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Material Girl’s – Monte Pittman Magic – at Ritz Bar – Tiff12

This is the Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff12). It is the biggest film festival in North America. To film makers this is as important as Cannes, and perhaps even more important due to the number of commercial deals that our done here at Tiff12 supporting independent film makers. For me to be involved this year in my own way helping Tiff12 take it up a notch has been especially a thrill as my an old friend of mine founded it 37 years ago by the name of William Marshall, who also wanted to bring big concerts to Toronto.

When we talk big global concerts, well you can count into that MDNA World Tour.

Madonna makes films, her ex-husband Guy Ritchie makes films, I used to make films. Into this mix comes the very talented Monte Pittman.

One day in  New York City I caught my big break propelling me into space faster then a speeding rocket.  Monte caught his big break as well and it’s shot him to the moon with his MPS Jarrell guitar, and he’s gonna take you to Mars today.

Monte Pittman grew up in East Texas, with a dream, he wanted to just play guitar in a big way. Guess what, he did it.

Monte Pittman decided one day to give guitar lessons, and he got a call to teach someone, that someone was Guy Ritchie at the time still married to the material girl, Madonna. Monte also ended up teaching Madonna a few new tricks, ( yes life is an on-going lesson ), which landed Monte the biggest gig ever being the guitar dude for Madonna on her world tours.

Monte Pittman, plays the Jarrell MPS guitar which he first played at the Super Bowl half time show with Madonna. This is a guitar which he helped design with Phillip Jarrell. Monte tells me that the sound of this guitar is awesome.

Today Monte Pittman will come the the Ritz Carlton hotel, and rock it in front of the hotel. He will rock his MPS Jarrell guitar, so this is as close you will get to it. The next time Monte Pittman will play it will be on stage at Air Canada center with Madonna.

Follow me and be a VIP today at the Ritz Carlton Toronto 4pm

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Melina Querel – Model Was Asked to Go From Size 0 to 00 !

Melina Querel is one extraordinary Canadian girl who make a living modeling. One can say it was kismet our meeting backstage at America’s Next Top Model Live in Toronto, then again if you believe in magic like I do this meeting was just magical.

This was a meeting thanks to mistaken identity. I thought Melina was someone I had met the day before, and asked her if she was “Jackie”? “No” said Melina and then shortly afterwards asked me “Who’s Jackie, because your the second person who’s asked me if I was Jackie”, and so began a delightful journey of discovery of Melina and her exotic beginning in modeling in Dubai.

Talk about hitting the jackpot of information, well I had hit the bulls-eye. Melina, is so interesting to talk to and has such a “keep it real” perspective on life that it is refreshing and utterly delightful to just sit and listen.

Melina told me about the pitfalls of modeling, when she was asked to go from size 0 to size 00. The thought that raced through my mind like a bolt of lighting was “WTF”!. I did not have a clue that there was a size 00.

Speaking eloquently with her hands Melina went on to say that yes, she tried to get to size 00, achieved it, got very sick, and then quit modeling. Her health had taken it’s toll.

Vogue, as we all know said it will not use underage models, nor those models who it seems have been deprived of food.

Pierre Dukan, French nutritionist that is as famous as discussed for his protein-rich diet, has been asked to be removed from the medical society of France. The object of the controversy is a statement that Dukan makes in his latest book, Lettre ouverte au futur président de la République, published in France on January 5th, 2012, in which the doctor suggests of giving a higher grade to students that reach the “Bac” (the French baccalaureate test) with a body mass index between 18 and 25 points.

Dukan has also looked after Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Hallyday and Gisele Bündchen. It is said that even Kate Middleton chose to be treated by him to fit perfectly into her wedding gown.

Part of the problem of fashion is that designers send in small size for models to fit into. Many don’t want to take the risk that they can not fit into anything, so they just go into the 00 zone and that’s when bad things can happen to the body. Considering models are getting younger and younger, with the pressure of size and weight the risk that is too high to force on teens, because it could provoke or accentuate bulimia, anorexia and other eating disorders.

Melina however has returned to modeling found herself in a comfort zone of size 6, this is a new niche in modeling. She loves a long walks having once walked 800 km. Even today she feels guilty when taking the bus, or other means of transport, thinking to herself, I could have walked that.

I found that Melina and I had much in common, Dubai being one, Clafouti Toronto, and it’s almond croissants.

Melina is living life and modeling now on her own terms, and occasionally being the 007, of fashion rather then the 00.

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Love For Lady Gaga – These Girls Born This Way !

In less the twenty four hours Lady Gaga will kick off her global tour ‘Born This Way Ball’. The passion of her fans is undisputed, and her fans are some very talented people.

Lady Gaga had her birthday few weeks ago and got herself  a sweet ride the Audi R8 GT. So the chef at Clafouti in Toronto decided to make Lady Gaga a dessert. Something light, and sweet, that would still let you dance, and dance with the sweetness of the Tiramisu.

To document the event a photo shoot was organized bringing together the ‘girl power’ of the photographer, make-up artist, and the hair stylist each contributing their talents to make this happen for the Lady Gaga ‘Tiramisu’ Born This Way Ball Tour.

The shoot was done with the fashion of Magpie who have designed for the King of funk Prince, as well as Andy Allo.

The photo shoot was done in the kitchen of Clafouti to reinforce that pop star’s do eat, and no matter how big a pop star you become, or what ever dreams you have, some of the best times are in a kitchen where you share the love for food with family. These girls like all of us are just ‘Born This Way’ to share with love. In the style and manner of Lady Gaga, who leaves it all on the stage.



Gigi Presentey – Photographer:

“When I first saw Lady Gaga perform, I believe it was in some television or movie awards ceremony. I immediately took a liking to her weird space-age pop punk apparel and her catchy tune (just dance). Her attitude on stage and her backup dancers were something new to my eyes.”








Tamar Yohannes – Stylist: Is a very talented artist. Tamar not only has the eye for styling hair, she has the eye for the look of how a shoot could turn out it’s a natural that she shared for the shoot.

“I love anything to do with hair, makeup and art in general….I’m self taught in all my beauty skills. I come from a family of artists. So Its in my blood. One love”








Safia Chatoo – Make-up Artist: Safia is a Lady Gaga fan with a flare. Like any make-up artist Safia wanted to know what was going to be the look for the shoot, she would require a full hour to prepare the model for this shoot.

Would Safia like to work with Lady Gaga and her crew. Hell Ya!

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Lady Gaga ‘Don’t Eat Tweet’ but OMG!!! Her Tiramisu is Sweet!

“Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IWasBornThisWay,”

the 26-year-old “Born This Way” singer posted.
Immediately the backlash started rolling in from the Twitter community, accusing the pop star of supporting eating disorders.

“I’m gonna say this about girls: The dieting wars have got to stop. Everyone just knock it off,” Gaga said at the conference held in Los Angeles and hosted by former California First Lady Maria Shriver.
The singer also has been an outspoken advocate for empowering youth who feel like outsiders, and the irony between what the singer has said in the past and her tweet was not lost on her more than 22.7 million followers in the Twitterverse.

Hey all this right after Clafouti in Toronto created The Lady Gaga Tiramisu.

So what gives? Lady Gaga should take care what she tweets as what she may have been saying is “I am so busy working out for the tour don’t have time to eat.”

Great care was taken to make The Lady Gaga Tiramisu, which is a light dessert, so it will not weigh you down if your dancing on stage if you are a “Pop Singer”.

Lady Gaga loves her Audi R8 GT and it was used to bring singer, songwriter, dancer, actor Jasmine to try the sweet dessert. She loved it and could not stop eating it. While some prefer to use a model for a shoot, it was done with Jasmine a real girl, who keeps it real, loves food and likes to eat all in keeping with Lady Gaga and the philosophy of empowering young girls.

Jasmine Spence in the Kitchen of Clafouti in Magpie Fashion

The action is always in the kitchen and Lady Gaga loves to eat as well, and the Lady Gaga Tiramisu made in the kitchen has Jasmine having a ball in the kitchen.

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Lana Del Rey to ‘Take This Waltz’ at Clafouti

So your wondering whats going on at Clafouti? Well they are having fun in the kitchen.

Clafouti in Toronto on Queen Street West just came up with a great and tasty sandwich named after the sexy Lana Del Rey. This is a very tasty sandwich. If you are wondering where is Clafouti? Well you can find it in the trailer for Sarah Polley’s film ‘Take This Waltz’, complete with Michelle Williams taking an aquafit class with Sarah Silverman, hanging out on a ferry boat (which island is she going to? Ward’s?), fraternizing with three gentlemen (Seth Rogen, Aaron Abrams and Luke Kirby), running by Clafouti and then taking a rickshaw down Queen Street West.

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