David Bowie Film Rocked The Jewellery of Glynneth Barren and Now The Talent of Belfast, N. Ireland

Glynneth Barren is rocking her stunning jewellery designs with fashion covers with Rihanna, to the David Bowie Table at the Ritz Carlton in the Bowie film to the pool of talent that’s in Belfast, N. Ireland.

A chance meeting between Fashion Stylist Cindy McKendry and LA based Jewellery designer Glynneth B at The MTV awards led to this stunning collection shot in the back streets of Belfast on a typically dark damp day , this Couture collection of Jewels is more normally at home on wrists , fingers and necks of Beyonce , Rihanna  and Michelle Obama and only available in the UK from Harvey Nicholls but with a little persuasion and a lot of charm (not lacking in Ireland), Cindy secured the exclusive use of the much sought after jewels . Cindy’s vision was to dig deep into the Roots of Belfast’s Punk Rock past to highlight the edgier side to the range , enlisting the help Hairstylist Paul Stafford , photographer Catherine Mckenzie , Make Up artist Tippy Longronio and Designers Shauna Fay and Emma Gillles of Crafty Couture . Taking inspiration from Punk Icons Debbie Harry Patti Smith Joey Ramone and Iggy Pop , the shoot centred around Models Rebekah and Caroline taking on new personas to reenact fictional punk Heroines in a dark moody City -scape setting , using the everyday surroundings give the shoot a sense of reality and grittiness whilst still retaining a feeling of urban fashion cool .

Credits : Styling and Concept Cindy Mckendry (07788203191) Photography . Catherine Mackenzie (07729125014) Make Up Tippy Logronio (07919030884)   .Hair Paul Stafford @ Stafford Hair Hair Assistants Amy Cartright Lena McNally Jimmy Beech Models Rebekah Mc Creesh( and Caroline McMemin (for model details contact info@staffords ) Fashion Shauna Fay (07592339748)and Emma Gilles (07598018855)

Music; David Bowie “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”.

These shot in Crafty Belfast Dublin rd Belfast .

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Modeling Where Women Earn More! With Cameron Russell

Cameron Russell When it comes to fashion David Bowie knows a lot about it and what Cameron Russell has recently been talking about at TEDx Mid-Atlantic, in which she described herself as having won “a genetic lottery.” In ‘China Girl’  Bowie sings, “I’ll give you eyes of blue” and it was Hitler and his top brass that talked a lot about being white, with blue eyes, and tall.  David Bowie is married to a former supermodel Iman, who once told me, “David always says when you go out you should look like art”. While Iman broke the colour barrier you will learn from Cameron Russell that majority of the models selected for shows are white.

Iman would go to acting classes and Bowie and I would go out to dinner,  always working on the craft there just are not that many roles for women of colour, David told me. Soon Iman started her own cosmetic company catering to women of colour.

Modeling is one of the few professions where women actually out-earn men. And across all jobs, studies have found that more attractive women earn more. A woman’s value is too often skin-deep. In 2004 a study found that resumes with very African-American-sounding names were 50 percent less likely to get called for an initial interview. And racial bias in salaries is overwhelming. While white women make an average of 78 cents for every man’s dollar, for African-American women that number drops to 62 cents, and for Hispanic women to 54 cents.

Physical appearance plays an enormous role in who gets seen. When women and other marginalized groups do get access to the media, they often have to fit into a narrow definition of what the people in charge are looking for. Women, for example, are more likely to be portrayed as victims when they get news coverage, and are more likely to be depicted wearing sexy clothing when they are cast in Hollywood’s leading roles.

I could tell you horror stories of actress sitting down with me for lunch and asking me if I thought they got a boob job or the nose fixed it would help them land a part. I always told them, just be good at the craft of acting. Some listened others did not. I had friends who were plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and going to one of their parties guests came to say hello and asked me how I knew the doctor? I told them “I used to be white”, for a minute they paused to ponder if that could have been possible. Then again I was living in a land Hollywood where looks are everything, and those loosing their looks try everything to hold on to it.

There is a lot one could say about Cameron Russell, but why bother when you can hear it directly from her. Below is a short video clip of her modeling just to give you an idea what she has been up too, if you are not up on your modeling homework and then her talk at the presentation entitled “Looks aren’t Everything. Believe me, I’m a Model” at TEDx Mid-Atlantic, in which she described herself as having won “a genetic lottery.”, In October 2012.

Most of the time we don’t do those things to make ourselves happy, we do them for someone else. I think we should start talking about that. – Cameron Russell

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Discovering Swedish Model – Anna

From making a film The Perfect Murder with Merchant Ivory Productions with Stellan Skarsgård the actor from Sweden, to my trusted former assistant code name ‘Money Penny’ a Swede, my current assistant in training a Swede, my life has in a magical way revolved around Sweden.

So hello Anna Björkman. I saw some images posted on my Facebook by an artist friend Mark Getty and they caught my eye, and I was on it, sending a message to Mark, text messaging and e-mailing Josefine (yea! I get excited), talking about the discovery of Anna.

Anna come from a historic city of Sweden, Helsingborg and currently resides in Glasgow, in the United Kingdom. Like so many Swedes she is multi-talented, creative, and naturally beautiful. So here is a short interview with the model from Sweden who wanted to be a farmer.

So Anna what did want to be growing up in Sweden?

I have never had a set plan actually as I wanted to be so many things and as I can be a little indecisive unfortunately. My first dream job was to be a farmer at the age of five but I gave that up quite quickly…I then wanted to be a journalist for a long time but realized that it is very difficult to ‘make it’ in Sweden and that I would always be a at a disadvantage writing in English as it is not my native language.

You seem to be a very creative type photography, modeling what else do you like to do that is creative and where does this creativity come from?

I think I need to do creative things to feel good, I get ideas and I just feel that I need to do something with them. Modelling is great for that as there are so many things you can do when working with a creative team. When I was younger I was into writing – as I wanted to be a journalist, I also played the violin for many years and I have done a bit of acting which I am actually planning on taking up again.

What made you move to UK?

I got a job offer in the UK after I left school and I was meant to be here for 6 months, but then my contract got extended, and then extended again…and I suddenly realized that I wanted to stay even longer as I find the UK to be more inspiring and fun than Sweden.

Do you speak other languages other then Swedish and English

I love languages! I studied Spanish at school but unfortunately I have forgotten most of it now. I am now studying French instead at university.

What do you love to eat the most?

My mum’s home cooking and baking of course As I don’t go back to Sweden that often it means a lot to me to have traditional food once in a while. I get cravings for Swedish cinnamon buns quite often…

At the end of the day what would you really like to do, with your life?

I am still not entirely sure about that but I think it is important to have a life you enjoy at the same time as you treat other people the way you wish to be treated so that is what I am trying to achieve in some way.

Where is one place you have not traveled to but would like to go?

There are so many places I would like to go but I have been curious about South America for a long time. I am actually planning on going to Ecuador next summer and I would like to stop in New York on my way there as that is another place I really would like to visit.

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Sutherland Supermodel Search 2012 Winner – Anna Stephenson


If you believe in magic, then you will also know, that in this world anything is possible. In the world of Anna Stephenson an aspiring model of the Sutherland Supermodel Search 2012 winner, magic is real and dreams come true.

I could write to tell you that Anna thinks modeling could be fun, she loves getting her hair done all things girls love to do. But forget words. Fashion is about the visual and so I will just let Anna Stephenson who is just a darling, charming, and she had patients to sit when my camera was screwing up or should say my many app’s in the iPhone4.

In Anna’s own words, before her win and after her win talk. Bravo Anna and may the force be with you.

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Anna Stephenson – America’s Next Top Model Live?

The crunch time is coming and one model out of the twelve Sutherland Model finalists will be America’s Next Top Model Live today.

I had great fun with last years ANTM all star Lisa D’Amato, and Sutherland Model’s Supermodel Search 2012, Olivia Singh, Evelyn Li, Carol Brantnell, and Heather Kelsall as they dared to walk a catwalk in the sky, at Toronto’s CN Tower, EdgeWalk.

Today I got the opportunity to sit down and have a really nice candid talk with Anna Stephenson. While I sat with her she reminded me of Elizabeth Jagger, who’s dad is the infamous lead man for the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger. The similarity was stunning. Anna Stephenson has a laugh, that is clean, clear and innocent which took me back to time spent with Elizabeth Jagger.

Anna, told me that she is having a lot of fun, would really like to model if given the chance, and had praises for the hair stylist’s Kryolan, and the makeup artist’s of Schwarzkopf Professionals.

Here is a look at Anna and my short talk with her at America’s Next Top Model Live. I really wish her all the best as I do for all the aspiring supermodels I have met because they are all so very nice. Just like some of the supermodels that I do know.

Have a look.

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America’s Next Top Model Live Canada ! Girls on Film !

This week is the launch of America’s Next Top Model Live Canada.

A great deal of work goes into a fashion shoot. Various elements come into play to get a look of a photo shoot that you want. It’s fun, but it is a lot of work.

Sutherland Models Supermodel Search 2012 has twelve girls who aspire to be the America’s Next Top Model.  The models will be doing what they do,  and you can watch them at America Next Top Model Live Canada.

Here are the girls in the photo-shoot for America’s Next Top Model Live Canada and a behind the scene look of what it takes to make it all come together.

This world awaits you as the main event America’s Next Top Model Live Canada kicks off May 4-6 at Toronto Convention Center. So get ready to be a part of the world of Supermodels, and fashion.

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