Eric Haller singer songwriter grew up in surf culture of California and now living in Costa Rica – Viva Costa Rica surf team Panamericanos 2019

Watching the Costa Rica surfing team get in a huddle and shout-out Costa Rica made me think of Eric Haller, singer, songwriter and how I met him and his brother Bret Haller in the surfing state of California with our opening greeting being, “what’s up dude”.


I had been living in Los Angeles with two black supermodels next door to me who had opened the door while only a small opening for other models of colour.  Iman who had this dude move in with her called Bowie, and Beverly Johnson who at that time was dating Chuck Norris.  Almost everyone in our building was either building a new place to call home like Iman and Bowie or waiting for the right place to come available and for me that was a home built by a Canadian artist Douglas Reisbrough overlooking Laurel Canyon infamous with rock band and the creative type.  My home was on Elusive Drive on a dirt road with one neighbor the Haller’s.  Mike Haller and his two son’s who had their own home on the property Bret and Eric Haller. 


One day while standing on my front gate Bret Haller stopped over to introduce himself and I asked him what you guys do over their curious as everyday I would hear drums and guitars.  Bret told me he and his brother Eric had a band Current User and they were recording an album and they had done some music for Sean Penn on his film Indian Runner.  Mike Haller passed away fighting the fight with cancer, and Bret Haller about 10 years or so also fighting cancer.  I will always have a special love and place in my heart for the Hallers.  Eric Haller who now lives in Costa Rica and I can understand why, Costa Rica is a bit like Elusive Drive, nature and rustic or as I call it the Switzerland of Latin America. 

Bret Haller gave me the CD from Indian Runner and here is the song from that film and this link will take you to Current User music that these dudes were working on next door to me on Elusive Drive.



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Peirson Ross singer songwriter who loves the “joie de vivre” of French culture talks about his new album, on the eve of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 big match France v USA

Peirson Ross his music comes from his heart,travel and all the nasty vicissitudes of life. His dream come true that his new album would be mixed by Phillipe Zdar who had produced Phoenix, Beastie Boys, Franz Ferdinand and French hip hop star MC Solaar this dream shattered when Zdar accidentally fell to his death, of a Parisian building. Pierson Ross had to adjust his game and move on and on the eve of one of the biggest games at FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019, when USA for the first time take on a host nation France in a world cup talks about his love for France his music and the upcoming tour.

Peirson Ross music you may consider adding to your playlist as some of the women have done during the world cup. The best way to experience Paris is on a bicycle and as my next gig is with Tour de France 2019 here is Peirson’s song Bicycle Song, and a special track he leaked for all of you to enjoy No Other Way. 

Bicycle Song from Peirson Ross Music on Vimeo.

No Other Way (specially leaked by the artist for your enjoyment)

The Interview

1. How did you get your start and decide that you wanted to work full time in music?

2. What brought you to France?
I came to France a few months ago on contract to work for a new major label client, mix my latest album and to live!  I’ve always loved the “joie de vivre” of French culture; the art, the food and of course all of the outstanding pioneers in music (Erik Satie, Debussy, Chopin+++) !  So to sing in Paris with my freaky avant guard band friends in the ‘musique du monde’ scene, write/co-produce a new client, and have Phillipe Zdar mix my latest album at Motorbass Studio was a dream come true , but not everything went as planned.  After wrapping my client job I sadly was unable to to work with Zdar (my hero of sound design) due to his recent death. On the bright side, I’ve sang nightly at my Oberkampf residency in the 11th arrondissement and played everywhere from stuffy cave-like basements like Au Café de Paris, opening slots at La Maroquinerie to Musée de Picasso, a few cathedral performances and even met one of my contemporary heroes from the jazz world – Henri Texier.
3.  Where does your inspiration come from?
Real life, sometimes daily mundane observations, other people’s extraordinary experiences and mostly those who are going through something heavy (including myself).
For the last few years, I’ve been hired as a ghostwriter by artists who either have writer’s block, speak English as a second language or who come from rigid academic disciplines like classical or jazz and aspire to be more relatable in the international, alt folk and pop music world.

My most recent client was a major record label that asked me to write lyrics and craft a tell tale album for an Italian opera singer who had just lost their spouse to suicide.  Although tragedies like these are not a prerequisite to good songwriting, I don’t accept clients unless they are transparent about what they’re going through.  As fellow empaths can attest, we really have no choice but to feel all the emotions that surround us.  In that regard, the most challenging and draining part of my job is absorbing and thoroughly documenting someone’s most formative, mind-expanding, heart-wrenching and often devastating experiences.  This is also the most rewarding part of what I do, in that you are privy to the most personal details of someone’s life throughout the duration of the project.  It’s also how I’ve written my first albums deemed by others – “audio journals”.  There is no time for pleasantries and since everyone needs an ear to vent into – I’ve become that ear.   My French producer friends and I have a saying we share when working things out together in the studio: I say “Ne prenez pas cela professionnellement, c’est seulement personnel. Si ce n’est pas émotionnel, c’est de la foutaise” which means “Don’t take this professionally, it’s only personal.  If it’s not emotional, it’s garbage.
Once I’ve had a chance to wholly digest their story after hours, days and sometimes weeks of conversations, notes from their therapist, confidants and/or translator I then begin to transform my chicken scratches on a notepad into a song.  This is the most meaningful work and although it’s only taken up up a quarter of my year, I will always make time to write for others because it gets me out of my comfort zone and challenges me in different ways every time.
4. What about your album, tour and plans for your music?
My next album songs were born out of my own experience with depression stemming from someone very close to me struggling with cancer as well as debilitating hand injuries I acquired from a long distant canoe trip that prevented me from performing for 11 months of physiotherapy. Now that the patient has recovered and my hands are back in shape, I have a new lease on life and will be ready to tour extensively again in the new year. I love touring and as long as everyone is healthy at home and I’m physically able, I feel well designed for the road as the nomadic life when shared with friends in the band have been some of the best moments of our lives.
I have started working with new consultants Blue Hats Creative in Los Angeles to repackage some of my old catalogue and work alongside my current team of investors to share my music publicly on all platforms again soon.  I’d like to thank everyone of my fans for their patience and reassure them that I’m working hard to bring them the most personal songs I’ve created to date.

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Sarah Fisher Canadian Actress Singer Drops New Music For The Playlist Of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019

Drake who recently dropped two songs celebrating the 2019 NBA Champions  The Toronto Raptors started on a television show Degrassi.   Sarah Fisher like Drake also from Toronto got her first acting gig on Degrassi: The New Generation and  in collaboration with producer Shel Talmy and Danny Byrne just dropped these songs for all the women of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 playlist and those girls aspiring to be playing in  future women’s world cups.  As Sarah said ” I love the hashtag. ‘Dare to Shine’ “.

Sarah Fisher was traveling to Los Angeles and I suggested she connect with my friend Shel Talmy who had produced the first two albums for a guy called David Jones who launched his third album under the name David Bowie.  Shel went on to produce The Kinks, and The Who.  Shel would bring in his friend Danny Byrne and together with Sarah they came up this music dropped today for FIFA World Cup France 2019 hours before Canada plays The Netherlands and later USA whose B Team you have to fear will play Sweden.   The collaboration of Sarah, Shel and Danny ends with music because they are supporting opposing teams Shel and Barry for Team USA while Sarah is for Team Canada.

You Don’t Own Me – Sarah Fisher – Produced By: Shel Talmy and Danny Byrne

If These Walls Could Talk – Sarah Fisher – Produced By: Shel Talmy and Danny Byrne

A third bonus track Bleeding by Sarah Fisher from Shel Talmy’s SoundCloud 

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90th Academy Awards Weekend and the discovery of singer Ruthie Craft

I’ve always loved performing, but it wasn’t until I was fourteen and I heard Adele’s first album that I became enthralled with the art of vocals.  – Ruthie Craft


My team was sitting around the room at the The Roosevelt Hotel viewing social media in preparation for the Oscars when I heard, “Yo! Hollywood you need to check out this”. It was a video they found of Ruthie Craft on a rooftop in Hollywood doing a cover of a Guns N’ Roses tune.

I went through some other covers Ruthie had posted on her Instagram and was intrigued, and felt she had something, so I sent her a “DM”, which resulted in this interview forth eight hours before sheer madness breaking out on Hollywood Boulevard at the Dolby Theater.  Follow Ruthie on her Facebook, and her Instagram.


Here the video which caught my eye.  I tell everyone don’t get caught in the studio use the world as your stage and it is just what Ruthie did.



The Interview 


1. Let’s talk about how it began your passion for singing?
I’ve always loved performing, but it wasn’t until I was fourteen and I heard Adele’s first album that I became enthralled with the art of vocals. She brought to the table something I had never heard before; her artistry, coupled with the music of legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, inspired me to learn how to sing. I believe I was born with a decent voice, but I didn’t become a “singer” until I poured my time and whole heart into music. It wasn’t long before I realized that singing was the only time in which my Tourettes syndrome did not rule my mind. If you don’t know, Tourettes is a neurological disorder which causes involuntary twitching of the body and voice (called “tics”). It has since improved, but up until that point, it was my identity. I couldn’t get away from the sore muscles and embarrassment that resulted from my relentless tics. But when I sing, it all goes away– I can relax and create and breathe. Music became my medicine and my passion, and it has been ever since.
2. You are killing it on your instagram what are you future plans? (are you writing music, planing any album, or booking tours)
Thank you! I’m currently in the process of writing songs, playing gigs, and getting my name out with covers on social media. After that, the goal is to release an EP!
3.  How did your cover vid of Guns come about?
My friend Alex Hager has been gaining a ton of traction on Instagram, and he reached out to me to see if I wanted to collaborate. We’re from the same hometown in Washington state and share the same vocal coach, but I live in North Carolina with my military husband and he lives in Hollywood. I booked a flight to LA and we had a blast developing and recording that cover. He wanted to do a classic rock song, and I wanted to bring the jazz. Together, I think we came up with a really cool compromise.
4.  You seem to be able to do everything from blues, jazz and rock if you could make a wish about where you would want all this to go, what would it be?
I just want to make a living doing what I love. I just want to sing. However that looks and whatever road I take to get there, I will be satisfied if I can simply be an artist who gets to share my music with others. I want to expand my horizons, explore different genres, and collaborate with all kinds of artists. There is always something to be learned and I will never stop developing my sound. But jazz, blues, and soul with always be my friends. Jazz is my first love, after all.
5. Who are some musical or non musical artists or people who have influenced you and encourage you.

As far as music is concerned, I’ve already mentioned how instrumental Adele has been to the development of my vocal style. I also simply love listening to crooners like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Michael Buble. Everyone from Amy Winehouse to Jason Mraz to Stevie Ray Vaughan have inspired me. But I wouldn’t be pursuing music right now if it weren’t for the patient support of my parents, four siblings, and my loving husband. They all believe in my talent even when I don’t. I’ve auditioned for TV singing competitions 5 times now, and have been rejected from all of them. But I will never be rejected from my husband and my family. That’s an incredible feeling, and it’s what drives me forward.

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