Max Verstappen Is Future World Champion and He Is Not Gonna Take S**T From Anyone – Belgium Grand Prix F1

I used to sponsor racing teams and race car drivers.  Once a race car driver I had sponsored John Graham (who also drove for Paul Newman) at the first Indy car race in Toronto came to me and said, “I’m gonna keep the car safe a try a podium third place”.  When I heard these words I flew off the handle, I was just dropping $250,000 and this guy never once said I am gonna go out and try to win this.

To me racing is a game of life and death, not to be reckless but go out and let people know you are there to win full stop.  Yes, you could die doing it, but it’s why you do it.  I never sponsored John ever again.

Much later to sponsor a racing team of former Ferrari F1 driver (Little Lief) Stefan Johansson , his team, him personally (because the Swede Stefan is just so talented ) during a race in Le Mans, and a driver Ryan Hunter-Reay.

In F1, through Labatt Breweries of Canada, several world champion drivers, Canadian Gilles Villeneuve, Nigel Mansell, and Damon Hill.  I may have one eye but I can spot a driver who has what it takes and to me Max Verstappen has what it takes and he is not taking any s**t from anyone.

The main talking point that came from Belgium Grand Prix was about Max Verstappen’s aggressive driving style, as they say in Hollywood, who gives a f**k what anyone says about you at least they are talking about you. I read the tweets, people calling him an idiot and you know what grow up and welcome to the world of racing.

“I think they should be ashamed to cause a crash like that with their amount of experience and then complain to me” – Max Verstrappen about Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. 

Max would later explain, “on the video you can clearly see when Vettel turns in, he drives into Raikkonen and then Kimi’s car bumps into mine… I’m not gonna say come on through.”  Now this is a kid I love, I’ve just seen lot of young upstarts at their first Olympics in Rio give it there all and take gold, and Max is one of my new favorite drivers, and if anyone else can’t take the heat, well you know what comes next.



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Sebastian Vettel Makes History With A Win At Brazilian Grand Prix 2013

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In winning Sebastian Vettel equaled the record of Alberto Ascari of nine wins in a year, however Sebastian Vettel stands alone in history of Formula One as the only driver with nine consecutive wins.

Sebastian Vettel also matched Michael Schumacher’s record of 13 victories in a year.

Vettel’s Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber was second in his final F1 race. Fernando Alonso of Ferrari was third.
Vettel, who had already wrapped up a fourth straight F1 title, was overtaken by Nico Rosberg of Mercedes at the start but regained the lead on the second lap and cruised to his second victory in Brazil, and 39th of his career.

Jenson Button was fourth for McLaren’s best finish of the season. Rosberg was fifth and Mexico’s Sergio Perez finished sixth after starting 19th in his final race with McLaren.
“Yes, we did it,” Vettel said on his radio before his now-traditional donut celebration of spinning the car.
The win capped an impressive season by Vettel, who had already broken Schumacher’s 2004 mark of seven straight wins in the same season last week at the United States GP.

It was the first time this weekend that drivers raced on a dry track at Interlagos after the three practice sessions and qualifying were run in wet conditions. Light rain fell near the end of the race but it wasn’t enough to significantly affect the track conditions.
Lewis Hamilton, who had a flat right rear tire on his Mercedes after contact with Valtteri Bottas of Williams, finished ninth. Hamilton received a drive through penalty for causing the collision.
Mercedes was still able to hold on to second place in the constructors’ championship, finishing ahead of Ferrari and Lotus. Red Bull had already clinched the title.
Home-crowd favorite Felipe Massa, in his final race with Ferrari before joining Williams, finished a disappointing seventh after receiving a drive-through penalty for illegally crossing a pit line while running fourth. Massa will be replaced by world champion Kimi Raikkonen next year.

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Twists and Turns Case for Formula One Chief – United States Grand Prix 2013

Bernie Ecclestone arrives in the paddock with his wife Fabiana Flosi, United States Grand Prix, Austin, November 14, 2013 © Getty Images
Bernie Ecclestone arrives in the paddock with his wife Fabiana Flosi, United States Grand Prix, Austin, November 14, 2013 © Getty Images

11 Formula One teams are in Austin, Texas, where the penultimate round of this year’s 19-race championship will take place Sunday, it was not the domination of the German driver Sebastian Vettel, winner of 11 of this year’s races and a strong favorite in Austin, that spurred the most fevered talk among grand prix racing insiders.

Instead, it was about an old friend of mine Bernie Ecclestone, the 83-year-old billionaire who is the ringmaster of Formula One. What a circus he has built. Ecclestone, faces in coming months two civil cases, in Munich and New York, and a possible criminal trial in Germany are also on the horizon, all related to allegations of fraud by Ecclestone in the 2006 sale of Formula One’s commercial rights.

A verdict in the London case is expected next spring. If it goes against Ecclestone, it could force a quick end to the iron-fisted control he has built since entering the sport as a team owner in the 1970s. That has alarmed those in Formula One who credit him with turning the sport into the globe-spanning financial bonanza it has become in the last 25 years.

Others have been encouraged by the sweeping changes they believe would be possible in a post-Ecclestone era, including new rules for profit-sharing by the teams that would end the era of cloistered, billion-dollar agreements and secret payments into Swiss bank accounts that have been exposed in the London court. Those deals have effectively stripped Formula One over the past decade of control of its own affairs, handing the sport’s ownership — and billions in profits — to outside investors, and enabling Ecclestone to accumulate a personal fortune of at least $4 billion. They have also left all but 4 of the 11 teams that will compete at Austin — Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz and Red Bull — flirting with bankruptcy on a race-to-race basis.

One team, Lotus, has admitted that it has been unable to pay Kimi Raikkonen, a former world champion who is the team’s lead driver, any of the $15 million it owes him for the 17 races he has contested this year.

This is the mood set, and in the paddock let me tell you gossip runs hotter than some engines, all eyes, and ears are open so look out what you say and whom you say it to.

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Sebastian Vettel Wins At Home In Germany F1 2013

Sebastian VettelThree-time defending Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel surged to the lead in his Red Bull at the start of the German Grand Prix on Sunday and held off a strong challenge from the two Lotus cars to win his first race on home soil.

There were no tyre blowouts but the race had its share of bizarre incidents, with a loose wheel flying through the air in the pit lane and an abandoned car drifting on its own down the track as if wanting to get off the track all on it’s own.
Vettel started second behind pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton and powered past the Mercedes driver into the first bend.
“That was a tough one,” Vettel said as he whooped in delight over the team radio on the slowing down lap.
It was Vettel’s first victory in his home race and the 30th of his career.
“Unbelievable, I’m very happy,” said Vettel. “Kimi was pushing very hard in the race, they tried to do something different with different compound tyres.
“I was pushing really hard throughout and very happy to finally win in Germany.
“I could feel him coming with more and more pressure. I had some laps when Romain was very close.

Sebastian Vettel – Winner – German Grand Prix 2013 from Timothy Hollywood Khan on Vimeo.

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Chinese Grand Prix Starts With Lewis Hamilton And David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’

Original_photography_for_the_Earthling_album_cover_1997__Frank_W_Ockenfels_3 Lewis Hamilton took pole position for Mercedes in Shanghai. Why not the team had been working hard all week. Not to mention that he was teamed up with another Brit who has been making news lately David Bowie in this video below and the song ‘China Girl’.

While Nico Rosberg led a Mercedes one-two in the first practice session for the Chinese Grand Prix today no one was going to beat Lewis Hamilton.

“I’m ecstatic,” triumphed an elated Hamilton who is on the verge of emerging as a serious contender for this year’s title. “The lap was great and the team have performed well all weekend.”

Hamilton’s third pole in Shanghai – and third successive defeat of new Mercedes team-mate Rosberg – will see him start Sunday’s race alongside Kimi Raikkonen on the front row just ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

An intriguing tactical battle awaits in Sunday’s race with Hamilton and Mercedes boasting a slight speed advantage from Alonso and Massa, Raikkonen the potentially critical capacity to run for longer without stopping, and both Red Bulls operating from an altogether different tactical perspective.

“The two closest guys [Raikkonen and Alonso] will be the biggest challenge,” predicted Hamilton to (Spy Daniela). “The Ferrari is massively quick on the first lap and so is Kimi. And Kimi is particularly very strong with looking after the option tyres so it’s going to be very hard to keep them behind.

This could be a good sign for the race tomorrow. Meet the sexy Amy Tan model who helped out modeling for this video thanks to our ‘Spy Girl’ (Spy Daniela) who is traveling around the world keep an eye on things for MyNameIsKhan as we head into her turf Monaco in May.

 Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, April 13, 2013 Photo - Getty Images
Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, April 13, 2013 Photo – Getty Images

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Bringing In The Gold – Lewis Hamilton with Team Lotus on Podium!

Olympic games have begun in Britain and Lewis Hamilton and Team Lotus both British did not disappoint at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The very British Lewis Hamilton led for all but eight laps of the race — briefly falling back after two tire changes — despite strong challenges from the Lotus pair.

Grosjean was often less than 2 seconds behind Hamilton until he was passed by Raikkonen as the Finn came out of the pit lane after his final tire change on lap 45.

Grosjean was diplomatic about Raikkonen’s maneuver at Turn 1, when the 2007 world champion practically pushed him off the track to take over second place.

“He did what he had to do to not let me pass,” said Grosjean, who sounded confident he would have caught Hamilton. “I went a little bit on the outside and got the marbles on the tires, and then I struggled to recover. It is what it is.”

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