2013 United States Grand Prix – Victoria’s Secret Inspired Bowie Film Goes Wild in Austin, Texas

Model Anna Selezneva photographer Lachlan Bailey
Model Anna Selezneva photographer Lachlan Bailey

Four-time champion Sebastian Vettel has admitted to having a ruthless streak when he gets behind the wheel of a Formula One car. While Lewis Hamilton does not think he will be able to pull off a repeat of last year’s US Grand Prix and beat Sebastian Vettel to victory on Sunday. Sergio Perez of Mexico got two day notice from McLaren that they will replace him next year came as a shock. Then the gossip about the the boss of Formula One and his legal problems fills the paddock.

Against the backdrop of this drama at United States Grand Prix 2013, learning how many girls enjoy trying on lingerie especially during the taping of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 a day before, in Austin, Texas the David Bowie Is Around The World film documentary let girls just have fun. Some of the girls will be on the grid as gird girls for the race on Sunday. Each girl got bag full of lingerie, four girls all filmmakers in Austin directed the unscripted documentary film allowing the girls to do whatever they wanted to the music of David Bowie. Where were some of the formula one drivers on Thursday night of filming? you will just have to wait till the three year film project is completed.

Best quote of the day; Sebastian Vettel said it was important to be ruthless at times and also quoted the late great formula one driver Ayrton Senna by saying “if you see a gap you have to go for it”. It’s what the girls did last night they just went for it. Who would have thought that music of David Bowie could make you go wild, or could it have been bag full of lingerie.

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Bringing In The Gold – Lewis Hamilton with Team Lotus on Podium!

Olympic games have begun in Britain and Lewis Hamilton and Team Lotus both British did not disappoint at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The very British Lewis Hamilton led for all but eight laps of the race — briefly falling back after two tire changes — despite strong challenges from the Lotus pair.

Grosjean was often less than 2 seconds behind Hamilton until he was passed by Raikkonen as the Finn came out of the pit lane after his final tire change on lap 45.

Grosjean was diplomatic about Raikkonen’s maneuver at Turn 1, when the 2007 world champion practically pushed him off the track to take over second place.

“He did what he had to do to not let me pass,” said Grosjean, who sounded confident he would have caught Hamilton. “I went a little bit on the outside and got the marbles on the tires, and then I struggled to recover. It is what it is.”

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Vettel is back !! As is Lotus in the desert of Bahrain

What a race this was in Bahrain. The tires, the grip, man and machine in the deserts of Bahrain.

Not since 2006 has F1 witnessed such a start to a campaign, with the reigning world champion claiming his 22nd career victory.
Behind the German, Lotus enjoyed their best race of the season as Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean joined Vettel on the podium.

For McLaren this was a desert disaster.

In front of a half-full main grandstand, and with every other stand empty, polesitter Vettel crushed his rivals after starting at the front for the 31st time in his career.

Vettel conceded to enduring “a difficult race”, in particular given his fuel situation towards the end.
Vettel was relieved “the strategy worked”, adding: “As I said yesterday, a tremendous thank you to the boys who have done a great job to get the car to my liking.
“It all came together for the first time this weekend. All in all I’m extremely happy.”
Achieving his best result since winning in Belgium in 2009, Raikkonen said: “We’ve both gained podiums and the team deserve what we achieved.
“It’s a positive result for the team and an important step.”
Celebrating his first podium in F1, Grosjean said: “I’m very proud of the team.
“We’ve shown our car is very competitive, in what has so far been a very tight season. Overall we can be very happy with what we’ve done.”

What a start to the season of F1. Back to the drawing board for some.

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Smooth as Silk driving of Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button started the Australian Grand Prix season opener 0f 2012 in top pole positions. Button behind Hamilton. Yet it was Jenson Button’s McLaren that came ripping off the grid with a grind to remain unchallenged throughout the race.

As Jenson Button did last year he is very good at not shredding through his tires while driving as if on flames. This is just good driving and good team management. There are a lot of advantages when your in the lead and having clean lines into the turn being one of them.

With a strong performance, McLaren showed it had closed the gap on the Red Bull team which dominated 2011, and set the stage for a more competitive season.

“It was an amazing day,” Button said. “Starting the year strong for this team is really important. The past two years for us have been tricky for us coming into the first race. It points us in a great position for the next few races and on the right foot.”

The magic was real and dreams came true for McLaren as a team and Jenson Button.

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The Boy’s From Britain Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button Start In Front Row

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button locked out the front row of the grid to give McLaren the perfect start to the new Formula One season.

This is a dream start for the McLaren team with Hamilton and Jenson Button settling the front row. Hamilton’s fastest lap was 1:24.922 while Button’s was 1:25.074, ahead of Romain Grosjean, who finished a surprise third in his Lotus with 1:25.302. Mercedes’ Michael Schumacher was fourth on 1:25.336.

The session threw a lot of unexpected results with teams getting an idea of each others’ performance for the first time.

Mercedes’ Michael Schumacher qualifing fourth, ahead of the Red Bull pair of Mark Webber and reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel.

It was a bad qualifying session for Ferrari, with Fernando Alonso spinning off into a gravel trap early in session two and qualifying in 12th place, while Felipe Massa fared even worse, qualifying 16th.

Comeback driver Kimi Raikkonen also disappointed, qualifying in 18th place for Lotus.

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