Podcast That Will Inspire you with model Rachelle Denison

Just go with the flow do what you love and don’t ever give up – Rachelle Denison

Model Rachelle Denison will inspire you. I am sure she will inspire you as she did me.

In my podcast with Rachelle I said “We” messed but there was no “we”, it was all me who messed up and somehow lost our first podcast and when you know someone could be a superstar is when you have to do a retake as I had to do and Rachelle put in the same amount of energy.

A fact that I missed in my podcast, was that Rachelle could have been a competitive soccer player should have jumped all over that but as Rachelle said that’s another story so maybe look for follow up with Rachelle. This girl is going places so follow her please on her Instagram and her very newly set up Twitter account.

What was it like at the podcast with Rachelle at The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Dbar? It started on a cold day with hot chocolate and whip cream and Rachelle just had to have some. Check out the short clip from the podcast.

https://t.co/zJp1L5V46A?ssr=true Surprise on mynameiskhan.ca! I've kept this very 'hush hush' because I wanted to wait until it was ready to share it with you guys but my very first podcast experience with @hollywoodkhan was AMAZING. He and the staff at the @fourseasons Toronto made me feel so welcomed and comfortable right from the beginning. We touch on some issues that are very close to my heart and as scary as this is to share, this is a little bit of me…goofy, happy and motivated 🙂 As mentioned in the podcast, DM me if you have any questions 🙂 ❤️ Thank you again @hollywoodkhan Timothy Khan for your kindness and motivational talks! I am so glad you stopped us in the street that day! 💕 . . . . . . . . #fate #destiny #podcast #model #canadian #fourseasons #hotel #motivation #inspiration #work #workhard #neverstop #passion #dream #justdoit #onestepatatime #love #joy #passion #fitness #inspire #payitforward #blogger #fashion #fashionblogger #life #real #toronto

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Caroline Campos WBFF Pro Is Ready To Rock The WBFF Worlds Toronto 2016

Caroline Campos is from where I just came from Rio 2016, Olympics, Brazil.
Campos is a WBFF Pro fitness model & competitor. A former boxer, she is currently part of La Bella Mafia fitness crew and is a personal trainer on the side. Her makeup in Toronto has been done by Two Chicks and Some Lipstick. So discover about Caroline and makeup artists. Here you go.

Red Carpet Saturday at 4:30pm at Sony Center, and main event at 5:00pm.

#Longboard anyone? ???????? #flashbackfriday . #longboardgirls . ?? @iamluismunoz . ?? @phokusonmi . ?? @lilyfxmakeup

Working out at the Ritz Carlton, Toronto


🇺🇸 Feeling blessed that I completed 100% my workout yesterday after 16 weeks of prep 💗🙏🏼 my diet is getting closer to the 100% mark … And tomorrow I will step @wbff_official world champion stage 🤗 here in #toronto Canada 🇨🇦 my number 204 🙏🏼💗 . 👉🏼 watch me live on PPV Saturday August 27th . 👉🏼 sponsored by @blackstonelabsofficial @primenutra @celestialbodiez @ravishsands @fitdish . 👉🏼 coach by @coachbueno . 👉🏼 posing coach @eventfitness _____ 🇧🇷 me sentindo abencoada de ter ontem completado o meu treino 100% APos 16 semanas de preparacao, 💗🙏🏼 minha dieta esta chegando EM SUA marca de 100% e amanha estarei disputando o campeonato mundial da @wbff_official 🤗 aqui EM Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 meu numero 204 🙏🏼 . 👉🏼 Me assistam ao vivo no PPV ESTE sabado dia 27 de agosto . 👉🏼 patrocinada por @blackstonelabsofficial @sweetsweat @fitdish @ravishsands @celestialbodiez @primenutra . 👉🏼 coach pelo melhor @coachbueno 👉🏼 coach de poses @eventfitness

A video posted by 🇧🇷🇺🇸 Caroline Campos WBFF PRO (@caroline_de_campos_) on

Caroline with the makeup artists Two Chicks and Some Lipstick


🇺🇸 H&M 💄 done by @twochicksandsomelipstick 🤗💗 #Toronto #canada 🇨🇦 #photoshoot #sweetsweat #wbff #proathlete

A photo posted by 🇧🇷🇺🇸 Caroline Campos WBFF PRO (@caroline_de_campos_) on

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Meet WBFF Pro Diva Karina Marin at WBFF Worlds Toronto 2016

During my time in Rio at the Olympic Village I would just randomly run into people, and it would turn out they were famous.

At the Ritz Carlton the other day, while I was sitting with few people involved with Barbara Streisand’s tour I ran into WBFF Pro Diva Karina Marin who is in Toronto for the  WBFF Worlds Toronto 2016, 10th Anniversary.

WBFF show you can watch it live order it here on Pay Per View  .

To see the show LIVE at Sony Center here are the times, in Eastern Standard Time.

August 26th, Pre Show – 4:30pm , Amateur Gala 5:00pm.

August 27th, Red Carpet – 4:30pm , Main Event 5:00pm.

Here are a few Instagram of Karina.

Chora sociedade ... @wbff_official comingggggggggg! Stage coach @toby.harrison and @fuchsiabyalexdavey

A video posted by Karina Marin- DIVA PRO WBFF (@karinamarinfiorentini) on

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Arnold about Chef Alberto “You are what you eat, I’ll be back” Australian Grand Prix 2015

2015-03-16 08.25.57

The most exciting thing was seeing Arnie on the podium – Christian Horner/Red Bull Racing

Arnold Schwarzenegger had delighted everyone since his arrival in Australia. I used to go to his restaurant all the time in Venice, California and if Arnold was around he would do the rounds of all the tables to say hello.

As the race has finished Arnold was walking up to the podium and I just had received aJ back notification on my phone, from one of my girlfriends in Toronto who wanted to give me a progress report on her weight training just then Arnold tapped my shoulder, “Hey you, you know Mr. Pakistan won the 100 class?”, Arnold was referring to former Mr. Pakistan Atif Anwar. “Wow, now that is really cool, Arnold check this out one of my girlfriend’s just sent this”.

Arnold now had my phone clasped in his big hands, looking at the picture, “no body fat that is a good start” he said. As he was about to give me my phone another notification came up, and it was Chef Alberto Annarumma, Arnold looked at it before passing me the phone I did tell him I will show you the rest of what this chef is up to but Arnold had to go and left me with his famous words, “You are what you eat, I’ll be back”. Also check out Chefs Bowie menu.

I will leave it up to Arnolds girlfreind to get him to Amalfi for a visit with Chef Annarumma.  As Arnold found out all the driver work out hard and our big into fitness and good food.  If you are going to any of the races in Europe then a must stop would be with the Chef in Amalfi. I am pretty sure that Elyse Knowles can manage to drag Daniel Ricciardo for a meal with the chef after seeing these images from his Instagram.

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Discovering Swedish Model – Anna

From making a film The Perfect Murder with Merchant Ivory Productions with Stellan Skarsgård the actor from Sweden, to my trusted former assistant code name ‘Money Penny’ a Swede, my current assistant in training a Swede, my life has in a magical way revolved around Sweden.

So hello Anna Björkman. I saw some images posted on my Facebook by an artist friend Mark Getty and they caught my eye, and I was on it, sending a message to Mark, text messaging and e-mailing Josefine (yea! I get excited), talking about the discovery of Anna.

Anna come from a historic city of Sweden, Helsingborg and currently resides in Glasgow, in the United Kingdom. Like so many Swedes she is multi-talented, creative, and naturally beautiful. So here is a short interview with the model from Sweden who wanted to be a farmer.

So Anna what did want to be growing up in Sweden?

I have never had a set plan actually as I wanted to be so many things and as I can be a little indecisive unfortunately. My first dream job was to be a farmer at the age of five but I gave that up quite quickly…I then wanted to be a journalist for a long time but realized that it is very difficult to ‘make it’ in Sweden and that I would always be a at a disadvantage writing in English as it is not my native language.

You seem to be a very creative type photography, modeling what else do you like to do that is creative and where does this creativity come from?

I think I need to do creative things to feel good, I get ideas and I just feel that I need to do something with them. Modelling is great for that as there are so many things you can do when working with a creative team. When I was younger I was into writing – as I wanted to be a journalist, I also played the violin for many years and I have done a bit of acting which I am actually planning on taking up again.

What made you move to UK?

I got a job offer in the UK after I left school and I was meant to be here for 6 months, but then my contract got extended, and then extended again…and I suddenly realized that I wanted to stay even longer as I find the UK to be more inspiring and fun than Sweden.

Do you speak other languages other then Swedish and English

I love languages! I studied Spanish at school but unfortunately I have forgotten most of it now. I am now studying French instead at university.

What do you love to eat the most?

My mum’s home cooking and baking of course As I don’t go back to Sweden that often it means a lot to me to have traditional food once in a while. I get cravings for Swedish cinnamon buns quite often…

At the end of the day what would you really like to do, with your life?

I am still not entirely sure about that but I think it is important to have a life you enjoy at the same time as you treat other people the way you wish to be treated so that is what I am trying to achieve in some way.

Where is one place you have not traveled to but would like to go?

There are so many places I would like to go but I have been curious about South America for a long time. I am actually planning on going to Ecuador next summer and I would like to stop in New York on my way there as that is another place I really would like to visit.

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