Mouthful of Lana Del Rey at Magpie

There is no other person who has come out of nowhere in the last 6 months become famous and then have a sandwich named after her. While Lana Del Rey is from Lake Placid, New York, it was not New York that came up with the sandwich. London had Lana Del Rey front and center at Mulberry and it was in the United Kingdom that the sandwich was invented, it was not London that came up with the idea.

Thanks to social media, the idea emerged from Twitter a suggestion from Ireland and taken up by me to make it happen. It’s what American’s do, make things happen while others dream. In Canada it’s a small percentage who can act like American’s and among the few so far I have encountered are Magpie Fashion always ready to move and try new things, and Clafouti Toronto.

Magpie fashion which has been busy designing for Canada’s Got Talent judge Measha Brueggergosman also designs from time to time for Prince the King of Funk who once lived in Toronto. Magpie was back designing for Prince and invited a few people over to try some wine from South Australia, called Ass Kisser provided by Cottonwood Wine and the now famous mouthful sandwich created by Clafouti Lana Del Rey.

Canadian singer, songwriter was on-hand to try it as well while also getting fitted for her upcoming show. Have a look.

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My Name Is Khan – Fafa Khan

My Name is Khan is all about the journey of discovery while traveling a road far from the bleakness of daily routine and surprisingly by accident falling upon what is best termed the accidental discovery.

Fafa Khan is such a find, and perhaps the discovery would never have been made if it had not been for the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Prince and his Welcome 2 Canada Tour, Magpie fashion and running into Kate Good who would become a friend and as they say the rest is history.

Fafa is a delight to talk to and is no porcelain doll. Fafa is multi-talented and her flair for the creative has a wide range, from music, photography, fashion, and art. Here is the interview with the delightful straightforward Fafa Khan.

1. You are very creative person with many interest’s how did this come about ?

I’ve always been artistic my entire life. Constantly drawing and dancing as a kid I always had a need to do these things naturally. In high school I was voted head of the Art Department and once I graduated I then studied Fine Arts, Visual Arts and Creative Arts. I had the freedom and time to create my first collection of paintings at 18 as well as my first vernissage. Since then I have had three of my own art shows, 2 gallery exhibitions and 2 auctions for my artworks. I now study Art History at Concordia University in Montreal. I did this in parallel to other opportunities that came up working with photographers, videos, music, graphics and teaching dance I really enjoy anything creative and artistic.

2. What do you like doing the most or do you like everything creative that you do. Modeling, Photography, DJ ?

I get asked a lot what I will concentrate on the most in the future, to be honest I can’t do one thing without the other. Modeling opportunities came to me as favors for friends and then photographers started to notice. I essentially wanted to learn more about photography behind the camera so I modeled and learned at the same time. I already knew how to edit and photoshop pictures so I did that after the photoshoots. A lot of my paintings are photography inspired so that’s where I see the connection.

As for DJing I actually remixed songs for my dance classes and had to keep up with current music before I knew how to spin. I then got the offer to DJ at supperclub/bar type place and after got noticed by other clubs. To answer your question I can’t actually choose one thing I like the most since I love and need them all because they depend on each other.

3. How has your cultural family background added to your creativity?

Having a Pakistani mother and a half Japanese half Finnish father I can tell you my father is calm and collected and my mother is strong and opinionated. They are a perfect match and I guess my artwork shows a lot of contrast and complimentary colors. My parents are also engineers and have a structured background; I tend to mix geometric and abstract shapes together. They had influence on taking “art” as a future, since they are both so business oriented it made me work harder to prove being an all around artist can become a sufficient career.

4. As far as travel goes where would you like to go?

I’ve actually been lucky enough to travel the world due to my parent’s professions; the company they work with is international, so I had the opportunities to travel to places all around Europe, Asia, South America etc. The next future stop is hopefully Tokyo since I’m part Japanese I think it would have a great influence on my work.

5. What do you like about Montreal and London two cities that you spend time in?

London is mainly for family purposes, I see it as a second home, but it’s also a place I can pick up on newer things happening in the entertainment business, fashion, music. Etc that they receive first before people in Canada. Montreal is a perfect mix of Europe and Canada, everyone speaks several different languages and you will see for yourself most people are from all different kinds of nationalities. It’s also one big family, everyone knows each other here. I admire our months of winter because when the sun finally comes out people here appreciate it a lot more, which make Montreal summers amazing and full of things to do. Personally my work also varies in style depending on the time of the year, so I do like the fact we get all four seasons.

Talent in Canada is everywhere. Talent in the world is everywhere. Fafa Khan,makes the world dance.

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Lana Del Rey at Clafouti So Delicious!

Lana Del Rey the internet sensation whose debut song Video Games is already the ‘Single Of The Year’ pre-release, having attracted almost a million and a half page views on YouTube. Her first UK show (in November) sold out in about 30 seconds.

Mulberry at London Fashion Week, had Lana front and center with the Lana Del Rey handbag. So when someone on Twitter from Ireland suggested a sandwich the first thing that popped into my mind was two Lana Del Rey’s with me in the middle.

The Lana Del Rey sandwich was such a fun idea that it required someone with passion for fun and food, to step up to the plate and create something as delicious as the very alluringly sexy Lana Del Rey. Jumping into the game of creating, in the fashion of the Oscar winning film The Artist from France, was none other then Chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud owner of the cafe Clafouti of Toronto.

Chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, who’s entire family has been in the business of food, is The Artist who created the Lana Del Rey sandwich with panache.

The sandwich was taste tested by Angela one of the designer’s and partner of Magpie fashion and a jazz singer from New York city who had arrived just in time for sampling the Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey, is delicious was the word by two women today. I have also eaten Lana Del Rey, the sandwich and it is so very tasty, juicy and delicious.

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Chili Adobe crusted pork loin
Garlic lemon aioli
panella cheese
crispy onions
Vidal syrup
Egg bun

Hollywood and anyone visiting Toronto, this is a must try. Lana Del Rey sandwich is not in Paris, London, New York or Hollywood. The Lana Del Rey sandwich is in Hollywood North, at Clafouti, Toronto.

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Fashion is Girls on Film with Michael Patrick

Michael Patrick is a Toronto fashion photographer. I had the opportunity to work with Michael to get the feel of what it was like to be the lens behind the lens.

Michael Patrick is a natural artist. He fly’s by the seat of his pants allowing ideas to emerge at random which he creatively employs.

This shoot was done in Toronto with an upcoming Canadian model Jessa for Magpie fashion of Toronto. Jessa 16 years old was discovered at a water park in Niagara Falls, Ontario by a fashion scout and has all the makings of a super model.

Here you can check out the action from the man behind the man with the lens.

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Wendy Starland Charisma Exquisitely Unhurried !

It’s all about the Oscars today in Los Angles and at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hill’s Polo Lounge people are walking about the courtyard cafe with the ease of a sun drunk cat.

My friend, singer, songwriter, dynamic performer the lady with charisma exquisitely unhurried sat down to talk to me about how she started, who inspired her musically and her savvy business skills. Miss Wendy Starland has it going on, she has that savoir-faire that is beauty and romance with a voice.

Wendy Starland, also has been in the middle of music business biggest discoveries, as she discovered Lady Gaga and landed her a production deal with producer Rob Fusari that resulted in Gaga signing major label record and publishing deals. Wendy and Lady Gaga have written songs together that were later produced by Fusari, for whom Starland was writing with over a nearly three-year period.

Here is the interview with the amazing Wendy Starland who is one very cool person to hang out with and a lot of fun.

1. Was it always in your blood to be a singer songwriter musician how did it all start for you.

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Growing up I had a babysitter who was almost like a 2nd mother to me, named Rosetta Atkins. She was a church gospel singer from the south who taught me different techniques of how to use my voice. We would imitate the voices on the radio – both men’s and women’s voices. By the time I was 9 I had a wide array of ways in which I could sing, and chose the aspects of my voice I wanted to feature in a particular song. I started writing songs on the piano at the age of 7 and have built up a big catalog with hundreds of songs.

Around 14 or 15 I was pulled out of the crowd onto Maceo Parker’s stage. Maceo is the legendary sax player from James Brown’s band who plays incredibly soulful funk. I ended up scatting on his stage for 20 minutes while Maceo got behind the drum kit and let me wail. Afterwards, the bass player wrapped a string from his bass into a small coil and got down on one knee, as if he were proposing. He hushed the crowd and placed the coiled string around my finger like an engagement ring. He then said into the microphone “Wendy, you have a gift from God. If you don’t spend the rest of your life using that gift, you will deprive the rest of us from receiving it. From this day forward you are married to music.” And ever since that day I have been married to music.

2. Who in music biz inspired you solo artist’s or bands?

I’ve gone through various different stages musically and have explored writing in many genres. I am currently in a rock phase and have been listening to the Foo Fighters nonstop. I’ve been lucky enough to open up for Chris Shifflett, guitarist of the Foo Fighters. I love their grittiness that they mix with such beautiful melodies. You can feel their authenticity, which is something that’s very important to me. Other current influences include U2, 30 Seconds To Mars, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay and The Police.

Previously I had been writing music that was more etherial, and was inspired by Sting, Peter Gabriel, Seal, Sade, Norah Jones, and Stevie Nicks.

3. You are very business savvy, where did you pick up all your business skill.

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in New York City, the city of ambition. My family is incredibly business savvy and have rubbed off on me in many ways. I have also always gravitated towards friends who are very sharp and who lead by example. I am grateful to have been surrounded by people I admire.

Its been incredible working with brands like Pink Pump and P2 who have worked with me on a different model for distributing my music to new fans. It has been a successful venture where a percentage of sales will be donated to charity at the end of the campaign. We will be donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

4. As a songwriter where does your inspiration come from, dreams, life experiences, or imagination.

All of the above. I integrate as many aspects of myself and my experience into my music as possible. Whether that experience constitutes my real life or my dreams.

5. Are you currently working on a project?

I am working on a new rock album. It is very different from what my fans are used to hearing from me. It is a rebirth of sorts. I’m really excited about this new direction and feel that it reflects my experience since moving to Los Angeles. I have performed some of the new material live while opening up for Sheryl Crow and Jack White, and had a great response. I’m excited to unveil it to the rest of the world soon. My first single, “All The Way,” will be featured in a new ad campaign for MoboVivo.

Listen to this song “Dancing With The Sea”.

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Babe and strings – Lara St. John

“It is difficult to argue with such a technically dazzling and unfailingly musical interpretation.”

-Gramophone Magazine

Magpie fashion is bewitching created in a haunting manner by two women who are close to my heart, because they are creative, beautiful women that fly by the seat of their pants, creating fashion for both men and women that is alluring, enchanting, bewildering, dramatic, originally creativity from their imagination that is so Merlinish. The House of Magpie is a magical kingdom where those of rock, such as Prince, Andy Allo, Kevin Hearn of Barenaked Ladies, and members of Pear Jam have come to be outfitted. No Magpie fashion is not just for rock star’s, it also for those who pull strings, such as Canadian violinist Lara St. John, who wears a Magpie design dress on the cover for her album Bach Sonata’s.

The Strad magazine selected Laura St. John as one of “the stars of the next decade” and called her “an electrifying player, as deeply satisfying in Bach as she is bewitchingly seductive in Waxman’s ‘Carmen’ Fantasy. The L.A. Times has said: “St. John brings to the stage personal charisma, an unflagging musical imagination and genuine passion. Her two albums to date are bona-fide classics of the violin discography.”

Lara began playing the violin when she was 2 years old. She first soloed with orchestra at age 5, and made her European debut with the Gulbenkian Orchestra (Lisbon) five years later. She toured Spain, France, Portugal and Hungary at ages 12 and 13, entered the Curtis Institute at 14, and spent her first summer at Marlboro three years later. Bach Sonatas was released on her own label. Lara and Magpie fashion create a kingdom where magic is real and dreams come true.

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