Where Angels Like to Tread !

Angels if you are aware enough are everywhere. Having left Fairmont Plaza Hotel New York City, I am out with a new angel in Central Park taking her for a buggy ride after polishing off a bottle of Ultra Premium Tequila Los Azulejos thanks to Elizabeth owner of Cottonwood wine agency. My angel is provocatively tantalizing, but it’s hard work to get her in the mood to let you bust into her corset because the two of us are facing a horse’s rectum. This is no ordinary angel she is a Victoria Secret Angel.

Many of the Victoria Secret Angels started working out for the taping of the 2011 show today six months ago. They got into shape, and Chanel Iman put on 15 pounds to get to 115 pounds, and what ever fuel these girls run on let me tell you they burn it all up. I have seen them eat and they love food. When I had my trainer in LA and hit Golds gym in Venice beach it did not matter how much I ate my jeans still felt they would fall off me. Great food, great workout’s, overall love for life, and a great sense of humor can be found in all the 38 angels that walk the hip slinging walk today. This is not the same buzz of Milan, Paris or London during fashion week, this buzz stands all alone as the Oscar of all buzz’s and it’s because this is New York and it alone rules the airwaves of the fashion world. The focus is on one brand a brand that has evolved since 1995,one that is not scared to embrace technology allowing the buzz to fill the airwaves and excite and delight the fans. The angels are tech savvy and they have been building up to this day for a month, and this is just the taping of the show which will air on CBS on November 29th. It is just thrilling to be floating around this event and letting the addictive buzz filter into your tequila laden blood stream, taking you even higher. It’s not hard to get higher watching Tom Pecheux do his cat-eyes on the angels while sitting watching the gaudy galaxy of women parade past you with Lancomed gaze, and cherry lips if one blows you a kiss it’s as if you where on morphine floating above New York City with angels all around on a magical cloud to never never land, you just sit and observe like watching a movie or falling in love. Please give me more tequila, as the pink silk robes fall off and it’s time, it’s show time, you will be blown away on November 29th when you watch this show.

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