Canadian Grand Prix 2014 – Through The ‘Golden Eye’ of Sean Brosnan and fiancé Sanja Banic

%21B8QjHWQCWk%7E%24%28KGrHqYOKigEzS-1wQZ9BM2gY16W%2Bg%7E%7E_12.jpg (658×1000) The multi-talented Sean Brosnan veins carry blood that is Irish and Australian that being from his father Pierce Brosnan (Irish) and his mother Cassandra Harris (Australian) who died in 1991 after a 4-year battle with ovarian cancer. Sean Brosnan with his fiancé Sanja Banic both filmmakers and partners of Knight Marcher Films came to spin their own magic with Red Bull Racing resulting in the first win by the Australian driver born in Perth, Daniel Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo passed series leader Nico Rosberg with two laps to go and held on for his first Formula One victory in a wild Canadian Grand Prix and Sean and Sanja got a real up close look at it all from start to finish.

Ricciardo the 24-year-old became the first non-Mercedes driver to win in seven races this season, although even he admitted there was luck involved (Sean and Sanja maybe) and that it is too early to say that Red Bull is back as a championship contender.

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“Obviously Mercedes had their issues and that enabled us to close on them,” a giddy and still disbelieving Ricciardo said after the race. “It’s a bit surreal. Really cool.”

The Aussie driver remembered to save some champagne from the post-race podium celebration to spray on his race engineer, Toronto native Gavin Ward.

Rosberg finished second despite engine and brake problems, while the second Red Bull driven by four-time world champion and defending Canadian Grand Prix winner Sebastian Vettel came in third.

The race ended under a caution flag after a spectacular crash involving Sergio Perez’s Force India car and Felipe Massa’s Williams. They narrowly missed taking Vettel out.

Sean and Sanja are used to hollywood action but in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix who could have predicted the ending of the race, and they loved every moment, soon afterwards heading back to Ottawa and to a movie set. Both Sean and Sanja agree “F1 Rocks”.

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Irish Designer Shuana Fay Wants To Dress Anne Hathaway – Oscars 2013

Shauna Fay

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

In the sky the North Star is always constant, a fixed position that has guided so many. In our world everything is moving, constantly changing, shifting, and with each move we interact with those who cross our path. The universe is always presenting us with opportunities yet some of us are not awake to recognize this and keep moving.

I came to a screeching stop when my stylist friend Cindy McKendry brought Northern Irish designer Shauna Fay to my attention.

So ladies, if you are planing something for Oscars, to Royal Ascot guess what the talented Shauna Fay can hook you up with style.

Here is the interview with Shauna Fay:

1. What got you interested in fashion?

It hard to explain but I feel like I was born with fashion in my blood, as I can’t remember not being into fashion. I don’t remember having that eureka kind of moment were I thought ‘I think I’ll be a fashion designer’ it was just always what I was going to be without a doubt in my mind. As a child I spent most of my time drawing dresses, my mother tells me about how I drew dresses on the wall or all over my mum’s books, I just drew everywhere and I still have some of them now and they are hilarious!

2. What or who were your inspiration?

When I was young we lived in a very remote part of the country, my mother used to sew and knit and I certainly think that inspired me, this was the beginning of seeing the beginning phases of fashion design and how things were made. I also used to love watching the annual Rose of Tralee contest here in Ireland to see all the gowns, I remember thinking “wow! I want one of my dresses to be on that stage someday!” As I got older I loved to watch Top Of The Pops to see what all the pop stars were wearing and The Euro-vision Song Contest was a big event and I can still remember costumes from it as far back as twenty years ago!

3.Where does your creativity for what you will design come from? Just pops in your head, dream, a film you watched etc.?

To be honest I think a lot of my creativity just pops into my head, I really enjoy just draping fabric on a stand and seeing what I come up with and I am always pushing my technical skills to the limit. If I get inspired by anything its usually old black and white films, women were so feminine back then and not afraid to be a woman. I’m a big fan of corsetry and structure in clothing and showing of the female form to its full potential.ascot_v_24jan13__b_1080x720

4. What are some of the challenges you have faced?

The major challenges I have faced to date are the economic climate and working for myself. It can be tough when you have to make all the decisions yourself and are fully responsible for your collection and whether or not you get it right. Especially with the recession people aren’t willing to part with money for things they don’t really need, but I do believe that quality speaks for itself and a stylish one off piece or a designer piece is an investment.

5. What was the highlight for you in 2012, and what are your goals for the future?

My Highlight of 2012 was dressing a wonderful actress Jayne Wisener and a very successful model for the IN! Magazine glamour awards in November! A year ago I wasn’t very well known and I hadn’t been approached to dress anyone for these awards but it’s amazing what putting yourself out there, having some confidence and showing your talent can do! My goals for the future are to see my own range in some high-end boutiques, eventually go international with my collections and the all time dream is to see one of my gowns on the red carpet at the Oscars!

6. Do you have any favorite designers?

For me as an up and coming designer I have a lot of favoritevpendleton_v_24jan13_b_1080x720 designers who I love to watch and get inspired from. Old style Dior is iconic for me as it’s the style I remember most from my childhood and for me it epitomizes the woman. I’m a huge fan of the red carpet and personally it’s hard to find any fault with Elie Saab, the workmanship and skill involved in the gowns alone is amazing. Mcqueen, for me, is one of the major fashion designers, in my opinion their gowns stole the show at this year’s Golden Globes and their couture is always show stopping!!

7. If you could design something for the Oscars who would you like to see walk down the red carpet in your design?

This is a tough one but at the moment I would have to go with Anne Hathaway, a stunning, confident natural beauty, no airs or graces just a very talented woman who seems very comfortable in her own skin.

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One Direction and The Girls Just Scream – On Tour

Hysteria, in Toronto was all around the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton. It has been under siege by young girls, fans of the Brit/Irish band One Direction.

I think that fans make the act, and I have seen my fill of fans. So today I caught up with the fans of One Direction at Ritz Carlton. Yes they were excited they where going to go to the show, and they wanted to express their love with screams at anyone that came out of the Ritz Carlton.

I caught up with the band in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton, they were just chilling with their backpacks suitcase’s, hanging out to find out what was going to happen next. Shortly afterwards, the valet arrived the tour bus was already downstairs waiting for them and then they said goodbye and off they went to the venue to get ready for the show tonight.

While all this was going on inside outside was just girls standing with cameras on the ready, cell phone and fingers on the Twitter button, as well as text button ready to point out every move the band made.

As I left the hotel, I made sure to Tweet that the band had gone, and yes some fans such as @anitalove6 asked “are you serious? I have missed One Direction?!”. I did let her know yes they have left for the venue.

I decided to take the train the GO Transit to the station Exhibition where one would have to get off in order to get to Molson Amphitheater to see One Direction concert tonight. What did I find? More girls, some with mothers in tow. When the train stopped one of the girls commented “I think my heart just stopped” that is how excited she was.

The speakers announcement came doors are about to close, and I let all the girls know if they wanted to see One Direction they needed to get off now. The were in a daze that they had arrived, with backpacks, sweaters, armed and ready to scream, mobile phones fully charged.

Let the show begin, as the British, Irish boy band begins to rock the hearts of girls everywhere. Did I see any dudes? None. No guy was in site. Why would they. They would not have a chance against the band Once Directions, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

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