Lewis Hamilton First One To Win In Austin – USA Grand Prix 2012

Lewis Hamilton made his move on the track, while Vettel cried on his radio like a little boy, and Hamilton made the car stick into the turn to become the first driver to win in what will become a very popular race on the Grand Prix calendar the United States Grand Prix 2012.

The exuberance that was pouring out of Lewis Hamilton was effecting everyone as he leaped out of this car filled with pure joy.

Hamilton will become the marketing face, (I am telling everyone now) of Formula One in the United States. How many covers of GQ?

Of the 100,000 tickets sold 15% were bought by non-Americans so it looks like Grand Prix Racing is here to stay in the USA and it was super cool to have the dude with USA flag on his helmet win.

This was an amazing day for all.

Especially Lewis Hamilton.

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Mexico, Mexico, Mexico at United States Grand Prix 2012

More Formula One visitors are expected to come to Austin from Mexico than from any other foreign country, said Steve Alberts, communications manager at the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau. Four charter flights from Mexico were set to arrive in Austin carrying about 500 fans, said Jim Halbrook, a spokesman for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and more Mexican fans are flying to other Texas cities.

Something President Obama already knew that United States of America is changing with growing Latin population. With Sergio Perez, in the race it get’s people from Mexico very excited.

At Circuit of the Americas, the first track purposely built for Formula One in the United States, spokeswoman Ali Putnam said that 110,000 tickets were sold and that 15 percent went to non-American buyers, many of them from Mexico.

David Cantu of Monterrey, Mexico told me he likes Perez because, “He’s Mexican.”

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California Grand Prix? – United States Grand Prix 2012

It was a warm sunny day in London. I took my laptop checked the presentation, and walked out the door of my home to Bernie Ecclestone’s office around the corner. Bernie had informed me he did not have much time but he would meet to look at what I had to present. This was 2006.

As I waited for Bernie in his office I looked at his art collection in particular the a sculpture of a stack of US dollars. When Bernie arrived I commented to him “Bernie I should take that with me it’s devalued considerably”, to which Ecclestone commented “I don’t have much time let’s see what you have got”.

What I had come to talk to Ecclestone about was building a Formula 1 circuit in California, near Palm Springs. Ecclestone was trying to grasp at the idea, while I made my pitch showed him what the circuit would look like, how the demographic’s of the United States where changing with the Latin population base growing, the proximity to Hollywood, luxury hotels all around and private airports galore that it was time and what would it take.

The response was straight from Bernie. It would take $30 million in a fee, 100% of all advertising and 100% of the concession. “Bernie”, I said, “You ever heard of that song ‘I shot the Sheriff but I did not shoot the deputy”, no Ecclestone had not heard of the song and I informed him that I would now have to go tell the person who actually shot the Sheriff this news.

I’ve dealt with Hollywood studio’s and while you know if you’re making a studio movie you’ll get screwed, but this was another level.

Naturally the circuit never happened in the land of sunshine, milk and honey. Life is all about timing. It was not the time.

Now here we are on the verge of a new era, with a circuit in Austin, Texas Circuit of the Americas, in 2013 one in New Jersey and Bernie himself now wants to see one in California. Ecclestone recently said, “We need to get that New Jersey-New York event working, and maybe one in southern California as well.”

Ecclestone now get’s it. After all NBC Sports has just moved into the game as broadcaster on all platforms from 2013 for five year’s.

The new Circuit of the Americas is already buzzing with visitors, and the likes of George Lucas, Carlos Slim, Ron Howard and many others from Hollywood. Now take a minute and set your mind free, and imagine it in California. Yea, you get it.

California is ready, and it’s ready to rock Formula 1 will this happen now? I’m game.

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Reborn In The USA – United States Grand Prix Formula 1

Let me put it bluntly! There is nothing like the United States of America. Keep Monaco, and Abu Dhabi, but the USA is the richest market in the world, and it can change the sport of Formula 1 forever if it’s a hit. This time they did it right by building a track.

For that reason everyone out here is getting pretty excited as the weekend approaches; downtown Austin is buzzing, the team’s hospitality units are groaning and the marketing men are salivating almost as much as the drivers. I can see why: the Circuit of the Americas looks mouth-watering. This place is fun. Come on this is Texas, with music, food, fun, it’s the good old USA.

The Circuit of the Americas is like a ‘supercircuit’; an amalgamation of favourite corners from other tracks around the world. I have been critical of Hermann Tilke-designed circuits before but he has really listened to drivers this time.

American race fans may be more interested by what is happening in Homestead, Florida, this weekend — where the Nascar season, in an unfortunate scheduling clash, also reaches its climax — but in this land of opportunity I am hopeful that Formula One will grab its big chance and leave our hosts wanting more.

It’s time to Rock’N Roll.

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