Ana the fan – Heartbeat from Madonna in Medellín then the heart stops!

Ana Uribe is a fan with a passion for music and Madonna. With Monte Pittman the guitarist and recording artist who’s current album is quite possibly his most introspective and timeless album yet, M.P.3: The Power Of Three, she is just a heartbeat from Madonna. After all Monte Pittman is the man who taught Madonna how to play guitar. So what could make Ana’s heart stop? a direct message from Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary.

Like I said yesterday having put things in motion, the rest was up to the universe and here in Ana’s own words is what happened.

Tim….! I never had a night like this! Monte Pittman is amazing! I think he has no idea how cool he is. People love him! Besides that, in the middle of an interview, I got a Dm from Guy Oseary (Madonna’s manager), telling me I was selected for the “GT” (Golden Triangle as close to Madonna as you can get in a live performance)! You have no idea what I felt!!! I began to sweat, my hands were shaking…my heart couldn’t stop!!! I feel the happiest woman on earth! I will send you pictures of everything soon! You have to come to Medellin! I would love to meet you and have fun in this little and beautiful town!!!
I will try to sleep now! I have a long day ahead!!!!
You are such a great guy! Don’t forget that!!!!

I love fans, they are the key. What I love more are the artist’s who recognize this and give back a lot more then two hours on the stage to the fans.

My hat’s off to Monte Pittman, Lisa Claus, Madonna and Guy Oseary, you are making magic happen and dreams come true in Medellin.

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Madonna – Monte Pittman – MDNA – Medellín and a girl called Ana

The world is in a constant flow. As one trend passes a new trends emerges. At times this happens in a split-second or as long as in a minute. Welcome to the world of Twitter and living in the now, and going with the flow. This is a story of a fan Ana Uribe in Medellin, Colombia her passion for Madonna and her MDNA tweet putting her a heart-beat from her idol musical performer Madonna, on a world tour MDNA World Tour 2012.

I am not sure where I was when the tweet from Ana came Abu Dhabi, or India getting on a plan or off, but as I always do I responded. Soon afterwards, Ana informed me about Hard Rock in Medellin and her relationship with them and with a click of a thumb I was able to connect Ana in Medellin, to recording artist and the principal guitarist for Madonna Monte Pittman’s manager, Lisa Claus. Thousands of miles apart, various time zones.

As far as social media goes it’s great, and combine that with someone with a global social network and look out anything can happen. Good things can happen. Dreams can come true. In the case of Ana, she tells me they have for her. You take a thread, weave it into the fabric and behold a colorful story in a rich tapestry.

Here is my interview with Ana, who through her relationships arranged for Monte Pittman to play at the Hard Rock in Medellin, is going to both the MDNA shows and the rest is up to the universe. Through the process Ana and I became friends and wouldn’t you know it I also knew someone in Medellin in music, that is another story.


1. I first discovered Madonna when I was 12 years old when I heard her first song Everybody! And after that I knew I was going to be her biggest fan!
Love everything about her: music, lyrics, her voice when she sings, her voice when she talks, the way she dance, her charisma, her intelligence and most of all her self confidence!


2. I am extremely excited! More than words can describe! Is a dream come true! I still can’t believe it!


3. Being with Monte Pittman and being his interpreter is much more than I ever dreamed! Is being in some way close to Madonna and part of her world! I still cant believe it!


4. OMG! If I could meet Madonna I would thank her for all the joy she has brought into my life with her music, I would tell her that that is the most unforgettable moment of my entire life and I would beg for not to be speechless! And of course I would say: I love you!


5. I am really proud of my family! All of them are professional musicians : from my grandfather who played sax, flute and clarinet in the symphonic orchestra of Colombia and also was part of the famous Lucho Bermudez Y Su Orquesta . All my uncles and aunts and my father have a long history in music with many awards in the classical and jazz music. Two of my uncles were nominated for a Grammy, one last year and the other one in 2001.

My father: luis Uribe Espitia and my aunt Blanca Uribe, Luis Biava and jaime Uribe.

Parties with them are amazing!


6. I really created and account in Twitter to follow everything that concerns MDNA tour. I made a comment in an interview that Timothy Khan made to Monte Pittman. I said he was so lucky to have the chance to be so close to him. He answered to me saying that it would be great to arrange something with him in Medellin! I couldn’t believe it and when MDNA starts getting close I send him a message and he answered right away! He put me in contact with Lisa Claus his manager and in 4 days everything was ready! It’s a dream come true! I have so much to thank to Timothy Khan!
I love Twitter now.

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Prince The Godfather of Chicago Kills it with a Guitar Orgy!

Chicago, it’s my kinda town. It’s where my Godfather was from. He had moved from Chicago to Las Vegas back in the day, built a hotel, then some mobster from Chicago came and burnt it down.  My Godfather Beldon Katelman sold the property to Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. the infamous American business magnate, investor, aviator, aerospace engineer, film maker and philanthropist, and moved to Los Angeles.

My Godfathers brother Harris Katelman helped Rupert Murdoch assemble and build what is now Fox Television.

My Godfather died of a heart-attack while having sex with a 22 year old call girl in his sauna at his home on Baroda Drive in Beverly Hills, California. The man had style.

Harris Katelman during lunch at Toscana in Brentwood told me about my Godfather “he was not just your Godfather, he was the Godfather”. This was no revelation to me.  The man was from Chicago.

Chicago is where Prince the supreme master of funk came to make his stand with Welcome 2 Chicago three-night residency at United Center.

Prince came with a gun and guitar (in the poster anyway) but he came to help, Rebuild the Dream, founded by Van Jones, is a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of everyday people–from seniors to students, moms, dads, Brothers and Sisters–who come together to build strong vibrant communities and to fix our economy from the ground up.

“We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with a legend like Prince. Our economic system is broken. Rebuild the Dream exists to unite arts and organize into a potent force to support the Dreams of Our Communities. There are few artists who have Prince’s unwavering commitment to a vision of a sustainable, fair economic future.”

– Van Jones, Co-founder and President of Rebuild the Dream.

There was a lot of talk about the concert of the previous opening night. Yes, there were problems with the first show, they were called kinks that had not been ironed out ( like the refs in NFL’s Monday Night Football), few glitches.

Then came Tuesday and show number two. An army had been mobilized by Prince to resolve the issues of the night before.

Tuesday night rolled around and Prince went gangsta on Chicago.

From the get go Prince started to kill it.  Yea he brought his A game which consisted of guitar orgy, Jennifer Hudson, and ‘Partyman’ not to mention his full sexy set play list.

Prince even apologised to everyone saying “we worked out the kinks”.

Let me tell you something, they sure had worked out whatever was not working the night before and the people of Chicago they were loving it.

I love guitar, I always have. Those who went to high school or college with me will tell you when I booked bands they had killer guitar players.

I am blessed to have come to meet recently Phillip Jarrell, Dick Wagner best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and KISS, getting a chance to chill with Tommy Thayer, lead guitarist of Kiss, and then Monte Pittman, singer, songwriter, who has his second solo album out and is the lead guitarist for Madonna on her MDNA World Tour that had just rolled through Chicago.

So the thought’s that raced through my mind as Prince started to make his guitar sing, in-a-full-on-orgy, what a mind blowing experience it would be to see Monte Pittman on the stage with Prince shredding his MPS guitar. I was not alone on this thought.


To enjoy Prince you need to be living in the now. Enjoying the moment, the vibrant energy of the band, the brass, the horns, drums, guitars and the man himself, the artist, singer, songwriter, pure musician, spiritual man, the master of funk, the gangsta of music, Grammy winner, the kid who came to rock, Chicago; Prince. Tonight he is going to take it all to another level, crank it up, get ready, do your stretch’s, take a nap, what ever you need to do, to get ready to party, think purple, because tonight doves are gonna fly. This lady is on with Prince tonight. So bring it.


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Adrian Grenier and The Jarrell Guitar – Tiff12

Adrian Grenier and I last came together when a friend of mine Wendy Starland who had discovered Lady Gaga came to rock the party for the film “Entourage”. That was Tiff11.

This year at Tiff12, Boy and Doll PR, had arranged for a luxury gifting lounge on the 44th floor of the Ritz Carlton Residence’s. Jarrell Guitars were there as Madonna was going to roll into town at the same time during Tiff12. The connection? Madonna’s guitarist Monte Pittman play’s on a signature Jarrell guitar, the MPS.

Adrian was presented with his Jarrell Guitar, by Jarrell guitar CEO, and Boy and Doll PR at the Ritz.

The story does not end there. Today Monte Pittman will come and rock his MPS in front of the Ritz Carlton, in Toronto at the Ritz Bar.

Monte Pittman plays Ritz 4pm. So come and check out the man that rocks Madonna and see why Adrian Grenier, and Canadian music legend love the Jarrell guitar.

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Tiff12 – Ritz Bar – Ritz – Video’s

Thank You to the sponsors

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Material Girl’s – Monte Pittman Magic – at Ritz Bar – Tiff12

This is the Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff12). It is the biggest film festival in North America. To film makers this is as important as Cannes, and perhaps even more important due to the number of commercial deals that our done here at Tiff12 supporting independent film makers. For me to be involved this year in my own way helping Tiff12 take it up a notch has been especially a thrill as my an old friend of mine founded it 37 years ago by the name of William Marshall, who also wanted to bring big concerts to Toronto.

When we talk big global concerts, well you can count into that MDNA World Tour.

Madonna makes films, her ex-husband Guy Ritchie makes films, I used to make films. Into this mix comes the very talented Monte Pittman.

One day in  New York City I caught my big break propelling me into space faster then a speeding rocket.  Monte caught his big break as well and it’s shot him to the moon with his MPS Jarrell guitar, and he’s gonna take you to Mars today.

Monte Pittman grew up in East Texas, with a dream, he wanted to just play guitar in a big way. Guess what, he did it.

Monte Pittman decided one day to give guitar lessons, and he got a call to teach someone, that someone was Guy Ritchie at the time still married to the material girl, Madonna. Monte also ended up teaching Madonna a few new tricks, ( yes life is an on-going lesson ), which landed Monte the biggest gig ever being the guitar dude for Madonna on her world tours.

Monte Pittman, plays the Jarrell MPS guitar which he first played at the Super Bowl half time show with Madonna. This is a guitar which he helped design with Phillip Jarrell. Monte tells me that the sound of this guitar is awesome.

Today Monte Pittman will come the the Ritz Carlton hotel, and rock it in front of the hotel. He will rock his MPS Jarrell guitar, so this is as close you will get to it. The next time Monte Pittman will play it will be on stage at Air Canada center with Madonna.

Follow me and be a VIP today at the Ritz Carlton Toronto 4pm

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