Berlin Fashion Week 2014 – Friedrichstraße Station Bowie film Berlin

Berlin Fashion Week

There are a number of reasons to be in Berlin this week in July. The David Bowie Is exhibit is here for the summer, and Berlin Fashion week also kicks-off, and what a great backdrop to film in Berlin the David Bowie Is Around The World, scene ‘Friedrichstraße ‘.  The scene set to music and is based on a poem I wrote few years ago.

At Friedrichstraße she sat,

her legs glowing in almond oil,

the prospect of tasting her in my mouth, eerie, terrifying, and enchanting,

she parted her exquisitely sculpted legs,

the scent of surrender,

a cool mist swept my face, reverberating,

not against the retina, or the ear drum, but the nasal epithelia, 

her explosive screams fill the air,

the smell of gray, of worn concrete, a light perfume of drab industrial stench, a hint of smoke and stale air,

her body hurling, as if helium and hydrogen in space,

her scent on my face, is awesome,

she is instinctively powerful art-form,

almond oil glowing on my face, 

awaiting a train at Friedrichstraße 

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Darkoh Menswear to rock ‘Homage to David Bowie’ Showtime – New York Fashion Week 2014

The Studio New York City

The stage is being set at The Studio in New York city for the world premier of the F/W 2014/15 collection by the German designer Jaydee.

“The man who fell to earth..Mr. Bowie… main inspiration for DARKOH FW14/15” – Jaydee designer Darkoh

David Bowie himself told me he was really going nowhere in music till he got styled and then everything changed. In New York you go all in, there is no half-way.  In the world of fashion, it’s not Paris or Milan it’s New York that call’s the shots, it’s where the money is. While making the film David Bowie Is Around The World about artist, and everyday people touched by the work of David Bowie designer Jaydee, for me was the designer who fell to earth perfectly cast for the movie. She is going for broke, a friend of mine who got a sneak peek at the collection said “The fashion is nothing like I have ever seen”, this form a women who has been in luxury fashion working with the very best.

Jaydee commented on her Facebook page, “It may eat up all your savings, all your energy and challenge the belief in yourself, but if your self-actualization is more important than the materialistic aspect then I have good news: the American dream still exists..and I’m happy to live it now”. Things just happen in New York and soon it will be rock’n roll time and the Bowie film and guitars will rock out with designer Jaydee’s collection an homage to Bowie. I could never have scripted this, the heavens have blessed us all with all good things falling to earth. Showtime in two hours and counting.

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Jay Z to Designer Jaydee’s Darkoh Menswear Collection It’s All About New York – New York Fashion Week 2014

Bf-FSYeCQAAjZ_- The pace is picking up, as designer Jaydee get’s ready to introduce her fall, winter collocation in New York at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Darkoh Menswear has brought to New York something very new, and news of her work was already the talk around the Jay Z camp, and Superbowl. It is New York where it’s all about making dreams come true. Darkoh Menswear hits the catwalk on Monday, at 1pm.



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