Canadian Grand Prix 2016 Music Playlist of Canadian Artists You Should Know

Welcome to Canada and if you are traveling by train, car, bus, air, or just walking around the circuit here is a all Canadian music playlist for you to enjoy and discover some Canadian talent.  The playlist has mellow start and goes from there.  While there is so much talent out there, I just put this together of friends of mine or those musicians my friends know.

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Megan Bonnell her recent album was fully crowd funded, from my home town Toronto, not only can she sing she can also make a mean banana bread.

Alannah Myles  I used to spend a lot of time on the road with my buddy Kevin Jones who was tour manager for his brother Mick Jones of the band Foreigner, and Alannah was always around Ca Va is mellow start to the playlist.

Serena Ryder – born in my hometown of Toronto and she kicks ass.

Anna Cyzon – Is a dear friend of mine and she totally rocks she has also been a great help to me for my film on fans of David Bowie.

Armando Scarlato Jr. One day walked into a jam session of the David Bowie film started to sing and blew everyone away.

Alanis Morissette – I first met Alanis on my birthday dinner in Los Angeles with my buddy Tim Thorney she had come to shop her album Jagged Little Pill.

Drake – Also from my hometown of Toronto (the 6) and a friend of my buddy Sammy. I don’t need to say more it’s Drake.

Virgina Storey  she just rocks, and put new twist to her music she is a big fan of Bowie and if he was still with us he would like her music.

Gang Signs  – My friend Karen Hood owns a music label File Under Music and this band is signed to her label.

Bend Sinister – Also signed to my friends label File Under Music of Vancouver.

Francesco Yates – I first met Francesco at a fashion show his big influence was Prince and Michael Jackson.

Hill And The Sky Heroes –  A solo project of my very multi talented friend Hill Kourkoutis  a massive fan of David Bowie.

Justin Bieber  – Well who does not know this dude, Lewis Hamilton been hanging with him of late and my mom loves him.

Sarah Fisher – Super cool friend another multi talented Canadian.

The Weekend  – This dude from my home town been killing it, working real hard and has collaborated with my friend Hill Kourkoutis also on this play list.

Tim Thorney – A very talented friend of mine who is a record producer, singer songwriter and owner of Villa Sound a very cool recording studio, he has his fingers on the pulse of talent in Canada.

In My Coma – This band not only rocks they can party and we have done it they have a new album coming out this fall.

Mandy Bo –  She just followed her dream and works really hard, I really like her and she has a crowd funding project on the go, check it out on her website.

NJ Taylor – From Montreal a big fan of Red Bull Racing, she is one very talented friend who is always working at her craft.

Young Empires – I got turned on to them by my fashion stylist friend Kirsten Readerh who styled one of the band members.

Brian Asha  lives in Vancouver and just likes good music.



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Rasoi By Chef Vineet at Gulf Hotel ready to heal Alonso with food for the soul at Bahrain Grand Prix

The FIA deemed Alonso unfit for the race due to “insufficient resolutions” to the chest injuries he sustained during a massive crash at the Australian Grand Prix. Immediately after the announcement, McLaren confirmed reserve driver and GP2 champion Stoffel Vandoorne will step in for the twilight race.

This could also be very exciting as Vandoorne dominated GP2 last year and this could be the beginning of a new star in F1.

While lot was happening at the track, Michelin star (as in food not tyres) chef Vineet at Rasoi had his own team humming at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain. The chef and his team have prepared a few dishes ready to cure Fernando Alonso. Here is a sample of the dishes set to the music of Argentinian singer Devi.

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TIFF 2013 – David Bowie Is – Melinda Michael – Actor

IMG_8366 David Bowie table at the Ritz Bar, during the Toronto International Film Festival played host to a number of talented people. Life is all about timing, being at the right spot at the right time. The Bowie table at Toronto’s Ritz Carlton was the place to be, it is where Melinda Michael showed up and what do you know, she ended up with the Bowie McLaren, photo-shoot, and the film I am making ‘David Bowie Is Around The World’.

Melinda has a passion, her first love, acting. Needless to say she already is miles ahead of most as 75% of the battle is does the camera love you? and it does, throw in the talent and you could be on your way. Grounded in her yoga, breathing and natural movement with the camera, and let me tell you this girl from Toronto is going places. This is a small glimpse of Melinda Michael more is coming.

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TIFF 2013 – David Bowie Is At The Ritz – Andy Warhol Style

V - NJ - Jeff Bowie Table Many people call, text and ask what is the David Bowie table at the Ritz Bar all about? Its really a very simple concept. When I began my project to film ‘David Bowie Is Around The World’ on an iPhone I borrowed many concepts originated by Andy Warhol and David Bowie. Both cutting edge forward thinkers. After all while we Instagram everything, Warhol was doing it with his Polaroid. We change filters, Warhol was doing that by coloring Marilyn Monroe. Many people take pictures of food, and Warhol did showcased Campbell Soup. Andy Warhol took his studio (the factory) and told people to drop in and he filmed them.

The Bowie table at Ritz Bar, thanks to the five star luxury hotel Ritz Carlton is just that ( the factory) across from the red carpet of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Drop in. You don’t need a plan, you don’t RSVP, feel in the mood, and if you have ‘NO RESPECT FOR THE STATUS QUO’ just drop in, and you will find yourself later in my film. All this made possible by my great partners, SKKY Vodka, Glenfiddich, Ravine Vineyard, and Jarrell guitars.

David Bowie, never cared or cares for who you are, what you do, or how much money you make, but if you are creative, of the same mind set then he will work with you. The Bowie table during Toronto International Film Festival is just that, come enjoy, meet people and do what Warhol did get the word out using media, in this case social media. So you are encouraged to help those helping make this all possible by Tweeting it, with #RCTIFF, #TIFF13 and #tiffbowieritz.

This is some of the fun that has been taking place at the Bowie Table, Ritz Bar, Ritz Carlton Toronto.

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Bold People Make Bold Moves On BlackBerry At Canadian Grand Prix

Nicole Scherzinger is busy at work she is on her BlackBerry Bold and she is multi-tasking. Nicole told me she is always on her BlackBerry Bold, sending e-mails, and in constant communication and she love’s it.

Lewis Hamilton’s best friend since high school, is nearby sitting and also with his command center in his palm his BlackBerry Bold.

Mark Perkins the manger for formula one driver Narain Karthikeyan is in communication with Monaco where he resides also on race day checking his e-mails as well as sending text messages out keeping in communication with the team principal in Spain on his BlackBerry Bold.

Here in the paddocks of the Canadian Grand Prix 2012, it was Canadian technology of RIM Corporations, BlackBerry Bold, in full use and in demand. This is the ultimate sport for technology, formula one racing and BlackBerry Bold was every present keeping those who need to stay informed with the world connected.

Have a look at some of the bold people in the paddocks in full command with BlackBerry Bold.

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