David Bowie Film Leads To Accidental Discoveries

Andy Warhol

I run into people all over asking me the same thing when I go around filming my David Bowie film, they ask me if I am a fan of David Bowie? When Bowie asked me over dinner one night in Los Angles who my favorite band was I gave it to him straight up, like a clean martini, “Queen”, (pause), “I mean I like your music as well but Queen is my all time favorite band”.

David Bowie and I both share one common experience our time with Andy Warhol whom I met in New York while living there. As Bowie played Warhol in the film about the artist Basquiat, when I embarked on the David Bowie film project I decided I would do it in the fashion of Andy Warhol.

Warhol’s filmmaking was motivated in large part by his fascination with individuals, but he was also driven by his desire to capture the actual experience of living. As he wrote in his book, POPism: The Warhol ‘60s: “What I liked was chunks of time all together, every real moment…I only wanted to find great people and let them be themselves…and I’d film them for a certain length of time and that would be the movie.”

What impressed me about David Bowie he rarely has ever done anything for money. It is all about the process, of art, the discover and always moving forward in time.

My film is about capturing people who in someway have been impacted by the music, fashion, style, art of David Bowie, and capturing these moments in actual life. As one musician who is in the film said “you’re taking clips and putting them altogether, that is really cool”.

Imagine if you will traveling the world and the end result of the eminence pool of talent for you to discover in the film.

Walking into a gallery to listen to Andrew a musician from Vancouver, Canada who goes under the name In Media Res, and is on one of my friends record labels File Under Music,I was pleasantly surprised to discover an artist and a musician whom I would not have otherwise have met.

The artist Meghan McKnight and a musician Kat Burns. Both had something in common with Bowie. Artist McKnight has a friendship criteria; If you don’t like David Bowie you can’t be a friend of hers. The musician Kat Burns walked into the gallery with one long dangling earring, as Bowie used to do.

In this short clip you see Burns singing, as I change the filters to show you the art of McKnight on the wall in various transformations of light.

Warhol’s Screen Tests, which number approximately 500, are revealing portraits of hundreds of different individuals, shot between 1964 and 1966. The subjects are both regulars of the Factory scene and new visitors—both famous and anonymous.

In my Bowie film you will meet those who are famous and anonymous affected by Bowie living in the “Now”, from back alleys to the glitz of Cannes, Monaco and everything in between.

I have been moved by the love of the people who just want to add to the project and those who are helping me, using the latest in technology the ‘Smart Phone’.

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To follow Megan McKnight

To follow Kat Burns

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George Leach Rock’s Ironhead !

Like anything in life, if your not walking with your eyes wide open your about to miss the magic that is all around you every day. I don’t have a mission other then when I landed back in Toronto after years in Los Angles back where I grew up to seek out and speak out about great cool Canadian stuff, not in a shy way, but my way! on the pages of My Name Is Khan.

So one day I walked into a store, not by design I was actually headed to Jimmy’s Coffee shop, but then this shop Ironhead on Queen Street caught my eye and I was drawn in.

Ironhead, was started by Mike Regan after he had been busy stitching hand made jerseys in his parents basement officially founded IRONHEAD. The company takes great care in making sure your getting the best easy to wear all Canadian goods. There stuff, is really just very cool. Carlos Santana walked in one day got a few things and rocked them on stage, so it was no surprise when I walked in and met with Melissa the manager that our meeting would turn into good old rock and roll.

Melissa had moved from Vancouver where Ironhead opened it’s first in Vancouver’s Kitsilano district. Opened in 2000 by Danny Regan (founder Mike Regan’s older brother), IRONHEAD Vancouver was nominated as one of the city’s top ten new stores in its first year. Renowned for its customer service as much as its focus on Canadian-made limited-editions and iconic graphics. So when a musician from Vancouver walked in George Leach, naturally Melissa knew him as Ironhead get’s to know it’s customers like any good place.

George talked about his show, his upcoming album and I was just there showing Melissa a picture of a guitar case designed by a designer friend of mine Marc Marmel whom I was introduced to by Sean Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan’s son, yes folks, (that’s just how things happen), George was keen to look at the picture on my phone and explained he too plays guitar.

It was one of those magical moments, as George opened his laptop to show me the new album cover art, and then play me a few tunes. I told him he has got to go connect with my friend Karen a great lady who lives in Vancouver and own the record label File Under Music. All George really wanted was some things to wear as he told Melissa and me, Ironhead is so easy to tour with.

So here is what George shared with me and I am sharing with you. Music discovered by me at Ironhead store in Toronto.

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‘Divorce’ by The Daredevil Christopher Wright – Music

“With The Nature Of Things, we made an intentional
effort to focus and tighten the writing. To try to confine the arrangements to elements that the three of us
could perform,” says Jon.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright put their classical training to work in the album The Nature Of Things.

Their first full length album In Deference to a Broken Back, an expansive and collaborative effort, was released through Amble Down Records. Their sophomore album, 2012‘s The Nature of Things, is a result of asking what can be created by three men at ease with their
instruments, storytellers at heart. The Daredevil Christopher Wright unites brothers Jon and Jason Sunde with the percussion and vocals of friend Jesse Edgington.

Here is the tune ‘Divorce’, where voice’s blend and lightly carry you away.Have a listen.

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Music of , The Daredevil Christopher Wright, Storytellers at Heart

Born in 2004 out of the thriving indie music scene in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, The Daredevil Christopher Wright unites brothers Jon and Jason Sunde with the percussion and vocals of friend Jesse Edgington. Their first full length album In Deference to a Broken Back, an expansive and collaborative effort, was released through Amble Down Records.

Their sophomore album, 2012‘s The Nature of Things, is a result
of asking what can be created by three men at ease with their
instruments, storytellers at heart.

My friend Karen Hood who own’s the label File Under Music, e-mailed me to tell me she was very excited about The Daredevil Christopher Wright and sent me some of the tunes from the album The Nature of Things.

I think you will agree this track “I & Thou” in magical. This one is just to tease you with. More to come, from the guys who are yes I have to agree natural story tellers, comfortable with themselves, tantalizing their classically trained voice’s in the purity that you will hear.

There is more to come on The Daredevil Christopher Wright, I just want you to close your eyes, chill, and listen. I think you will see why Karen was excited about them as I am.

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The Magic that led to the music of In Medias Res

The Beatles said it. The Magical Mystery Tour, is waiting to take me away, or in my case it has taken me away.

Having left fans of the The Hunger Games by Lions Gate Entertainment founded in Vancouver, I walked into Magpie fashion only to discover two amazing ladies one of them being Karen the owner of a Vancouver based record label FU:M File Under: Music.

Magpie is the magical kingdom where anything is possible and any given time. After all the design for Canada’s Got Talent judge, Prince, Andy Allo, Lara St. John, Jessica Mitchell. It was Magpie that dressed the lady that discovered Lady Gaga my friend Wendy Starland and Chris Clemence of the band Rapscallions.

One thing you do if you’ve lived in New York or Los Angles is network. The internet is great but a face to face the adventure of discovery can not happen unless you are out and about and hitting the road that leads to adventure and discovery.

Karen and her friend where busy looking at designs new jackets, dresses but Karen took the time being the lady of discovery herself to take a call from Chris Clemence from Los Angeles, as well as tell me about her label that she started and In Medias Res.

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Formed over a decade ago, Vancouver-based In Medias Res have risen from a fledgling act full of potential to one of the most lauded indie-rock bands in the city, whose recent release has them poised to reach new heights. Three years ago, after touring extensively, selling out multiple pressings of their Intimacy EP and debut album Of What Was, and establishing a passionate fan base across the country, the band went back into the studio. Re-teaming with esteemed local producer Jonathan Anderson (Aidan Knight, Stablio), the quartet intended to best their previous effort, which had been met with glowing reviews and sales of over 2000 copies. But then life intervened. Rumors spread of the band’s demise as the album was slow in coming; meanwhile, the band rewrote, rerecorded, and remixed. In the assured hands of Dave Carswell and John Collins (The New Pornographers, Destroyer, Tegan and Sara) the album finally found its form: It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out, a new release by In Medias Res.

Check this tune ‘Tonight I Am New’ I just loved it, it’s been dancing in my head. Discover the great talent and creative power of those who make dreams come true and who believe that magic is real

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