Rasoi By Chef Vineet at Gulf Hotel ready to heal Alonso with food for the soul at Bahrain Grand Prix

The FIA deemed Alonso unfit for the race due to “insufficient resolutions” to the chest injuries he sustained during a massive crash at the Australian Grand Prix. Immediately after the announcement, McLaren confirmed reserve driver and GP2 champion Stoffel Vandoorne will step in for the twilight race.

This could also be very exciting as Vandoorne dominated GP2 last year and this could be the beginning of a new star in F1.

While lot was happening at the track, Michelin star (as in food not tyres) chef Vineet at Rasoi had his own team humming at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain. The chef and his team have prepared a few dishes ready to cure Fernando Alonso. Here is a sample of the dishes set to the music of Argentinian singer Devi.

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Chinese Grand Prix Starts With Lewis Hamilton And David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’

Original_photography_for_the_Earthling_album_cover_1997__Frank_W_Ockenfels_3 Lewis Hamilton took pole position for Mercedes in Shanghai. Why not the team had been working hard all week. Not to mention that he was teamed up with another Brit who has been making news lately David Bowie in this video below and the song ‘China Girl’.

While Nico Rosberg led a Mercedes one-two in the first practice session for the Chinese Grand Prix today no one was going to beat Lewis Hamilton.

“I’m ecstatic,” triumphed an elated Hamilton who is on the verge of emerging as a serious contender for this year’s title. “The lap was great and the team have performed well all weekend.”

Hamilton’s third pole in Shanghai – and third successive defeat of new Mercedes team-mate Rosberg – will see him start Sunday’s race alongside Kimi Raikkonen on the front row just ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

An intriguing tactical battle awaits in Sunday’s race with Hamilton and Mercedes boasting a slight speed advantage from Alonso and Massa, Raikkonen the potentially critical capacity to run for longer without stopping, and both Red Bulls operating from an altogether different tactical perspective.

“The two closest guys [Raikkonen and Alonso] will be the biggest challenge,” predicted Hamilton to (Spy Daniela). “The Ferrari is massively quick on the first lap and so is Kimi. And Kimi is particularly very strong with looking after the option tyres so it’s going to be very hard to keep them behind.

This could be a good sign for the race tomorrow. Meet the sexy Amy Tan model who helped out modeling for this video thanks to our ‘Spy Girl’ (Spy Daniela) who is traveling around the world keep an eye on things for MyNameIsKhan as we head into her turf Monaco in May.

 Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, April 13, 2013 Photo - Getty Images
Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, April 13, 2013 Photo – Getty Images

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Reborn In The USA – United States Grand Prix Formula 1

Let me put it bluntly! There is nothing like the United States of America. Keep Monaco, and Abu Dhabi, but the USA is the richest market in the world, and it can change the sport of Formula 1 forever if it’s a hit. This time they did it right by building a track.

For that reason everyone out here is getting pretty excited as the weekend approaches; downtown Austin is buzzing, the team’s hospitality units are groaning and the marketing men are salivating almost as much as the drivers. I can see why: the Circuit of the Americas looks mouth-watering. This place is fun. Come on this is Texas, with music, food, fun, it’s the good old USA.

The Circuit of the Americas is like a ‘supercircuit’; an amalgamation of favourite corners from other tracks around the world. I have been critical of Hermann Tilke-designed circuits before but he has really listened to drivers this time.

American race fans may be more interested by what is happening in Homestead, Florida, this weekend — where the Nascar season, in an unfortunate scheduling clash, also reaches its climax — but in this land of opportunity I am hopeful that Formula One will grab its big chance and leave our hosts wanting more.

It’s time to Rock’N Roll.

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Chill’n Like a Villain at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Lewis Hamilton

All weekend Lewis Hamilton has been chill’n. The only thing is it was not chill’n in Abu Dhabi, was the temperature.

Lewis Hamilton powered to pole position ahead of Red Bull’s Mark Webber as championship leader Sebastian Vettel was pushed to the back of the grid for a fuel infringement.

So what is Red Bull going to do? They will start off Vettel from the not so cool pit-lane of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

What does Lewis Hamilton think about driver Alonso and Vettel?, “Fernando was my team-mate; I know just how quick he is.” Hamilton also acknowledged Vettel’s quality but has emphasised his belief that a lot of his recent performance is down to the car improvements guided by Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey, F1’s pre-eminent aerodynamic designer.

This is racing and things can go up and down, the McLaren seem to be running tight, and Lewis Hamilton has been charging like an Arabian stallion.

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Magic of Jenson Button at Spa – The Belgium Grand Prix F1

Jenson Button won a boring race. Boring for Jenson Button only. He led from the start to finish, while behind him there was carnage, slick passing, jumping into pit’s to slow another down, and battles going on.

Pastor Maldonado I have said it before is going to get someone killed. While Romain Grosjean most certainly is to blame for taking out Alonso, Hamilton, and Sergio Pérez, Grosjean’s poor judgement was a cause and effect in my personal opinion due to the actions of Pastor Maldonado.

Romain Grosjean, is a talented driver, but like they say on Monday Night Football, “Come on man”, you’re not gonna win a formula one race in the opening turn of the start. This is formula one, so many elements at play, such as tyres, engine, brakes and so on.

“This circuit is such a special one for most drivers,” Button Jr said. “To lead from lights to flag is very special.”

There was some great driving in this race however. Moments such as Kimi, letting his car go down hill at 185mph, making a pass was classic. There was the battle between the Germans Schumacher and Vettel.

This formula one race was one where you could forget about the leader in the lead, who skillfully drove his McLaren all the way preserving his tyres.

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