Rag’s for That Sexy MF Prince Welcome 2 Canada

As a little boy growing up I always had the protection of my grandmother E and the Queen E II not to mention that my friend the critically acclaimed director Shekhar Kapoor directed a brilliant film with a sterling cast the Oscar winner Elizabeth. So where would one go with the most valuable commodity for any live performer, the rag’s for the stage, especially for the critically fashion aware artist the iconic Prince Welcome 2 Canada show in Montreal? To the sanctuary of the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth, off-course. After all it was at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth that HRH. Queen Elizabeth II came prior to her visit with my grandmother, it was at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth that hosted the man who’s voice you will hear in the film My Week with Marilyn, the great Nat King Cole, and it was at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth suite 1742 that John Lennon and Yoko Ono celebrated Bed-in for Peace.

Like my grandmother and HRH Elizabeth II the two ladies the cutting edge designers of Magpie fashion house of Toronto’s hippest area Queen Street West are the most amazing women. However much was happening at Magpie fashion the day I went to pick-up the garments for Prince and his band. The ladies of Magpie fashion were busy with last minute alterations for garments being prepared for Canada’s Got Talent Show and everything at Magpie that day was so very Canadian. The rolling rack was being readied for Prince Welcome 2 Canada Tour while Kevin Hearn of the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies was considering a jacket for his show at the Great Hall on Queen Street. The garment bags where ready for the Transporter the Audi waiting to zip the valuable’s to Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth Montreal till they could be securely placed in the hands of the legendary rocker, the king of funk, the master musician Prince. It was a day of Queen, Prince and everything Canadian. The adventure never stops for My Name is Khan.

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