Lana Del Rey on American Idol very tasty!

Lana Del Rey and her management team are pulling their ballsiest stunt yet — the singer is scheduled to perform on ratings giant ‘American Idol.’ According to Idolator (via Prefix) the embattled crooner will tape a segment for an upcoming episode, though it hasn’t been announced when it will air.

Tickets to a taping of ‘Idol’ this coming Thursday reveal that Del Rey’s name is printed alongside scheduled performers Demi Lovato and Creed followers Daughtry.

Not only will Lana Del Rey be hitting American Television again, this singer, songwriter already has a sandwich named after her. Not many can say that. The sandwich was created by Toronto, Clafouti and it’s been tasted by Canadian singer, songwriter Jessica Mitchell who liked it.

While Lana Del Rey is may tape March 15 for American Idol, Jessica Mitchell perhaps the only singer to have tasted Lana Del Rey will also be performing the same evening at the landmark El Mocambo.

Here is a sample of everyone, the Lana Del Rey sandwich, music from both the performer on American Idol, and live performer Jessica Mitchell March 15 at El Mocombo the singer that eat Lana Del Rey. It’s all here on My Name is Khan.

Music of Jessica Mitchell:

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Magic is real with the music of Megan Bonnell

Traveling through the vicissitudes of life, you can consider yourself very lucky indeed if you encounter the fair maiden, of lyric, sound and music the very talented Megan Bonnell.

It has been said that a women can fully make herself into a brilliant musician only when she learns to transform tragedy into art. In the case of Megan Bonnell this simply need not apply.

My fortunate encounter came by accident and one can argue that nothing in life happens by accident. The very first time I met Megan, there was a relaxed easy going manner about her that is natural, soulful, warm, comforting and her laughter instantly let’s you know that she is the real deal. Her lyrics composed come from a connection with nature that is magical.

Megan Bonnell’s song  The Wind transports me to place on this earth that I guard with all the illusion that I can trow at you, Big Sur. Big Sur, California to me is my most treasured place, the surf, the waves, the trees and the untouched coastline where the tunes of Megan Bonnell can dance in your head while you await the wave on your board sitting as if grafted as one.

South Korea by Megan Bonnell is the perfect song to have dancing in your head if your surfing in Australia and are in the barrell in a space all of your own, hoping that there are no men in grey suits around, in harmony with nature like the singer songwriter herself.

More on Megan Bonnell after the Australian Grand Prix. This talented Canadian is currently working on her new album and will be performing at the famed El Mocombo and I will be returning to this historic landmark where I first met the band The Rolling Stones, to listen and watch Megan Bonnell live. Till then have a listen to Megan Bonnell.

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