CHANEL Does A Catwalk In Cuba! Model Melina Querel Walks The Longest Catwalk Canada

This summer I will be trekking across Canada – travelling coast to coast. This will be a solo walk that will take place for a minimum of three months – Melina Querel

CHANEL is all about adventure.  Coco Chanel lived the adventure. Karl Lagerfeld always takes you for an adventure. Now on this historic day in Cuba for fashion meet a Canadian model who like Lagerfeld is about to take you along on her great adventure, model Melina Querel.

I have – for as long as I can remember – always wanted to leave home and go on an adventure. When I was young, I used to pack a little bundle to the end of a stick, sling it across my shoulder and tell my mother that if one day I disappeared not to worry because I had packed provisions. When I was eighteen, I went to walk the Compostela – a pilgrimage route starting in France in the Camino des Arles and concluding in northern Spain. My passion for this project was born in my youth, nurtured throughout that walk and emboldened by ambitions


Melina Querel, is going to walk the longest catwalk, right across Canada, yes that is one long walk, and you can learn a lot more of Melina’s project and yes go give the girl some support on her UPCOMING PROJECTS. 

The first time I met Melina was backstage at Canada’s Next Top Model Show.  This is a video from that day, which will give you a peek into her great personality, and a few of her Instagram post’s please give her a follow and your support. Model who rocks, that is Melina. Melina Facebook Follow. 



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CHANEL Rocks Habana Cuba Meet Model Jeri Ali – Jeri modelo Ali

Canadian born with Jamaican ,Indian ,British & Cuban blood in my veins. I am diversity. Discovering the power of now thru Gods grace. – Jeri Ali Instagram


History is being made in Cuba once again in 2016.  The first commercial passenger cruise ship sailed into Havana from The United States after 40 years of a cold-war standoff in relations between the two nations.

Chanel also hits the island for the first time in Latin America.  People from all over the world are coming to Cuba and Cuba is ready to meet the challenge.

There could be no better time for me to introduce you to a Canadian born, girl with blood from everywhere flowing through her veins, model Jeri Ali.

Here is some of her Instagram, Tweets and images.  

Follow her on her social media.


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President Obama the opening act for The rolling Stones En Cuba

The week opened with the arrival of President Obama in Air Force One, accompanied by more than 1,000 employees of a government that waged a cold war against Cuba for more than 50 years. This time, U.S. forces were armed with briefing books and press invitations, here to seal the president’s 2014 opening to Cuba with a string of expertly crafted public events that saw Obama call for democracy live on state television, then attend a Major League Baseball exhibition game with Cuban President Raul Castro.

The week ended with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts firing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” ”Sympathy for the Devil” and “Satisfaction” into a jubilant crowd from 3-story-tall high-definition television screens and thumping towers of speakers.

The biggest advocate of free music for Cubanos Timothy Khan, who has known the Rolling Stones a long time and was in Cuba during the Obama’s visit was not in Habana for this massive historic event but I did see some of his friends, such as Ken Sunshine who does public relations for many stars of Hollywood rocking out with Leonardo DiCaprio.

As Raul Podio,  a 22-year-old employee of a state security firm, who was joined by a group of young friends. “I would like to see more groups, for there to be more variety, for more artists to come, because that would mean we are less isolated.”   Many who know Khan thought he maybe in Toronto planting the seeds of Cuba in the mind of artist such as Prince, or working out how he may involve organizations such as “AP” ‘ Alternative Press in building an event that would be free to the people of Cuba.

Some work of Aldo Ayllon of Rolling Stones En Cuba.





Post by Livia – MNK medios de comunicación social de Cuba


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Brussels Attack President Obama on phone with Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium

While on his Cuba visit, President Obama lends his support to Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium.

“The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the people of Belgium. We stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, Belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible.” – President Obama

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