Sergio Perez – Dangerous And Dirty Team-Mate

Perez and Button Jenson Button was left raging with his McLaren team-mate, describing the Mexican as ‘dirty’ and ‘dangerous’ given his antics throughout a Bahrain Grand Prix won comfortably by Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel.
Urged by team principal Martin Whitmarsh to ‘toughen up’ following the previous weekend’s race in China, Perez went too far in Sakhir, with Button bearing the brunt of the 23-year-old’s aggression.

“I didn’t feel it was the cleanest racing with Checo and myself. I think it is great that we are allowed to race [by McLaren] and that is fantastic. But into Turn Four we were wheel banging and that’s not normally the way I like to race. Fairplay though to Checo he had a great race and scored some great points for the team. That is what we will take away from the weekend.”

As for his own afternoon, Button admitted it wasn’t the best: “Today wasn’t brilliant for me,” he continued. “Okay, the race was a lot of fun, but I didn’t get the result I wanted. I used up my tyres fending off Checo. There was a lot of action out there, and as I say I wasn’t really able to conserve my tyres as a result. That was partly because I had to work my way back through after my second pitstop, when I’d been fighting with Romain [Grosjean] too.

“But there was a lot of clean racing out there – although as I say Checo was a bit tough, which was a little unusual.” Jenson told my Spy Girl.

Button and Perez - McLaren Bahrain

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Chill’n Like a Villain at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Lewis Hamilton

All weekend Lewis Hamilton has been chill’n. The only thing is it was not chill’n in Abu Dhabi, was the temperature.

Lewis Hamilton powered to pole position ahead of Red Bull’s Mark Webber as championship leader Sebastian Vettel was pushed to the back of the grid for a fuel infringement.

So what is Red Bull going to do? They will start off Vettel from the not so cool pit-lane of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

What does Lewis Hamilton think about driver Alonso and Vettel?, “Fernando was my team-mate; I know just how quick he is.” Hamilton also acknowledged Vettel’s quality but has emphasised his belief that a lot of his recent performance is down to the car improvements guided by Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey, F1’s pre-eminent aerodynamic designer.

This is racing and things can go up and down, the McLaren seem to be running tight, and Lewis Hamilton has been charging like an Arabian stallion.

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Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes team in 2013 – USA Rules!

Lewis Hamilton moves to Mercedes Formula one team for 2013, why?.  Big things are going to happen in Formula 1.

Simply put that the State of California buy more Mercedes Benz cars then anyone in the world, and that the Beverly Hills Mercedes dealership sells more cars then any other Mercedes dealership in the United States.

Just like in fashion New York calls the shots, it’s where the money is.  In Formula 1 the dynamics are about to change with three North American races. The Canadian Grand Prix, and the inaugural Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial in New Jersey on June 16, and the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 17. and Lewis Hamilton sees the future and knows how big things could get for him, in the good old USA.

“It is now time for me to take on a fresh challenge and I am very excited,” Hamilton, 27, said in a report on Formula One’s website.

Less clear is the future of Schumacher, 43, who had retired after the 2006 season but then returned in 2010 with Mercedes.

It’s been a difficult comeback. Schumacher is winless since returning and so far this year he’s 12th in points with only one top-five finish in 14 races.

“I have had three nice years with the team which unfortunately did not go as well as we all would have wanted,” Schumacher said. “I would like to thank the team for their trust and all the guys for their unconditional commitment.”

Get ready for big things.  Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are making the move for 2013, that is the right move at the right time.

With two races in the USA, it means more media, big media, and with freedom to own your image it means enormous endorsements.

Let’s face it in the big leagues, USA still rules, so hello Formula 1, and welcome Lewis Hamilton who have come to play in the biggest global arena of them all.

Let’s rock and roll in North America with Formula 1.


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Magic of Jenson Button at Spa – The Belgium Grand Prix F1

Jenson Button won a boring race. Boring for Jenson Button only. He led from the start to finish, while behind him there was carnage, slick passing, jumping into pit’s to slow another down, and battles going on.

Pastor Maldonado I have said it before is going to get someone killed. While Romain Grosjean most certainly is to blame for taking out Alonso, Hamilton, and Sergio Pérez, Grosjean’s poor judgement was a cause and effect in my personal opinion due to the actions of Pastor Maldonado.

Romain Grosjean, is a talented driver, but like they say on Monday Night Football, “Come on man”, you’re not gonna win a formula one race in the opening turn of the start. This is formula one, so many elements at play, such as tyres, engine, brakes and so on.

“This circuit is such a special one for most drivers,” Button Jr said. “To lead from lights to flag is very special.”

There was some great driving in this race however. Moments such as Kimi, letting his car go down hill at 185mph, making a pass was classic. There was the battle between the Germans Schumacher and Vettel.

This formula one race was one where you could forget about the leader in the lead, who skillfully drove his McLaren all the way preserving his tyres.

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Faster Then A Speeding Bullet ! Lewis Hamilton

The Olympic torch has been lit and the man from the Island of Great Britain Lewis Hamilton did not disappoint.

Team McLaren is in a sport of Formula One racing and this season defined by its competitiveness, with hundredths of seconds and the tiniest of margins dictating an unprecedented seven different winners in the first seven races, Hamilton’s 0.38sec pole position margin over Frenchman Romain Grosjean, who starts on the front row for the first time, is a chasm.

“I’m very happy with the work the guys have done, It’s a good boost for the team but it’s a long race and we need to keep our cool. Tyres will be important and the degradation interesting and I hope that, for once, we have a good start.” – Lewis Hamilton

Sunday will be the second day of the Olympics in London and what a day it would be if McLaren in it’s 150th Pole position was to bring in the gold. How sweet it would be to all in the Kingdom where the Queen can give you the licence to kill.

A twitter follower of mine sent this to me today;

‏@lauyluz @MYNAMEISKHANcdn @LewisHamilton Im pretty sure that he will win tomm! The spirit of #MuhammedAli be with him! 150 pole! He deserves it 🙂

Yes, it’s true Lewis Hamilton has those qualities of Ali, he will never give up, never stop trying, if he falls he will get back up, and like the champ Muhammad Ali who I have had the great honor to lunch with is a very nice man.

Who say’s nice guys don’t finish first. Lewis Hamilton all of Montreal was rooting for you where you are King.


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Lewis Hamilton King of Valencia ? European Grand Prix

Vettel’s lap, over three tenths quicker than McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, who will start alongside him on the front row, brought the German level with two of the sport’s greats in Jim Clark and Alain Prost on 33 career poles.

Many think that this years astonishing season of different drivers winning races’s is soon coming to an end. However, this year has also proven that in some case’s where you start really does not matter.

It is expected that today the sun will be blaring down and it will reach sizzling heat on the track, so if you did not eat breakfast you can fry an egg right in pit lane.

Tires will again become an issue. How many pit stops and while McLaren has not been too swift in this area.

It is Sunday, and as in the National Football League, anything can happen on any given Sunday.

Valencia is a boring track, the straight- away’s are not that at all they are long curves, imagine your hands under a women’s arm-pits and sliding down her side over her hips, it’s not straight, if it is straight for you then your not with what I call a women. Passing is nearly impossible.

At the Canadian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton was King of Montreal, will he be King of Valencia or will it be someone who has been lurking in the back that will emerge the winner today. Like I said, it’s any given Sunday.

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