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Free WiFi look for SFWWiFi

San Francisco’s free city Wi-Fi launched in 2013 and is available in 33 parks and public spaces, all libraries and more than three miles of the Market Street corridor.

Department of Technology with the help of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee has upgraded the system for your arrival in Super Bowl City area around Justin Herman Plaza, and the Department of Technology and Cisco Systems are working to establish better service in surrounding areas during and after the event.

So go crazy Instagram it, Selfie It, Tweet It, Facebook It, Snap Chat It, YouTube It, let the world know you are having fun.

 Free Concerts

The concert series will begin on  Wednesday, February 3rd with Matt Nathanson. On Thursday, February 4th, The Band Perry will take the stage, followed by OneRepublic on Friday, February 5th.

The concert series finale with Alicia Keys is set for Saturday, February 6th. Except for the Chris Isaak concert, shows are set to begin around 7:00 p.m.

All of the concerts will take place at the City Stage of Super Bowl City.

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From Sweden With Love – Styling from Prince to 007

Josefine, sat in a cafe with her laptop open, talking on Skype.
She spoke in Swedish. How did I know? I had been to Sweden many time, had friends living there, flown to Stockholm with American Airlines, connecting through Chicago.

Chicago is where Prince began a series of Chicago concerts Sept. 24 at the United Center in support of Van Jones’ Rebuild the Dream organization.

Rebuild the Dream offers entrepreneurs tools that individuals and communities can use to create a fairer economic future for all.

As Josefine spoke into her headset, I felt I was watching a scene from the film Girl Who Played with Fire directed by Daniel Alfredson and, starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist. So I decided to leave. As I walked out of the coffee shop, I paused, and thought. I could walk over to Magpie fashion down the street, see what they where making for Prince, or Andy Allo, as both where heading off to Australia for the Welcome 2 Australia Tour, or I could go back and, wait till she finished her Skype call. I went back in.

When Josefine had gotten off the phone I said to her “so where in Sweden are you from?”, she was stunned,  and yet pleasantly surprised. We became friends.

Josefine who is a student, mathematician, cook, astrologer, and model.

During the summer Josefine was in Sweden visiting family, and I sent her an email. I was going to be helping the Toronto International Film Festival, with their first fund-raising gala.

The gala was based on a James Bond 007 theme (as it was James Bonds 007 50th anniversary), and called ‘Night That Never Ends’.  Having been asked to be the Chair of VIP talent I wanted her to meet with the organizers to be one of the Bond girls.

When Josefine returned from Sweden, she met with the organizers, went to a fitting for the Bond girls.  Josefine was not selected to be a Bond girl.  She was selected to be the girl of Magpie fashion.

When Josefine went in for her fitting,  everyone at Magpie were busy getting outfits ready for Prince, those that he has been rocking on-stage in Chicago.

As the festival opened Josefine sitting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto wearing Magpie, posed for a photograph with a Jarrell guitar.  The girl from Sweden, linked to Prince and Andy Allo not with a thread or fabric, but also a guitar. She had gone, from a coffee shop, to the red-carpet wearing Magpie with one-degree of separation between Prince, Andy Allo and herself.

Magic is real and dreams come true. Now let’s  rock Chicago.

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Love For Lady Gaga – These Girls Born This Way !

In less the twenty four hours Lady Gaga will kick off her global tour ‘Born This Way Ball’. The passion of her fans is undisputed, and her fans are some very talented people.

Lady Gaga had her birthday few weeks ago and got herself  a sweet ride the Audi R8 GT. So the chef at Clafouti in Toronto decided to make Lady Gaga a dessert. Something light, and sweet, that would still let you dance, and dance with the sweetness of the Tiramisu.

To document the event a photo shoot was organized bringing together the ‘girl power’ of the photographer, make-up artist, and the hair stylist each contributing their talents to make this happen for the Lady Gaga ‘Tiramisu’ Born This Way Ball Tour.

The shoot was done with the fashion of Magpie who have designed for the King of funk Prince, as well as Andy Allo.

The photo shoot was done in the kitchen of Clafouti to reinforce that pop star’s do eat, and no matter how big a pop star you become, or what ever dreams you have, some of the best times are in a kitchen where you share the love for food with family. These girls like all of us are just ‘Born This Way’ to share with love. In the style and manner of Lady Gaga, who leaves it all on the stage.



Gigi Presentey – Photographer:

“When I first saw Lady Gaga perform, I believe it was in some television or movie awards ceremony. I immediately took a liking to her weird space-age pop punk apparel and her catchy tune (just dance). Her attitude on stage and her backup dancers were something new to my eyes.”








Tamar Yohannes – Stylist: Is a very talented artist. Tamar not only has the eye for styling hair, she has the eye for the look of how a shoot could turn out it’s a natural that she shared for the shoot.

“I love anything to do with hair, makeup and art in general….I’m self taught in all my beauty skills. I come from a family of artists. So Its in my blood. One love”








Safia Chatoo – Make-up Artist: Safia is a Lady Gaga fan with a flare. Like any make-up artist Safia wanted to know what was going to be the look for the shoot, she would require a full hour to prepare the model for this shoot.

Would Safia like to work with Lady Gaga and her crew. Hell Ya!

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Rag’s for That Sexy MF Prince Welcome 2 Canada

As a little boy growing up I always had the protection of my grandmother E and the Queen E II not to mention that my friend the critically acclaimed director Shekhar Kapoor directed a brilliant film with a sterling cast the Oscar winner Elizabeth. So where would one go with the most valuable commodity for any live performer, the rag’s for the stage, especially for the critically fashion aware artist the iconic Prince Welcome 2 Canada show in Montreal? To the sanctuary of the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth, off-course. After all it was at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth that HRH. Queen Elizabeth II came prior to her visit with my grandmother, it was at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth that hosted the man who’s voice you will hear in the film My Week with Marilyn, the great Nat King Cole, and it was at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth suite 1742 that John Lennon and Yoko Ono celebrated Bed-in for Peace.

Like my grandmother and HRH Elizabeth II the two ladies the cutting edge designers of Magpie fashion house of Toronto’s hippest area Queen Street West are the most amazing women. However much was happening at Magpie fashion the day I went to pick-up the garments for Prince and his band. The ladies of Magpie fashion were busy with last minute alterations for garments being prepared for Canada’s Got Talent Show and everything at Magpie that day was so very Canadian. The rolling rack was being readied for Prince Welcome 2 Canada Tour while Kevin Hearn of the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies was considering a jacket for his show at the Great Hall on Queen Street. The garment bags where ready for the Transporter the Audi waiting to zip the valuable’s to Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth Montreal till they could be securely placed in the hands of the legendary rocker, the king of funk, the master musician Prince. It was a day of Queen, Prince and everything Canadian. The adventure never stops for My Name is Khan.

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Sting’s Back With Bass !

As he’s done with past configurations, he’s reinvented his songs to encompass whatever style he feels at the moment, and been very good at treating his audiences to new experiences every time out with imaginative arrangements that always inject new, unexpected twists. Sting is not afraid to try anything new, in his view nothing in life is worthwhile if it does not have some risk. So many people I know are one degree of separation from this extraordinary talented man who’s music and lyric’s I have enjoyed over the years and the man who’s given so much back with his music. Sting move’s the audience with his awe-inspiring bass playing which is the central focus of the show. It is worth it, and you are spellbound by the magic the gift that this man was given and the generosity with which he share it with the ever appreciative audience. The band is made up of Vinnie Colaiuta, whom Sting referred to as “a drummer’s drummer,” father-son guitarists Dominic and Rufus Miller, Jo Lawrie on violin and backup vocals and Peter Tickell on violin and mandolin. This is what I like and love about Sting he is not afraid to mix it up and see what happens. At the core of any great musician is the ability that without effort everything blends into acoustic harmony. I personally would have loved to have seen what Sting would have done with two sitars on stage with him but then that is me when it comes to music wondering what if. Sting also can make you wonder about yourself and took me back to a film I had just seen The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard written and directed by Jeremy Lalonde about something Sting brought up “emotional annihilation” as the root behind the male fear of commitment, and while I listen to the music my mind wonders about what Sting just said and all of a sudden you are left measuring yourself with the man on the stage who it seems is always giving, growing, experimenting, caring and who’s no ordinary rocker. Later in the evening I shared some ideas about Sting with a friend and he responded “I know Sting and his family well they are great people”. The world is small and yet again I find myself one degree of separation from Sting. The adventure of discovery never ends for Sting and My Name is Khan.

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