David Bowie Film Fashion Week Behind The Scene – Photoshoot

Fashion Week activities, a behind the scene look at a photo-teaser more in the film David Bowie Is Around The World.

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A day from model Melina Querel to Mario Balotelli and Viva Italia

Model Melina Querel is a wealth of knowledge when it come to food and models. She herself had gone from size 0 to 00 developing an eating disorder. As food was the central conversation on a hot humid day, Melina and I sat down at Feel Good Guru to have a cold mixed vegetarian organic fresh juice and talk about her scouting for new models, in the quaint Quebec City, and the top secret project that Magpie who design for the legend of music Price are currently working on.

Soon it was time to make a move to Magpie.

Melina had her portfolio with her as she was going to be on her way to a “call-back”. It was all action at Magpie, everyone was busy creating and while Angela and Cathy the owners of Magpie fashion checked out Melina’s book in came model Joy Okafo walked to meet the ladies of Magpie and learn about the (TOP SECRET) project. Joy Okafo was her usual self the wide-eye, big smile it was all girl power and these ladies are today’s Spice Girls. But hold on, the action was not over. Soon Olga and her daughter Claudia who design shoes and have their own company Red Lovo arrived to also talk about (yes the Top Secret) project.

So what is this (Top SECRET) project? Can’t say yet but let me tell you it will be worth the wait, and you will be thrilled beyond belief. The secret is well guarded by MI5 (Oh did I just say that).

My phone rang to the tune of Snoop Dog’s ‘California’ it was Michael Patrick sitting a few blocks away at a sport’s bar waiting for the game between Italy and Germany in the Euro-Cup 2012 to start. I let Michael know “hey I have someone with me you need to meet” to which Michael asked “is she a model?” and as Melina was walking in that direction and had her book it was time to make a move on.

Mario Balotelli, Team Italia, Muller and the Germans had taken the pitch.  It was Balotelli who shifted the balance.

In the 20th minute, with the Germans catching their breath between rushes, Italy moved slowly down the left wing. Antonio Cassano turned Hummels in the corner and delivered a ball across the face of goal. An unusually powerful forward, Balotelli shoved off his marker and speared the first goal in with his head.

The German fans at the bar seemed stunned. They expected a fight. They didn’t expect to trail.

Michael Patrick took the time to chill and look at Melina’s book, while Melina sent off a few text messages oblivious to the action around her at the sport bar. It was time for Melina to make a move, we wished her luck.

The final two-thirds were bliss — especially given the drudgery of the last week’s play — a pair of teams of top ability trading blows. It wasn’t dirty or finicky or cautious. If only the German penalty that tightened the score had come earlier than added time in the second half.

Italy and Germany reminded us what this game looks like at its very best — a respectful, brutal ballet. The pair of them should be ushered through to the semis at every tournament based only on long service to the game.

Thanks to Balotelli’s brace, Italy will now face defending champions Spain in the final, seeking their first European title since 1968. Spain enter the betting favourites, but the money on them is shortening quickly.

What a day this was a perfect Italian day, about fashion, models, style and a game of football powered by the man who is peerless in front of the net when he wants to play Mario Balotelli.

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Abracadabra at Czehoski !

Jeffery a film producer from Los Angles was on the phone as I stood on a chilly sunny day outside Czehoski. While it was important to see how one could convince Tom Cruise to bring the production of Top Gun to Toronto it was not urgent. Paramount to me was to seek solace within Czehoski the Queen West, bar,and restaurant.

Entering Czehoski, it seemed I had been transported to the middle kingdom with a wave of a magic wand someone going abracadabra. No there were no provocatively clad women in lipstick red party dress’s. No smell of perfume. No mascara laden lashes. It was Sunday afternoon, it was Toronto, Hollywood North.

Robin the dragon tattooed bar manger the Merlin of elixirs, was busy setting up and displaying a portion of his full dragon tattoo to two dynamic-duo women at the bar. Michael Patrick the Toronto avant-garde fashion photographer was seated at the bar looking notoriously elusive while awaiting his infusion of alcohol to propel him into motion.

My father had taught me at an early age that sitting at a bar stool can be more productive then sitting at an office desk. It is where you’ll end up doing more business, just make sure it’s the right bar. Czehoski is such a place in Toronto and one never know’s what can happen or what to expect. As in my case it was two alluring women, which was wholly unxpected that led to an avalanche of conversation, laughter and discovery.

The ladies from advertising and interior design were in full recovery mode and as any decent person would do after any late Saturday night, start Sunday with a bottomless Bloody Mary’s. My new found friends had Advil, cigarettes, and other accouterments while progressing to wine and beer. After all who want’s to live forever.

In the kitchen the butter melted, while brown sugar caramelized, the milk thickened. There was no drag everything at Czehoski was profluent. Czehoski any given Sunday. Great drinks, food, music and people on both sides of the bar.

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Fashion is Girls on Film with Michael Patrick

Michael Patrick is a Toronto fashion photographer. I had the opportunity to work with Michael to get the feel of what it was like to be the lens behind the lens.

Michael Patrick is a natural artist. He fly’s by the seat of his pants allowing ideas to emerge at random which he creatively employs.

This shoot was done in Toronto with an upcoming Canadian model Jessa for Magpie fashion of Toronto. Jessa 16 years old was discovered at a water park in Niagara Falls, Ontario by a fashion scout and has all the makings of a super model.

Here you can check out the action from the man behind the man with the lens.

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Wendy Starland Charisma Exquisitely Unhurried !

It’s all about the Oscars today in Los Angles and at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hill’s Polo Lounge people are walking about the courtyard cafe with the ease of a sun drunk cat.

My friend, singer, songwriter, dynamic performer the lady with charisma exquisitely unhurried sat down to talk to me about how she started, who inspired her musically and her savvy business skills. Miss Wendy Starland has it going on, she has that savoir-faire that is beauty and romance with a voice.

Wendy Starland, also has been in the middle of music business biggest discoveries, as she discovered Lady Gaga and landed her a production deal with producer Rob Fusari that resulted in Gaga signing major label record and publishing deals. Wendy and Lady Gaga have written songs together that were later produced by Fusari, for whom Starland was writing with over a nearly three-year period.

Here is the interview with the amazing Wendy Starland who is one very cool person to hang out with and a lot of fun.

1. Was it always in your blood to be a singer songwriter musician how did it all start for you.

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Growing up I had a babysitter who was almost like a 2nd mother to me, named Rosetta Atkins. She was a church gospel singer from the south who taught me different techniques of how to use my voice. We would imitate the voices on the radio – both men’s and women’s voices. By the time I was 9 I had a wide array of ways in which I could sing, and chose the aspects of my voice I wanted to feature in a particular song. I started writing songs on the piano at the age of 7 and have built up a big catalog with hundreds of songs.

Around 14 or 15 I was pulled out of the crowd onto Maceo Parker’s stage. Maceo is the legendary sax player from James Brown’s band who plays incredibly soulful funk. I ended up scatting on his stage for 20 minutes while Maceo got behind the drum kit and let me wail. Afterwards, the bass player wrapped a string from his bass into a small coil and got down on one knee, as if he were proposing. He hushed the crowd and placed the coiled string around my finger like an engagement ring. He then said into the microphone “Wendy, you have a gift from God. If you don’t spend the rest of your life using that gift, you will deprive the rest of us from receiving it. From this day forward you are married to music.” And ever since that day I have been married to music.

2. Who in music biz inspired you solo artist’s or bands?

I’ve gone through various different stages musically and have explored writing in many genres. I am currently in a rock phase and have been listening to the Foo Fighters nonstop. I’ve been lucky enough to open up for Chris Shifflett, guitarist of the Foo Fighters. I love their grittiness that they mix with such beautiful melodies. You can feel their authenticity, which is something that’s very important to me. Other current influences include U2, 30 Seconds To Mars, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay and The Police.

Previously I had been writing music that was more etherial, and was inspired by Sting, Peter Gabriel, Seal, Sade, Norah Jones, and Stevie Nicks.

3. You are very business savvy, where did you pick up all your business skill.

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in New York City, the city of ambition. My family is incredibly business savvy and have rubbed off on me in many ways. I have also always gravitated towards friends who are very sharp and who lead by example. I am grateful to have been surrounded by people I admire.

Its been incredible working with brands like Pink Pump and P2 who have worked with me on a different model for distributing my music to new fans. It has been a successful venture where a percentage of sales will be donated to charity at the end of the campaign. We will be donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

4. As a songwriter where does your inspiration come from, dreams, life experiences, or imagination.

All of the above. I integrate as many aspects of myself and my experience into my music as possible. Whether that experience constitutes my real life or my dreams.

5. Are you currently working on a project?

I am working on a new rock album. It is very different from what my fans are used to hearing from me. It is a rebirth of sorts. I’m really excited about this new direction and feel that it reflects my experience since moving to Los Angeles. I have performed some of the new material live while opening up for Sheryl Crow and Jack White, and had a great response. I’m excited to unveil it to the rest of the world soon. My first single, “All The Way,” will be featured in a new ad campaign for MoboVivo.

Listen to this song “Dancing With The Sea”.

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Rapscallions on Rocksmith with California Dream

Prince was in town to kick start his Welcome 2 Canada Tour, and if you did not know it Prince is the only artist to have the credits, producer, composer, lyric’s, singer, and performer as he played all the instruments on his first album while 21 years of age. Times now have changed and if you are a young aspiring musician and want to learn to play guitar you are probably going to end up learning it on Rocksmith for Xbox to the tune of my friends band Rapscallions. The best time I had during the Toronto International Film Festival was hanging out with Chris Clemence and doing a photo shoot with Toronto photographer Michael Patrick. It’s rare when you have everyone on the same page, and Chris not only went crazy full of creative energy he also donned on the fashion of Toronto’s own cutting edge fashion house Magpie the exclusive designers to visiting rock stars. Yes, Prince is a legend the master of funk, pop , jazz and rock he has inspired so many and when I spoke to Chris about Prince his response was “epic”.
The Rapscallion are the next big thing, and I am telling you this because they just did a show in Vegas and what ever happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. The word was out, the band rocked it with the creative energy, it’s just pure free energy, and to top it all off they are really nice dude’s who love to have fun, make music their passion and like to roll with whatever!, just like true California surfer dude’s would with a wave, just go with it. They’re a California group mixing rock, rap, and funk. Prince should have this band as his opening act, and let me tell you that would be cool, but what would really be dope if Prince and the Rapscallions jammed, that could be just be an all time high. The band has smooth up beat guitar riffs, killer bass grooves, and some great vocal performances by vocalist Matt Still. My buddy Chris well his bass groove’s are wicked. California Brain the single on Rocksmith is a freaking great song, I live the lyric’s in my dream’s “California is all I see when I close my eyes”. This song is so well done. It has the awesome rap vocals during the chorus singing over the smooth lead guitar lines, and another great bass riff matching a great drumbeat from Adam Fisher. The chorus is great and the classy solo provided by guitarist Dario Forzato is done well. I can see these guys explode, China, India, Germany and United Kingdom but then again the world is shrinking and if I was Prince I would call these guy’s up and do some mini gig’s. Prince listen up my man, let’s do a show with these dude’s in Vancouver what do you say?


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