Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton Boy’s Of Monaco Battle It Out – Monaco Grand Prix

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Monaco Grand Prix 2014

At last, the rivalry which will define this Formula One season has exploded in spectacular fashion. After all the niceties, the politeness, and the mutual backslapping between these two long-time friends, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s private duel for the world championship took a hugely bitter turn after the German controversially secured pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix.
Asked if Rosberg intentionally ruined his final effort by going off the track, bringing out the yellow flags as Hamilton tore around Monte Carlo’s streets, the Briton replied: “Potentially”. He also cryptically said of the incident: “I should have known that was going to happen.”
Tensions were running so high that the 29-year-old even hinted that he may resort to drastic measures and drive Rosberg off the road in the race itself.

While he stopped short of categorically branding Rosberg a cheat, his facial expressions and strained body language told the story.

If you think Formula One in Monaco was not rocking it was because F1Rocks. From the Amber Lounge to the cool fashion shop Eleven Monte Carlo it was rocking with guitars. As the boy’s of Monaco raced the streets of Monte Carlo, The Rolling Stones were doing sound check in Oslo, what makes more noise asked the Fairmont Monte Carlo host to the cool guitars of Phillip Jarrell? Me thinks it’s the guitars in the hands of the Rolling Stones.

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Model Jade Rocks Monaco Grand Prix 2014

Jade arrived at the Fairmont Monte Carlo with her friend and mother ready to get to work. Her mission to rock the Jarrell guitar from Fairmont Monte Carlo hairpin to Casino Square and arriving at the super store of fashion where one must stop Eleven Monte Carlo.

If you arrive in Monte Carlo then be sure to visit the terrace restaurant at the Fairmont Monte Carlo and go check out the guitars that have been with The Rolling Stones , David Bowie , and some cool movie stars including Frieda Pinto the girl of L’Oreal Paris who has been rocking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.






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Yea! I Am The Fastest Man In Monaco – Monaco Grand Prix

Who’s the man? It is none other then the great world champion Michael-Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher zipped his car around the roads of Monte Carlo that he knows so well, full on like the champion that he is and on the day was the fastest man on Monaco.

However Michael carries with him a penalty from Barcelona, naught boy Michael and so will not start in pole position, that will go to Mark Webber.

Not for the first time, the rules of Formula One have stripped the sport of something marvellous and is the poorer for it. It is not that Schumacher does not deserve to be punished, because he does, the more so for blaming the innocent Senna for the incident. But it is a shame for the sport that Schumacher will not start in front, a shame that he could not be docked points instead, or even banned from a race.

Carrying over a punishment into the next race is a questionable procedure. Martin Whitmarsh, the McLaren team principal, said: “Michael didn’t finish the last race, so it was impossible for him to be punished in that race. So the punishment had to be carried over.”

McLaren’s Jenson Button, who will start from 13th on the grid, said: “Michael must be kicking himself. He has received a lot of criticism but he has achieved such a lot in his career and today he put together a fine lap.”

It’s race day so let’s see what drama unfolds on the streets of Monte Carlo.

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Pastor Maldonado – Kick This Guy Out – Monaco Grand Prix

It’s, Monte Carlo, Monaco Grand Prix. Only a few weeks ago Pastor Maldonado was being talked and written about by everyone including me after his win in Barcelona, Spain.

However, and I will not hold back on this. In the sport of formula one racing there is no room for an idiot like Pastor Maldonado.

This is a sport of skill, speed, team work, and you keep your cool. This is not where you use your multi-million dollar which is not yours as a weapon.

Pastor Maldonado has been given a ten-place grid penalty for hitting Sergio Perez during FP3.

Perez had moved over to the inside of the track on the approach to Portier to allow Maldonado through when the Williams turned across and made contact with the front of the Sauber. The incident occurred long before the apex of the corner and the stewards have ruled that the Maldonado caused the collision.

Maldonado has previous history of a similar incident. He was penalised for driving into Lewis Hamilton at the end of qualifying in Belgium last year having been incensed at Hamilton barging his way past when on a flying lap.

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Prince and County General-Welcome 2 Canada

Chef Victor Barry and Carlo the owner of County General on Queen West in Toronto have another restaurant in the city called Splendido and everyone tells me you should try it. I know it is good but for me nothing is comparable to taking my Ferrari from Monte Carlo to Portofino at breakneck speed flicking past others on the motorway and arrving at Hotel Splendido. Abolutly nothing else could compare for me. However, County General is one of my favorites, and I have taken several people there and all have liked it. To begin with Carlo the owner and Victor the Chef are great, with Carlo’s eye for detail and Victor’s for food, and the team of Bobby, Caitlin, Spencer and Megan at the bar it’s like being at home with good food,drinks with friends. County General is also near the design team of Magpie who recently designed wardrobe for Prince for his Welcome 2 Canada Tour, as well for Kevin of Barenaked Ladies who also frequents the County General.
When Prince began his tour in Toronto it had been a long day for me all on cuppaccino’s standing chatting with everyone at the venue to find out what was going on, the security team told me they were pulling fifteen hour shifts and Sammy Wong was running around looking after last minute details. Canadian fashion photographer Michael Patrick came to the show with me and after it was over it was time to chill and have some good food and County General was the destination. It was without a doubt the best choice, good food, always taste’s better when you are with good friends and County General has all the right vibe, it’s kinda like Prince it’s got the funk happening. It’s just happening. Back in Toronto still reeling from the energy of the show in good old party town capital of Canada Montreal, where would I go in Toronto? straight to County General, and this was a good call. The food as always is outstanding, as is the music the people and those you meet sitting at the bar. Last night I know I found a hidden talent a future actor. Look-out Jackie Chan. Before Prince, between Prince and after Prince concerts it’s the County General. The adventure of discovery never stops at My Name is Khan.

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