The Mexican Grand Prix and Daniel Ricciardo Gets Third Spot BOOM! Gone is Vettel After All That Whining

Sebastian Vettel was fuming on the track, saying he was going to hit someone and wagging his finger, delivering a message to race director Charlie Whiting: “F*** off. Honestly f*** off.” and after all that fuss and whining as Max Verstappen put it “crying like a child”.

Daniel 14606933_1151911978223075_9131605563744976896_nRicciardo has eventually finished third after Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen were handed time penalties in a controversial Mexican F1 Grand Prix.

Let’s set the stage. Max Verstappen crossed the line third, but a five-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage meant he was initially relegated to fifth.

That pushed Sebastian Vettel into third and Verstappen’s Australian team-mate, Ricciardo, up to fourth.
Immediately after the race, Verstappen stood awkwardly alongside frosty Mercedes pair Hamilton and Rosberg in the podium room before seeing his time penalty take effect on the screen.

The 19-year-old then took his leave before Ferrari’s Vettel jogged into the room as what was then thought to be the official third-place winner.

Eventually, the race standings were amended and Vettel was handed a 10-second penalty for “potentially dangerous” driving — dropping him from third to fifth, moving Verstappen up to fourth, and Ricciardo on to the bottom step of the podium.

Ricciardo also said Hamilton deserved a penalty for cutting a corner in similar fashion to Verstappen on an earlier corner and the teenager agreed.

“Lewis ran off, he gained a massive advantage … I didn’t even gain an advantage, so I think it’s ridiculous,” Verstappen said.

A look through the eyes of Sutton Images at the Mexican Grand Prix.


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Jesse & Joy Perfectly Capture A Shredded Heart In “Ecos de Amor”

“Puedo ver tu sombra en la luna” [I can see your shadow in the moon],” – Sings Joy.


So you just had your heart ripped out of you .  We all know the feeling, of have a heart shredded, but to perfectly capture it in a song? well Jesse and Joy do just that.

The song is the first tease of their fourth studio album, set to be released at the tail end of 2015.

Their last set, ¿Con Quién Se Queda el Perro? [Who Gets to Keep the Dog?], earned the siblings four Latin Grammys in 2012, including best contemporary pop vocal album, and had them touring for three straight years, playing for a total of 2.5 million people throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and the U.S.

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