Josef Newgarden wins Indy Car Alabama Grand Prix for his first win it’s all rock and roll

I first met Josef Newgarden a year ago in Toronto with Degrassi actress Sarah Fisher and team owner Sarah Fisher. I knew then that Newgarden had what it takes to be a rock star in Indy Car. When I met Newgarden I brought with me a gold Bowie guitar and he rocked it in true David Bowie style.

Today Josef Newgarden won his first Indy Car race today at the Alabama Grand Prix, and I have this feeling this kid will start to rock and roll Indy Car from here on in. So watch out, and go check out this star in the making, like Sarah Fisher her family and I did when they raced on the streets of Toronto last year.  I am gonna give you an up close look at Newgarden when Indy Car rolls into Toronto so make sure you tune in who knows if Sarah Fisher the actress is not acting or doing a concert may just get her to give you a tour Live Stream.  Keep you posted so stay tuned.
2014-07-19 12.38.44 (2)

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David Bowie Is, George Lucas, Red Bull to Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel at the Australian Grand Prix


George Lucas, Dani, Dietrich Mateschitz owner Red Bull

The David Bowie Is exhibit is currently in Paris.  It will move to Melbourne  in July the city that also hosts the opening of the 2015 Formula One season the Australian Grand Prix. George Lucas executive produced the film in which David Bowie stars, ‘Labyrinth’. So what connects George Lucas, Dietrich Mateschitz, Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari?  a band the Rolling Stones, and Ferrari.

When I took the above photograph in Monaco at the Monaco Grand Prix,  the team of people who at the time worked for Lucas, had invited me to the Stars Wars party, and I was keen to meet a fellow Canadian actor Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader) and at the time I also owned an Energy Drinks Company.  After the party Lucas’s assistant want to call for a taxi to go to her hotel and I offered to drive her the car having been delivered directly to the hotel.  Try getting a taxi in Monaco during the Grand Prix weekend, you will wait forever, and with me taking her she would have the added bonus of my commentary on the street  track on Monte Carlo.

As we walked out the door man raced to an awaiting Ferrari and opened the door for her. Lucas’s assistant looked at me a little amused, “that’s your car?”, “Yea, I just got it today, I don’t even know who to start it yet”, I told her ( which was true as I had to ask the valet).  When we got in the Ferrari the varoom start that is associated with a Ferrari was heard then again you hear that all the time in Monaco.  I managed to get the small lights on, but had no idea how to turn on the headlight.  I informed my passenger we will be alright as the car had Monaco plates they the police will give us a pass.  It was during this drive that Lucas’s assistant informed me of his passion for Ferrari, as in his youth Lucas wanted to be a race car driver.

Few months later I would invite Lucas and few others to the Rolling Stones show in San Francisco and it was there I was to learn how much Lucas loves technology, not as much understanding it, but using it to tell his story better on the big screen.  This point always registered in my brain and it has been logged.

Many years later as the Rolling Stones are the Rolling Stones they where on tour and this time happened to be in Montreal at the time of the Canadian Grand Prix.  Red Bull Racing’s , Sebastian Vettel won the race.  As I gave my friends the tour of the paddocks after the race and pit lane, I saw Vettel and wanted to see if he wanted to come to the show that evening. Vettel introduced me to his assistant, and asked if he could get his team into the show.  Naturally I told him he had nothing to worry about all would be taken care off.  The Rolling Stones made it happen the reason they are the Rolling Stones is that they also have a first class team around them, and their relationship with David Bowie is infamous.

Few months later the Rolling Stones on tour tragedy struck as Mick Jagger’s girlfriend of many years  L’Wren Scott killed herself.  Allowing a respectful time to pass, I thought it maybe a great idea to lift Mick Jagger’s spirits by having Sebastian Vettel Formula One world champion present Jagger a Jarrell autographed guitar.  This time Sebastian Vettel obliged, his way of show support and saying thank you for the time all of Red Bull racing came to see the Rolling Stones in Montreal.  The guitar is made by Jarrell guitars who after discovering that Sebstain Vettel also plays guitar presented him with a guitar as well.  It is also a guitar that Bowie film has used with one kindly offered by the man himself to take on a world tour allowing people to hold it the gold Jarrell Bowie guitar.   Shortly afterwards the news hit the media that Sebastian Vettel was leaving Red Bull Racing and moving to Ferrari.

Today in Melbourne we come full circle with David Bowie film, Lucas and his love for Ferrari and Vettel his dream to drive for Ferrari.  The fun is only beginning as the season is just starting.  If you are Italian or a Ferrari lover like Lucas and myself we will all have something to cheer about.  Italian chef Alberto Annarumma who is excited about Ferrari and David Bowie film and holding the guitar which is on a world tour even created a David Bowie Menu to delight your sence.

Check out the Ferrari I gave Lucas assistant a spin in, and some of the images of things evolved and unfolded up to today’s race in Melbourne.

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Adam Lambert discovered Queen and Sarah Fisher of Degrassi discovers Bowie – Toronto

Adam Lambert discovered the band Queen or their music in the film ‘Wayne’s World’.  Lambert was 10 years old. As Brian May reminds fans that he has probably played for their grandparents.  Discovery in never accidental it is just meant to be.  To all those young people with dreams what this say’s is live the dream, because you just never know what is around the corner.

Sarah Fisher the young Canadian actress from Toronto who plays ‘Becky’ in Degrassi television show has never seen a David Bowie concert.  Bowie’s last tour would have been when Sarah would have been 11 years old.  So like Adam Lambert , Sarah Fisher found herself rocking with another women who began to rock Indy 500 at the age of 19, also known as Sarah Fisher who now owns the Indy team Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing.

I think if you are a Queen and Adam Lambert fan you will know the David Bowie connection to Queen, so what is the connection between Sarah Fisher’s and Bowie, they got to hold and rock the Bowie’s Jarrell guitar that is in the film David Bowie Is Around The World and the guitars are also on a world tour.

Here is some pictures from Indy Toronto with the two Sarah Fisher’s rocking it in the garage.  Today is the last show for Adam Lambert and Queen in North America and they rock it in Toronto hometown of Sarah Fisher so now you get to discover her music.  Just like Adam Lambert discovered Queen you can discover Sarah Fisher. Check it out, and remember ‘Dreams can come true’ so dream and rock life.

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Josef Newgarden ready to rock’n roll and his team Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing – Honda Indy Toronto

2014-07-19 12.39.27

Josef Newgarden racing for Sarah Fisher Hartman racing is totally a rockstar. I felt it in my gut, this dude is going to be a star. What really hit me was how much Josef Newgarden looks like a young David Bowie.

On December 7, 2011, Newgarden was announced as the driver for Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. He ran his first full season schedule in an Indycar in 2012. Currently, he is competing in his third full season and it has been a thrill of a ride and it’s been all rock’n and roll at Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing.

As in the case with any band such as The Rolling Stones, or if you talk about Adam Lambert and Queen it’s all about the full team. Mick Jagger without, Ronnie, Keith, Charlie it just does not work. Newgarden rocked it in the garage with the David Bowie Jarrell guitar with his band his crew.

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Chefs Who Rock – Chef Lukas Vyhnal – Le Papillon On The Park – Toronto


David Bowie loves food. Who can live without food, not just any food, but really good food. The David Bowie Is exhibit’s first stop on tour was Toronto. Toronto also host the number one film festival in the world, The Toronto International Film Festival. So I decided to go about photographing chef’s who rock their kitchen with the Jarrell guitar a very special guitar as you will see in the film David Bowie Is Around The World and who plays this guitar, yes take a guess.

Chef Lukas Vyhnal has done his bit in the big leagues of luxury and prepared meals for billionaire Lakshmi Mittal whose daughter Vanisha Mittal’s wedding was the second most expensive in recorded history. He is certainly a “Chef Who Rocks”.

If like me you love old Montreal then you will love Le Papillon On The Park. The summer is here so enjoy their tree-lined rooftop patio (cocktails are just wow and refreshing ). Executive Chef Vyhnal and his team will serve you the freshest organic produce from their Rooftop Organic Garden. This is the best place in Toronto to get a taste of authentic French-Canadian accented with French classics.

I don’t care for stuffy and when David Bowie and I went out to dinner we never did stuffy (Bowie did wear a tie and jacket but then he is a Londoner) I like to keep it chilled and casual. Would I take Bowie to dinner and introduce him to the team of Chef Vyhnal at Le Papillon On The Park, absolutely, these guys can rock the kitchen and they are fun. Now that is the type of place you want to go eat at.

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David Bowie Film Takes – Jarrell Guitar On Tour And You Can Win

Swedish Model Josefine with Jarrell Guitar, fashion by Magpie designers for Prince at Ritz Carlton Toronto

From the mind of visionary designer Phillip Jarrell comes an extensive collection of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, amps, microphones, and unique guitar accessories for the serious musician. Phillip Jarrell has combined his personal insights from a lifetime in music, art and design and invested them all into a comprehensive line of top quality products for musicians and producers.

Jarrell guitars and basses are handmade with the finest tone-woods, Tone Pros hardware and Seymour Duncan pickups according to Phillip Jarrell’s personal specifications. These modern classics embody years of painstaking design, experimentation and refinement into a focused group of guitars and basses ready to rock yet refined to meet the expectations of the most accomplished players. Jarrell Guitars include acoustic, semi-hollow, chambered, and solid body instruments.


As the production of the David Bowie film tours the world to various locations in each city a Jarrell guitar will be showcased at a venue that is music related.

1. In each location at a selected venue the guitar will be showcased and by following all on Twitter, you get in the game to win.

2. #DavidBowieIS #Film you comment on Bowie. It can be one word.

3. You are now in the game.

The fun does not just stop here, throughout the production of the film followers can win cool gifts with those whom we have partnered with to help make a very exciting project, in the style and manner of Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol

Why you may want to win this guitar. All you need to do is check out this video. Playing the guitar in this video is Monte Pittman, and Gary Lucas.

Monte Pittman:

Monte Pittman is an American musician, songwriter and studio musician, based out of Los Angeles, known largely as Madonna’s long-time guitarist but has quite a diverse professional resume, including stints that range from glam-pop star Adam Lambert to metal band Prong.

Pittman started playing guitar as a teenager when he “finally got my first guitar when I was 13”. His guitar teacher was Robert Browning. He also took music theory and piano lessons from Delores Rhoads at the Musonia School of Music in North Hollywood.
Pittman’s early musical influences came from bands and artists such as Kiss, Metallica, Slayer, Steve Vai, Jimmy Page, Pantera, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead, to name a few.

Gary Lucas:

Gary Lucas is an American guitarist, a Grammy-nominated songwriter, a soundtrack composer for film and television, and an international recording artist with over twenty solo albums to date. He has been described as a “guitarist with a global guitar” (Larry Rohter, 9 May 2011, New York Times) “one of the best and most original guitarists in America” (David Fricke, 16 Nov. 2006, Rolling Stone); a “legendary leftfield guitarist” (The Guardian, 24 Dec. 2005); “the thinking man’s guitar hero” (The New Yorker, 8 Jan. 2007), “perhaps the greatest living electric guitar player” (Daniel Levitin) and one of “the most innovative and challenging guitarists playing today” (fRoots, March 2002). Lucas’ style melds easily into rock and blues, has “avant-garde affinities,” but is “not easily typecast.” (Steve Dollar, May 6, 2011, Wall Street Journal). He is also associated with vocalist Jeff Buckley, who performed for a year in Lucas’ band, Gods and Monsters, early in his career.

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