Live Streaming Your Front Row At London Fashion Week 2016

11am: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

12pm: Mary Katrantzou

2pm: Topshop Unique

2.45pm: Peter Pilotto

4pm: Mulberry

5pm: David Koma

6pm: Temperley London

7pm: Paul Smith

8pm: Charlotte Olympia

Monday 19 September

9am: Antonio Berardi

10am: Roksanda

11am: Erdem

12pm: Pringle Of Scotland

1pm: Sharon Wauchob

2pm: Huishan Zhang

3pm: Christopher Kane

4pm: Osman

5pm: Joseph

6pm: Ashish

7pm: Burberry

Tuesday 20 September

11am: Toga

12pm: Marques’Almeida

2pm: Emilio de la Morena

6pm: DHL Exported Presents Sid Neigum

6.30pm: Oliver Spencer

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Mouthful of Lana Del Rey at Magpie

There is no other person who has come out of nowhere in the last 6 months become famous and then have a sandwich named after her. While Lana Del Rey is from Lake Placid, New York, it was not New York that came up with the sandwich. London had Lana Del Rey front and center at Mulberry and it was in the United Kingdom that the sandwich was invented, it was not London that came up with the idea.

Thanks to social media, the idea emerged from Twitter a suggestion from Ireland and taken up by me to make it happen. It’s what American’s do, make things happen while others dream. In Canada it’s a small percentage who can act like American’s and among the few so far I have encountered are Magpie Fashion always ready to move and try new things, and Clafouti Toronto.

Magpie fashion which has been busy designing for Canada’s Got Talent judge Measha Brueggergosman also designs from time to time for Prince the King of Funk who once lived in Toronto. Magpie was back designing for Prince and invited a few people over to try some wine from South Australia, called Ass Kisser provided by Cottonwood Wine and the now famous mouthful sandwich created by Clafouti Lana Del Rey.

Canadian singer, songwriter was on-hand to try it as well while also getting fitted for her upcoming show. Have a look.

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Lana Del Rey at Clafouti So Delicious!

Lana Del Rey the internet sensation whose debut song Video Games is already the ‘Single Of The Year’ pre-release, having attracted almost a million and a half page views on YouTube. Her first UK show (in November) sold out in about 30 seconds.

Mulberry at London Fashion Week, had Lana front and center with the Lana Del Rey handbag. So when someone on Twitter from Ireland suggested a sandwich the first thing that popped into my mind was two Lana Del Rey’s with me in the middle.

The Lana Del Rey sandwich was such a fun idea that it required someone with passion for fun and food, to step up to the plate and create something as delicious as the very alluringly sexy Lana Del Rey. Jumping into the game of creating, in the fashion of the Oscar winning film The Artist from France, was none other then Chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud owner of the cafe Clafouti of Toronto.

Chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, who’s entire family has been in the business of food, is The Artist who created the Lana Del Rey sandwich with panache.

The sandwich was taste tested by Angela one of the designer’s and partner of Magpie fashion and a jazz singer from New York city who had arrived just in time for sampling the Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey, is delicious was the word by two women today. I have also eaten Lana Del Rey, the sandwich and it is so very tasty, juicy and delicious.

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Chili Adobe crusted pork loin
Garlic lemon aioli
panella cheese
crispy onions
Vidal syrup
Egg bun

Hollywood and anyone visiting Toronto, this is a must try. Lana Del Rey sandwich is not in Paris, London, New York or Hollywood. The Lana Del Rey sandwich is in Hollywood North, at Clafouti, Toronto.

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Brit Awards hard-up for new female solo artist- Lana Del Rey

“This award means much more to me than you know and I just want to say that without the support from everyone in the UK I would be lost,” Lana said while accepting the award. “I love you. And thank you to my managers and everyone at Interscope. Thank you.”

Lana Del Rey who was trying to make a mark in the big league’s that is USA, and she bombed big time. Enter the back up plan, swim across the ocean like a mermaid where the Brits who had nothing else to do gave her Best International Breakthrough Act at the BRIT Awards 2012. This to a girl who can’t sing, has no showbiz pzazz whatsoever on the stage. This is like going back to the old school Brit food, boring.

Lana Del Rey has admitted herself she has no idea if she is going to stay the course and keep singing. What really irritates me is that I have just finished interviewing a hard working East-end band from London, Eastend Promises who must be sitting in a pub drinking a pint and wondering “WTF”!

The 25-year-old singer looked hot and she is great as a model wore an eye catching scarlet off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood dress.

The star has been a recent success in the UK, with her album Born To Die taking the number one spot in the album charts and single Video Games hitting the top ten last year.

Mulberry sell those handbag’s. All the girls are gonna wanna Lana.

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Do you wanna Lana Madonna? – Mulberry !

As Madonna announced her world tour the 25 year old Lana Del Rey has been having her own whirlwind few months. I said it earlier this girl can’t sing, and I would not be pushing her to do any live performances whatsoever. Having said this I have always stated she is a model and can and could be a super-star on the silver screen of Hollywood. If she has to sing let it be on screen.

While other’s may call her a star excuse me I am not so liberal with that word and she no where close to being a star, so let’s just say that Lana Del Rey took her spot in front row at the Mulberry London Fashion Week show today next to Michelle Williams and Elizabeth Olsen at my favorite spot in London Claridge’s.

The 25-year-old Born To Die singer held her bespoke Mulberry Del Ray bag in White Ostrich on her lap as she watched the catwalk in the Ballroom at Claridge’s Hotel.

So what’s up next? I can tell you because you will see it right here on My Name is Khan, that sandwich, the Del Rey and let me tell you your gonna love taking a bite of the Del Rey, it’s just going to be like Lana herself, tasty.

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Mulberry provided the magic in the land where magic is real and dreams come true. Fashion, London Fashion Week at Claridge’s.

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