Sebastian Vettel Makes History With A Win At Brazilian Grand Prix 2013

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In winning Sebastian Vettel equaled the record of Alberto Ascari of nine wins in a year, however Sebastian Vettel stands alone in history of Formula One as the only driver with nine consecutive wins.

Sebastian Vettel also matched Michael Schumacher’s record of 13 victories in a year.

Vettel’s Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber was second in his final F1 race. Fernando Alonso of Ferrari was third.
Vettel, who had already wrapped up a fourth straight F1 title, was overtaken by Nico Rosberg of Mercedes at the start but regained the lead on the second lap and cruised to his second victory in Brazil, and 39th of his career.

Jenson Button was fourth for McLaren’s best finish of the season. Rosberg was fifth and Mexico’s Sergio Perez finished sixth after starting 19th in his final race with McLaren.
“Yes, we did it,” Vettel said on his radio before his now-traditional donut celebration of spinning the car.
The win capped an impressive season by Vettel, who had already broken Schumacher’s 2004 mark of seven straight wins in the same season last week at the United States GP.

It was the first time this weekend that drivers raced on a dry track at Interlagos after the three practice sessions and qualifying were run in wet conditions. Light rain fell near the end of the race but it wasn’t enough to significantly affect the track conditions.
Lewis Hamilton, who had a flat right rear tire on his Mercedes after contact with Valtteri Bottas of Williams, finished ninth. Hamilton received a drive through penalty for causing the collision.
Mercedes was still able to hold on to second place in the constructors’ championship, finishing ahead of Ferrari and Lotus. Red Bull had already clinched the title.
Home-crowd favorite Felipe Massa, in his final race with Ferrari before joining Williams, finished a disappointing seventh after receiving a drive-through penalty for illegally crossing a pit line while running fourth. Massa will be replaced by world champion Kimi Raikkonen next year.

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Sergio Perez – Dangerous And Dirty Team-Mate

Perez and Button Jenson Button was left raging with his McLaren team-mate, describing the Mexican as ‘dirty’ and ‘dangerous’ given his antics throughout a Bahrain Grand Prix won comfortably by Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel.
Urged by team principal Martin Whitmarsh to ‘toughen up’ following the previous weekend’s race in China, Perez went too far in Sakhir, with Button bearing the brunt of the 23-year-old’s aggression.

“I didn’t feel it was the cleanest racing with Checo and myself. I think it is great that we are allowed to race [by McLaren] and that is fantastic. But into Turn Four we were wheel banging and that’s not normally the way I like to race. Fairplay though to Checo he had a great race and scored some great points for the team. That is what we will take away from the weekend.”

As for his own afternoon, Button admitted it wasn’t the best: “Today wasn’t brilliant for me,” he continued. “Okay, the race was a lot of fun, but I didn’t get the result I wanted. I used up my tyres fending off Checo. There was a lot of action out there, and as I say I wasn’t really able to conserve my tyres as a result. That was partly because I had to work my way back through after my second pitstop, when I’d been fighting with Romain [Grosjean] too.

“But there was a lot of clean racing out there – although as I say Checo was a bit tough, which was a little unusual.” Jenson told my Spy Girl.

Button and Perez - McLaren Bahrain

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Reborn In The USA – United States Grand Prix Formula 1

Let me put it bluntly! There is nothing like the United States of America. Keep Monaco, and Abu Dhabi, but the USA is the richest market in the world, and it can change the sport of Formula 1 forever if it’s a hit. This time they did it right by building a track.

For that reason everyone out here is getting pretty excited as the weekend approaches; downtown Austin is buzzing, the team’s hospitality units are groaning and the marketing men are salivating almost as much as the drivers. I can see why: the Circuit of the Americas looks mouth-watering. This place is fun. Come on this is Texas, with music, food, fun, it’s the good old USA.

The Circuit of the Americas is like a ‘supercircuit’; an amalgamation of favourite corners from other tracks around the world. I have been critical of Hermann Tilke-designed circuits before but he has really listened to drivers this time.

American race fans may be more interested by what is happening in Homestead, Florida, this weekend — where the Nascar season, in an unfortunate scheduling clash, also reaches its climax — but in this land of opportunity I am hopeful that Formula One will grab its big chance and leave our hosts wanting more.

It’s time to Rock’N Roll.

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Magic of Jenson Button at Spa – The Belgium Grand Prix F1

Jenson Button won a boring race. Boring for Jenson Button only. He led from the start to finish, while behind him there was carnage, slick passing, jumping into pit’s to slow another down, and battles going on.

Pastor Maldonado I have said it before is going to get someone killed. While Romain Grosjean most certainly is to blame for taking out Alonso, Hamilton, and Sergio Pérez, Grosjean’s poor judgement was a cause and effect in my personal opinion due to the actions of Pastor Maldonado.

Romain Grosjean, is a talented driver, but like they say on Monday Night Football, “Come on man”, you’re not gonna win a formula one race in the opening turn of the start. This is formula one, so many elements at play, such as tyres, engine, brakes and so on.

“This circuit is such a special one for most drivers,” Button Jr said. “To lead from lights to flag is very special.”

There was some great driving in this race however. Moments such as Kimi, letting his car go down hill at 185mph, making a pass was classic. There was the battle between the Germans Schumacher and Vettel.

This formula one race was one where you could forget about the leader in the lead, who skillfully drove his McLaren all the way preserving his tyres.

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Putting the Ritz into the Ritz Carlton with McLaren – MP4-12C Spyder

If there where two brand in luxury that are meant to be paired then Ritz Carlton and McLaren are meant to be a global force of luxury where living meet the luxury of speed and elegance.

Ritz Carlton for me and McLaren have also allowed me the luxury to participate in magic.

There was the stay at Ritz Carlton Montreal, and my weekend with McLaren when it was launched in Canada by the sterling team of Chris Pfaff’s, Pfaff Auto in partnership with Ron Dennis.

That weekend of mine with Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger (who with A.R. Rahman, and The Pussycat Dolls performed Jai Ho in 2009 the selected video for My Name Is Khan), provided for a victory for Lewis Hamilton, thus becoming the King of Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix 2012. It was a splendid weekend with Chris Pfaff’s team all of whom are the greatest people you will meet, where service is the key element, and most importantly for me they are all fun.

Keeping in the flow of things the teams that of the Ritz Carlton Toronto, and Pfaff McLaren came together last night to make for a mind blowing ( it was really windy ), for the launch of the McLaren MP4-12C Spyder.

Guess what folks, I gave the word this morning to my guys in Europe “we need to get this baby”. The McLaren MP4 – 12C Spyder is one sweet, fast, and most important for me sexy car.

I cannot wait to drive it from Monte Carlo on my favorite route, Monaco to Milan, Como , Geneva, Berlin, that folks you can do in this car because it is very comfortable. Hey, if Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button can do in spell-bounding speeds then this drive would be nothing.

Top up or top down, the car is a super-charged erotic performer and should have no trouble keeping up but then again who wants to keep up, what’s behind you does not matter. How much of a performer? McLaren promises 0-60 mph acceleration in just 3.1 seconds and a quarter mile elapsed time of 10.8 seconds at a speed of 134 mph.

That performance is courtesy of a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis, which houses a potent twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 engine tuned to deliver 616 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque, as well as a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Come of folks that should already get you salivating.

In preparing for the launch the Ritz Carlton did a massive overhaul of the bar now the very warm inviting space knighted the ‘Ritz Bar’ day before the McLaren MP4 – 12C Spyder launch, the Ritz Carlton Toronto team of Nathaniel, Christian, Duncan, and crew where like the McLaren pit crew, in a race to get the bar up and running, while Daniel was working on all the other logistic’s, the team was humming. Resulting in producing tables that are the right height for cocktails, ( I learned about this from Arrigo Cipriani and son Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar ) who are very particular about table heights, and the Ritz Toronto got this spot-on. The seating is now cozy, comfortable, and ideal for conversation, with the addition of the improvement’s to the outdoor deck it has created a new dimension previously not available to the Ritz Carlton Toronto.

The evening was how can I say it “scintillating”!.

Two teams, Pfaff Auto McLaren, and Ritz Carlton bravo!

Now bring on Hollywood and the Toronto International Film Festival 2012. The McLaren’s will be waiting as will the team of the Ritz Carlton Toronto, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Madonna, Megan Ellison, Johnny Depp discover the city like real rock stars Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in a McLaren.

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‘My Weekend With McLaren’ – Starts With Ron Dennis – Canadian Grand Prix

There is perhaps no better way to kick start the Canadian Grand Prix 2012 then to begin it with the defending champion McLaren,  it’s principal Ron Dennis and his sterling crews launch of McLaren in Canada.

The man who gave me my first ride in a Ferrari was none other then the greatest formula one driver this country has ever produced the legendary Gilles Villeneuve, who first got his big break in formula one in a McLaren. I attempted to combine this in my fashion statement wearing my red Puma shoes, as Gilles while getting his start in a McLaren went on to drive for Ferrari, but this was not going to fly at the McLaren opening. This was about my weekend with McLaren, so no red shoes please, and so I was told.

McLaren is not just a car. A McLaren is like a women you see sitting having tea at Hôtel Ritz in Paris dressed from head to toe in Chanel amplifying glamorous sex-appeal, classically refined and alluring yet underneath it all lurks La Femme Nikita.

My first time in a McLaren was in Australia’s Northern Territory with formula one driver Gerhard Berger driving while I sat in the back exhilarated and horrified as the McLaren felt it was traveling at the speed of sound hitting speeds unimaginable in a conventional car when Gerhard turned his head around and looked at me and said, “now you want to see what this baby can really do?”, naturally I said “let it rip.”

As one of Canada’s greatest auto dealerships Pfaff Auto launched it’s partnership with McLaren, the excitement was building, the buzz factor was off the star meter the launch was in true McLaren style first class all the way.

This weekend with McLaren will be up close and personal, without the red shoes.

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