Arnold about Chef Alberto “You are what you eat, I’ll be back” Australian Grand Prix 2015

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The most exciting thing was seeing Arnie on the podium – Christian Horner/Red Bull Racing

Arnold Schwarzenegger had delighted everyone since his arrival in Australia. I used to go to his restaurant all the time in Venice, California and if Arnold was around he would do the rounds of all the tables to say hello.

As the race has finished Arnold was walking up to the podium and I just had received aJ back notification on my phone, from one of my girlfriends in Toronto who wanted to give me a progress report on her weight training just then Arnold tapped my shoulder, “Hey you, you know Mr. Pakistan won the 100 class?”, Arnold was referring to former Mr. Pakistan Atif Anwar. “Wow, now that is really cool, Arnold check this out one of my girlfriend’s just sent this”.

Arnold now had my phone clasped in his big hands, looking at the picture, “no body fat that is a good start” he said. As he was about to give me my phone another notification came up, and it was Chef Alberto Annarumma, Arnold looked at it before passing me the phone I did tell him I will show you the rest of what this chef is up to but Arnold had to go and left me with his famous words, “You are what you eat, I’ll be back”. Also check out Chefs Bowie menu.

I will leave it up to Arnolds girlfreind to get him to Amalfi for a visit with Chef Annarumma.  As Arnold found out all the driver work out hard and our big into fitness and good food.  If you are going to any of the races in Europe then a must stop would be with the Chef in Amalfi. I am pretty sure that Elyse Knowles can manage to drag Daniel Ricciardo for a meal with the chef after seeing these images from his Instagram.

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Chef Alberto Annarumma of Amalfi rocks out the David Bowie menu

David Bowie Menu

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Chef Alberto Annarumma is the man you want to go see when you visit the Amalfi coast of Italy. David Bowie Is Around The World film is just that, it takes you around the world so you can discover talented people with flair.  Now David Bowie may be skinny, but trust me when I tell you he can eat and loves food.  Chef Alberto has prepared a menu to dazzle you, and you will meet him in the film but for now let us share with you his menu with each dish paired with a Bowie tune in Italian and English.  Visit the Chef at his site at Chef Alberto Annarumma  where you can get some good ideas of what you may want to rock in the kitchen. Please follow the chef who rocks on his Twitter.

Il cibo spesso è associato alle dolci melodie della musica classica ma la mia mente ha fatto un viaggio superlativo e ha accomunato alcune delle più belle canzoni di David Bowie alla mia cucina talvolta trasgressiva e coinvolgente come la musica Rock
  Più Rock che Roll Menù For David Bowie film
 Macaron ai semi, salmone affumicato e mascarpone al lime (Absolute beginners)
Gambero rosso di Mazzaro marinato, panna agra, olio all’aneto e granita alle arance tarocco e melograno (Space Oddity)
Capesanta croccante, topinambur, uova di Pesce volante Wasabi (Rock ‘n’Roll Suicide)
Crema di spinaci, pralina di Parmigiano fritto (Changes)
 Primi piatti
 Riso mantecato, burrata, cime di rapa, foie gras arrosto, cipolla, anguilla affumicata (China Girl)
Spaghetti alla chitarra, cacio, pepe e ricci di mare (Wild is the Wind)
 Piccione, mirtilli, camomilla e zucca (Rebel Rebel)
 Pluma di maialino iberico, pesto di pistacchi, e pak choi (Under Pressure)
 Mousse al cioccolato bianco, lime, finocchi e fava di tonka (Sweet Thing)
 Petit four
 Piccole coccole finali (Ashes to Ashes)
Chefs Who Rock Menu
 Macaron seeds, smoked salmon and mascarpone lime (Absolute Beginners)
 Marinated Red shrimp of Mazzaro, sour cream, dill oil and orange granita tarot and pomegranate (Space Oddity)
Crunchy scallop, Topinambur, eggs Flying Fish Wasabi (Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide)
Creamed spinach, Parmesan fried praline (Changes)
 First courses
 Risotto, burrata, turnip greens, roasted foie gras, onion, smoked eel (China Girl)
 Guitar spaghetti, cheese, pepper and sea urchins (Wild is the Wind)
 Main courses
 Pigeon, cranberries, pumpkin and chamomile (Rebel Rebel)
 Pluma of Iberian pig, pistachio pesto, and pak choi (Under Pressure)
 White chocolate mousse, lime, fennel and tonka bean (Sweet Thing)
 Petit four
 Small final pampering  (Ashes to Ashes)

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Chef Alberto Prince of Amalfi’s Dinner for King Schumacher-Abu Dhabi F1

Michael Schumacher is used to the rugged pace of traveling during the Formula One season. As the season come to an end, there will be a short window before the madness begins again for 2012, so where would you go away from Monaco or Switzerland and to entice Michael Schumacher to the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi Chef Alberto Annarumma Prince of Amalfi prepared a dinner menu just for Michael Schumacher his family and guests. I have sampled the fares of Chef Alberto and they are mesmerizing and enchanting this was a few years ago but each and every bite of the food from his kitchen is embedded still in my memory. Chef Alberto has a wonderful family as well as the family at the luxury hotel in Amalfi so I reached out to Chef Alberto’s wife Lina and asked if he would consider preparing a menu for the great one, the man who know’s Italy so well himself the racing legend the man with ice focus, but one who does enjoy food the one and only Michael Schumacher. The music to this page is from a film that was shot in Spain and as Michael Schumacher has now been to India and seen all of bollywood at the Indian Formula One race this tune will dance it’s way into your heart and you will be on the next flight to Amalfi.
Wine suggestion from Maitre Massimo Pisciotta

Finger food starter

Red Sicilian prawns in a sauce of sour passion fruit

Cocktail calvados, vodka and passion fruit juice


Tuna tartar New style

Vermentino colli di Luni DOC – Cantine Lunae Bosoni – 2009


Tagliatelle Pasta of rice and squid ink, cuttlefish Teryaki, seaweed stewed vegetables

Chardonnay del Collio DOC – Livio Felluga – 2010


Risotto Carnaroli creamed zucchini and watercress pesto, mussels and tuna bottarga of Amalfi

Vernaccia della valle di Tirso IGT – A.V. Fratelli Serra – 2007

Main courses

Rare cooked tuna, spicy sauce yolk, Alba’s truffle

Sauvignon Blanc Vulcaia Fumè Veneto IGT – Inama – 2007


Belly’s Manzetta beef, garlic sauce

Aglianico del Vulture DOC – Elena Fucci – 2007


Small Amalfitane sweets

Passito Amrita A.A. DOC – Cantina Produttori Cortaccia – 2007

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Chef Alberto Prince of Amalfi !

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Cameron Crowe is certainly idiosyncratic as a writer as Chefs can be about their kitchen. Both Chefs and writers can be loved by critics because they are off beat or simply not understood. At Toronto International Film Festival sitting with an exceptional writer is like being with a master chef with the taste for the exotic. I was asked where to go to write and without missing a beat I suggested Amalfi Coast and the new luxury hotel Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi where my friends husband Alberto Annarumma is the Chef. The writer asked me how was the view from this hotel? and I told him well it is like being in paradise, where your mind will want to wander and you will see that the world is always there, always interesting and always a challenge to write about but a writer needs to write and a reader needs to continue to read. The writer smiled and asked me about the food. Well I think that Madonna, Cameron Crowe Eddie Vedder, Keira Knightley, Bono, Edge, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and crew as well as those Formula One drivers Jenson Button, and other should take a brake and taste the orgasmic food from the kitchen of Chef Alberto Annarumma. Just like I did. So first let me introduce you to the destination and you will want to buy a ticket or jump on a jet.

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The Prince of Amalfi Chef Alberto Food and Interview

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the Prince of Amalfi. Italy has long history with the name Khan.  It started out with Marco Polo who went to meet the great Khan in China only to learn of the exotic spices and teas, then The Aga Khan once had a luxury hotel group in Italy, so it should be no surprise that today once again Khan as in My Name is Khan discovers the magic of Italy with Chef Alberto. The interview is in Italian and English.

Cosa ti ha ispirato a diventare uno chef?
In realtà da piccolo non avrei mai pensato di diventare uno chef ma il mio sogno era dipingere (passione che coltivo ancora ora); mi piaceva disegnare, copiare, riprodurre, stilizzare. Tutto, qualsiasi cosa, paesaggi, personaggi dei fumetti, animali ecc ecc.
Poi, la vita vera, sai com’è, ti riserva altri progetti ed all’età di 8 anni, un po’ per gioco, un po’ per evitare che la strada mi “raccogliesse” (la mia terra, ai tempi della mia infanzia era una terra difficile), d’estate, finita la scuola, cominciai come garzone di pasticceria. Dopo un paio di anni, poi, ebbi l’occasione di fare un’esperienza in una cucina. Ancora non fu subito amore, ci vollero ancora altri 2 anni perché qualcosa scoccasse; e qualcosa scoccò. Iniziai ad incuriosirmi, ad informarmi, e, ad innamorarmi.
Così, si può dire che l’amore per la cucina è arrivato per caso.

L’ultima volta che ti ho incontrato, stavi raccogliendo delle erbe dal tuo orticello; ne hai uno anche ora?
E come farei senza!?! È facile comperare da fornitori specializzati delle erbe rinomate come il centocchio, il coriandolo, rosmarino, il timo limonato, ma le erbe che raccogli tu stesso, non so, sembra abbiano tutto un altro profumo. E poi fresche raccolte!!!

Quando viaggi, che cosa cerchi/guardi nei ristoranti?
Mmm… Premetto che quando vado a cena fuori mi piace sedermi con le spalle rivolte alla sala del ristorante per godere al meglio chi mi sta accanto, amici, parenti ecc. Però sono molto attento al menù, ai prodotti della terra di quel territorio che altrimenti a casa mia non troverei, piuttosto che alla cultura intessuta in quel luogo concernente la gastronomia. Mi piace immaginare come riuscirei a riprodurre quel piatto, quel gusto , quella sensazione in chiave Alberto, con un tocco asiatico che nei miei piatti non manca mai.

Dove prendi l’ispirazione per i nuovi piatti?
È raro che immagini un piatto in assoluto… capita ma è raro. Un piatto di solito lo concepisco pensando a tutta la carta, studio il menù a “tavolino”.
Pertanto mi arrivano dei flash, a casa a letto ad esempio, sotto il cuscino ho un block-notes. Sullo scooter mentre ritorno o vado a lavoro penso ad un ingrediente base per costruire un piatto… Quando è il momento di concepire una carta, allora diventa un vero e proprio momento di studio che dura intere settimane tra flash, spunti, schizzi di disegno su carta di come sarà costruito esteticamente e cromaticamente il piatto (e qui metto in essere la mia prima passione!). poi le prove tecniche, le cotture e infine la ricetta finita.

Alcuni chefs a volte utilizzano il loro tempo libero per viaggiare ed esplorare. Lo fai anche tu?
L’ho fatto per una vita intera!!! E continuerò ancora.
In questo nuovo luxury hotel, cosa ti aspetti che le persone sentano/percepiscano quando entrano nel tuo ristorante? Vuoi che vengano a scoprire cose nuove?
Suonano come due domande differenti. Cominciamo dalla prima:
Mi aspetto che percepiscano familiarità, armonia e affabilità. Non amo la forma espressa in quanto tale. Si può essere cordiali, informali e professionali allo stesso tempo facendo sentire l’ospite un conoscente di vecchia data.
Non proprio. No, anzi direi di no. Non mi aspetto che vengano a scoprire cose nuove… anche perché sembra quasi tutto già inventato o scoperto… mi soddisfa però il fatto che l’ospite se ne vada con l’idea di aver compreso cosa ha mangiato; mi gratifica che chi viene al mio ristorante, porti via con sé il ricordo di cosa ha mangiato, a prescindere che dietro a quel piatto ci sia della tecnica. Se poi c’è anche la curiosità di capirlo, il piatto intendo, di informarsi, di chiedere magari al cameriere come venga concepito, allora sì, la giornata ha raggiunto e anche superato il suo scopo.

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What inspired you to become a chef?
When I was a child I never thought to be a chef, my dream was to be an artist (painting is my passion that I grow even now), I liked to draw, copy, reproduce, stylize everything such as landscapes, cartoons, animals, etc… Then, you know, real life had other projects in store for me. At the age of 8 years old I’ve started a bit for fun but also “to keep away from the road” (my land, at the time of my childhood was a difficult land). During the summer, after the school, I started as a pastry trainee. After a couple of years I had the opportunity to gain experience in a kitchen. Still it was not love at the first sight, yet it took another 2 years for something to shoot one, and something struck. I began to intrigue, to inform,, and to fall in love. Therefore one can only say that love for cooking has arrived by chance.

Last time I saw you, you were walking through your herb garden, do you always keep a garden to select herbs etc, for your kitchen? Do you have one near the hotel now?
How would I do without!?! It’s easy to buy from specialist suppliers of herbs such as the coriander, rosemary, lemon thyme, etc.. but the herbs you collect yourself, I do not know, seems to have a completely different scent. Just fresh collected!

When you travel, what do you look for when going to restaurants?
Hmm … I state that when I go out for dinner I like to sit with my back to the dining room to enjoy people around me, friends, relatives etc.. But I am very attentive to the menu, products of the region that otherwise would not find at home, rather than interwoven with the culture in that place on the food. I like to imagine how I could reproduce that dish, the taste, the sensation in Alberto’s key, with an Asian touch that never fails in my dishes.

Where do you get your ideas for new dishes?
It’s rare for a plate images ever happen … sometimes it does but it’s rare. A dish usually conceive it in mind throughout the menu. So I get the blazes, at home in bed for example, under the pillow, I have a notebook. While I’m travelling on the scooter to go to work I think of a basic ingredient to construct a plate … When it’s time to design “la carte”, then it becomes a real moment of study that lasts for weeks on the blaze, ideas, sketches, drawing on paper will be constructed of how the plate appearance and color (and here I put into being my first passion!). Then the tests, and finally cooking the recipe.
Some chefs take time off to travel and explore do you do this as well?
 I did it for a lifetime! And I will do it for ever.

At the new luxury hotel, what do you want people to feel like when the
come to your restaurant? do you want to them to feel as if they are coming
to discover some thing new? something unusual? Etc
They sound like two different questions. Let’s start with the first: I expect that they perceive familiarity, harmony and friendliness. You can be friendly, professional and informal at the same time making the guests feel an acquaintance of long standing.
Not really. No, I would say no. I do not expect them to come and discover new things … because almost everything seems to have been invented or discovered… It satisfy me the fact that the guest go away with the idea of ​​having understood what he ate; it gratifies me that whoever comes to my restaurant takes away the memory of the plate, whether behind the dish there is the technique or not. If then there’s the curiosity to understand, I mean the plate, to inquire, to ask the waiter how it is even conceived, then yes, the day has reached and even exceeded its goal.

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