, Wall Street Journal). He is also associated with vocalist Jeff Buckley, who performed for a year in Lucas’ band, Gods and Monsters, early in his career.

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Prince The Godfather of Chicago Kills it with a Guitar Orgy!

Chicago, it’s my kinda town. It’s where my Godfather was from. He had moved from Chicago to Las Vegas back in the day, built a hotel, then some mobster from Chicago came and burnt it down.  My Godfather Beldon Katelman sold the property to Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. the infamous American business magnate, investor, aviator, aerospace engineer, film maker and philanthropist, and moved to Los Angeles.

My Godfathers brother Harris Katelman helped Rupert Murdoch assemble and build what is now Fox Television.

My Godfather died of a heart-attack while having sex with a 22 year old call girl in his sauna at his home on Baroda Drive in Beverly Hills, California. The man had style.

Harris Katelman during lunch at Toscana in Brentwood told me about my Godfather “he was not just your Godfather, he was the Godfather”. This was no revelation to me.  The man was from Chicago.

Chicago is where Prince the supreme master of funk came to make his stand with Welcome 2 Chicago three-night residency at United Center.

Prince came with a gun and guitar (in the poster anyway) but he came to help, Rebuild the Dream, founded by Van Jones, is a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of everyday people–from seniors to students, moms, dads, Brothers and Sisters–who come together to build strong vibrant communities and to fix our economy from the ground up.

“We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with a legend like Prince. Our economic system is broken. Rebuild the Dream exists to unite arts and organize into a potent force to support the Dreams of Our Communities. There are few artists who have Prince’s unwavering commitment to a vision of a sustainable, fair economic future.”

– Van Jones, Co-founder and President of Rebuild the Dream.

There was a lot of talk about the concert of the previous opening night. Yes, there were problems with the first show, they were called kinks that had not been ironed out ( like the refs in NFL’s Monday Night Football), few glitches.

Then came Tuesday and show number two. An army had been mobilized by Prince to resolve the issues of the night before.

Tuesday night rolled around and Prince went gangsta on Chicago.

From the get go Prince started to kill it.  Yea he brought his A game which consisted of guitar orgy, Jennifer Hudson, and ‘Partyman’ not to mention his full sexy set play list.

Prince even apologised to everyone saying “we worked out the kinks”.

Let me tell you something, they sure had worked out whatever was not working the night before and the people of Chicago they were loving it.

I love guitar, I always have. Those who went to high school or college with me will tell you when I booked bands they had killer guitar players.

I am blessed to have come to meet recently Phillip Jarrell, Dick Wagner best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and KISS, getting a chance to chill with Tommy Thayer, lead guitarist of Kiss, and then Monte Pittman, singer, songwriter, who has his second solo album out and is the lead guitarist for Madonna on her MDNA World Tour that had just rolled through Chicago.

So the thought’s that raced through my mind as Prince started to make his guitar sing, in-a-full-on-orgy, what a mind blowing experience it would be to see Monte Pittman on the stage with Prince shredding his MPS guitar. I was not alone on this thought.


To enjoy Prince you need to be living in the now. Enjoying the moment, the vibrant energy of the band, the brass, the horns, drums, guitars and the man himself, the artist, singer, songwriter, pure musician, spiritual man, the master of funk, the gangsta of music, Grammy winner, the kid who came to rock, Chicago; Prince. Tonight he is going to take it all to another level, crank it up, get ready, do your stretch’s, take a nap, what ever you need to do, to get ready to party, think purple, because tonight doves are gonna fly. This lady is on with Prince tonight. So bring it.


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Gordon Lightfoot and Jarrell Guitar – Tiff12

This year I was asked by Warren Spitz member of the Tiff board to come and help. Warren was the Chair of Tiff fund raising gala Night That Never Ends ( more on that later ), and I was knighted by Warren as Chair of VIP Talent for the gala.

One of the people who performed at the Gala Night That Never Ends was a Canadian legend of music, Gordon Lightfoot. I was walking around and then I saw this guy with some very slick shoes on walking to the stage, and I thought to myself “WOW”, this is going to be a real treat.

Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Jr. CC OOnt (born November 17, 1938) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who achieved international success in folk, folk-rock, and country music, and has been credited for helping define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s. He has been referred to as Canada’s greatest songwriter and internationally as a folk-rock legend.

Lightfoot’s songs, including “For Lovin’ Me”, “Early Morning Rain”, “Steel Rail Blues”, “Ribbon of Darkness”—a number one hit on the U.S. country charts[3] with Marty Robbins’ cover in 1965— and the 1967 Detroit riot-generated “Black Day In July” brought him international recognition in the 1960s. He experienced chart success in Canada with his own recordings, beginning in 1962 with the Number 3 hit “(Remember Me) I’m the One”. Lightfoot’s recordings then made an impact on the international music charts as well in the 1970s, with songs such as “If You Could Read My Mind” (1970) (Number 5 on the US charts), “Sundown” (1974), “Carefree Highway” (1974), “Rainy Day People” (1975), all reaching number 1, and “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” (1976) (reaching number 2).

Shaun Marq of Boy and Doll Pr had set up his VIP gifting lounge at the gala, and it was here that Gordon Lightfoot came and checked out the Jarrell guitars. Gordon Lightfoot loved the guitar, and stated it was a great sounding feeling guitar and got to take one home.
Thank You to the sponsors

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