Chinese Grand Prix A 360 View ‘Autographs’

Teams deploying new ways to get fans involved and soon you will see something very exciting but it’s not coming from F1 it will be the teams that deliver new fan engagement

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Chinese Grand Prix Starts With Lewis Hamilton And David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’

Original_photography_for_the_Earthling_album_cover_1997__Frank_W_Ockenfels_3 Lewis Hamilton took pole position for Mercedes in Shanghai. Why not the team had been working hard all week. Not to mention that he was teamed up with another Brit who has been making news lately David Bowie in this video below and the song ‘China Girl’.

While Nico Rosberg led a Mercedes one-two in the first practice session for the Chinese Grand Prix today no one was going to beat Lewis Hamilton.

“I’m ecstatic,” triumphed an elated Hamilton who is on the verge of emerging as a serious contender for this year’s title. “The lap was great and the team have performed well all weekend.”

Hamilton’s third pole in Shanghai – and third successive defeat of new Mercedes team-mate Rosberg – will see him start Sunday’s race alongside Kimi Raikkonen on the front row just ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

An intriguing tactical battle awaits in Sunday’s race with Hamilton and Mercedes boasting a slight speed advantage from Alonso and Massa, Raikkonen the potentially critical capacity to run for longer without stopping, and both Red Bulls operating from an altogether different tactical perspective.

“The two closest guys [Raikkonen and Alonso] will be the biggest challenge,” predicted Hamilton to (Spy Daniela). “The Ferrari is massively quick on the first lap and so is Kimi. And Kimi is particularly very strong with looking after the option tyres so it’s going to be very hard to keep them behind.

This could be a good sign for the race tomorrow. Meet the sexy Amy Tan model who helped out modeling for this video thanks to our ‘Spy Girl’ (Spy Daniela) who is traveling around the world keep an eye on things for MyNameIsKhan as we head into her turf Monaco in May.

 Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, April 13, 2013 Photo - Getty Images
Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, April 13, 2013 Photo – Getty Images

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Upon Reflection on Kimi at Chinese Grand Prix – Lotus F1

As everyone get’s ready for the rumble in Bahrain Lotus team ambassador reflects upon the Chinese Grand Prix and the team strategy. It is always about the rubbers in driving and in China we saw Kimi Raikkonen lose grip and go backwards in a race.

Kimi Raikkonen slid from second to 14th in the closing laps – where did it all go wrong?

Well, first of all what a fantastic race. China was really thrilling right to the end, and it was thanks to the different tyre strategies the teams adopted. Kimi’s strategy was quite optimistic, staying out on his third set of tyres. I was so shocked when he lost all those positions in just a couple of laps. He did a great job of keeping those cars behind him as long as he did, but suddenly there was a big drop-off of grip and when Sebastian Vettel got past, Kimi was forced to go off line and picked up the discarded rubber marbles. He had no chance to clean his tyres and everyone else passed him. Fernando Alonso suffered more or less the same thing, but there weren’t so many cars behind him and he only lost a couple of places.

The two-stop strategy seemed to work better for Romain Grosjean, who rose from tenth to sixth…

Yes, he had good race pace. After his accidents in Australia and Malaysia he had to be more careful, he knew he needed to get to the end. I was quite happy with what he did, at a track he’s never driven on before.

The car is capable of more though. It must be frustrating for them not to be on the podium yet…

It’s really tough when your results don’t match your performance. Ferrari has a car that is uncompetitive, but after two rounds Fernando was leading the world championship. At Lotus, things are the other way around. They have a very competitive car but they haven’t pulled it all together. In this situation, it is important to stay cool and acknowledge they have the car, they trust the drivers, and the results will come. Unlike last year, when the Red Bull RB7 dominated, this season there isn’t a clear frontrunner and that means it’s all about detail. Because it’s so close out there, the winning team will be the one that makes no mistakes. One little detail missing, and the results won’t come. So Lotus need to stay calm, but keep an eye on every detail.

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Nico Rosberg Maiden Grand Prix Win China ‘Year of The Dragon’

A man has got to look after his rubber’s, or he can be in big trouble in the high stakes, sexy game of Formula One Racing.

Nico Rosberg, started his 111 Grand Prix race with his first ever pole position, the first for Mercedes Silver Arrow F1 racing. This truly was a race. Few expected the Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher to maintain their qualifying advantage for the duration of the Chinese Grand Prix, but Rosberg seized the lead at the start and was never threatened thereafter. He went on to take a comfortable victory, 20.6sec clear of his rivals: it was his maiden Formula One success and the first for a Mercedes chassis since Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1955 Italian Grand Prix, at Monza.

Kimi Raikkonen was left lamenting his strategy in the Chinese Grand Prix after dropping down to 14th position in the end, having run as high as second place in the last third of the race.
The Finn opted to stop just twice in the race, and the decision seemed to be working until his tyre performance dropped away completely in the final laps.
Raikkonen was fighting for a podium position, but lost several places and eventually finished 50 seconds behind race winner Nico Rosberg. Aftewards, the Lotus driver admitted the strategy had simply not worked.
“We tried to run two stops as it looked to be the fastest strategy and up until the last ten laps it was looking good, but we ran out of tyre performance at the end,” said Raikkonen.

“The tires lasted as many laps as we were hoping for so it all just went to plan,” he said.

The German also benefited from a sloppy pit stop by Button at the end of lap 39 when the Briton lost several crucial seconds and came out of the pit behind a pack of drivers.

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Today fastest man in China ‘Michael Schumacher’

The seven-times Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher set the fastest time on the opening day of practice ahead of Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix, the Mercedes driver lapping the Shanghai International Circuit in 1min 35.973sec.

Lewis Hamilton, was second fastest for McLaren, only 0.177 slower than Schumacher. If he is fastest again in qualifying he will line up only sixth, having been handed a five-position grid penalty in the wake of an unscheduled gearbox swap.

The Red Bulls of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber were third and fourth respectively, ahead of Rosberg and Jenson Button in the second McLaren.

Let the rumbling in Shanghai, begin with varoom, varoom.

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