Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Paris 2016 City of Light Filled with Angels Catch it December 5th on CBS

Late at night last night I was catching up on Vikings on Google Play and the fight was on for Paris.  Paris the city of light no matter what you throw at it will come back shining it has done so throughout history.

This 2016 series of Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was taped in Paris and if you where gonna add anything more to Paris why not fifty-one angels.

Music was with the stunning Lady Gaga who was discovered by my friend Wendy Starland, the man from my hometown Toronto The Weekend, and someone I really love because he is super nice Bruno Mars.

No need for me to say more. Just watch this amazing show on December 5, on CBS.

VS Fashion Show Paris Part Two from Timothy Hollywood Khan on Vimeo.

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show from a guests point of view actor Tayo Oyekoya

Tayo Oyekoya


If you are making a film on David Bowie as I am and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show decides to locate to London town as the say in showbiz, you could not have scripted this.  Among those you came to the taping of the show were my friends Jamie Wood and his wife Jody who grew up a rock’n roll life of The Rolling Stones with Jamie’s father being Ronnie Wood and Tayo Oyekoya who can do pretty much anything model, stage, film and pull off that look that Karl Lagerfled likes sophisticated.

I asked Tayo what it was like being at the show from the point of view of those lucky enough to be in the audience for the taping.  Here is what he had to say about it.

So what where you feeling like the day of the show in London?

Exited, I’ve been a fan Adriana Lima for years and having been fortunate enough to do a promo shoot with her for Victoria Secrets, was looking forward to seeing her again.arts and all the other Angels.

How did you go about getting ready ?
I came through from a pre-production meeting for a my next film so I just put on a tux and came down. Now if I was in the show that would be a different matter – that would have involved a combination of gym, diet and martial arts.
How did you feel arriving at Earls Court?
Angels. Exited!!! however when I’ve visited Earl’s court exhibition centre in the past it’s to take part in a show so this was different.
What was from your point of view the look and feel?
…. glamorous , black tie and cocktail dresses, an international crowd. I felt comfortable… ready to be entertained
Any part of the show that really stood out for you?
I think Kelly Gale, Jordan and Alexandra and Adriana smashed it!
This was your frist VS Fashion show watching it being taped live right in front of you how was your overall experience?
… It was a great production. For me, events are all about having all your senses heightened from when you arrive until you leave and this production ticked all the boxes.
As an actor and performer how would you rate the entertainment of VS Fashion Show?
It’s theatre, not your regular fashion shows. It takes a lot of dedication to get into and stay in great shape and to shine on demand so it’s a big yes from me. I’ll love to sing at the show next year! There’s an Italian love song that you’ll recognise when you hear it. I’m going to record it…I’d love Adriana to play the lead in the video.
What are some of your favorite places if an Angel asked you would suggest she visit in your city of London?
I love the British video so I’d invite an Angel to enjoy some of the best art the world has to offer.
Are you excited to see the show how it will look when it is aired?
Yes but there’s no substitute for being there while it’s happening.


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