Sarah Fisher thinks Meryl Streep is phenomenal ! Golden Globes Day Interview with Sarah

Sarah Fisher is a Canadian actress, model, singer, and songwriter from my home town of Toronto.  What can I tell you about her?  Keep your eyes on her because it will not be long till you see her walk down the red carpet at the Golden Globes, or the Oscars.  Sarah has rocked it with David Bowie’s gold Jarrell guitar, went to check out Adam Lambert and Queen rock it and while she is a busy girl, working on her music or film and her role as Becky on Degrassi she has always been passionate about her project to help Kids Help Line.

Sarah Fisher talked about her project and her music video for Kids Help Line, and it’s a great story on the day of the Golden Globes.

1.  What was your inspiration to write your new single? And how did you come up with the concept for the new video?

I am a strong believer in living your life to the fullest, that’s what will make you the happiest. What that means to me is living in the now and always looking ahead.  I am a national spokesperson for Kids Help Phone, it’s a non-profit organization that supports and counsels young people who are going through difficult situations. I am so in-love with the work they do and I am honoured to be part of a life changing organization.

The song Walk On came to me very quickly; the message is truly a huge part of who I am and how I live my life. I wanted to help change the way we speak about  ‘bullying’, I didn’t want to focus on the bullying part as much as I wanted to focus on moving forward; “walking on”. I co-wrote the song with a great artist named Chris Stylez and we were so inspired, we finished the song within an hour.

The concept for the video was actually a very interesting experience for me. Music has always come to me quite naturally, however because of my experience with filming, this was the first time a video inspiration came to me. After writing over half the song, I had an image pop into my head, it was an image of a pair of shoes…and then an army of shoes. Slowly the entire video played out in my head.

I am so thrilled that my on-camera experience has now found its way into my music and influences that part of my career. I am also so grateful for my video team, they encourage me to participate in every step of the music video production process.

2.  Did you do the video in one day or was it done between your various projects for television and film?

Usually for our music videos we tend to shoot for more than one day, but for Walk On we had about forty friends, family, Kids Help Phone volunteers and even some fans came out to be a part of the group shots, which was incredible! So this video was shot all in one long day at my beautiful high school, Bayview Glen. Everyone who took part in this music video is making a difference and they were all incredible! I am very thankful for the turn out.

3.  What was the inspiration for writing the song?

To me “Walk On” means moving forward in life. Not letting ‘bullying’ own you, not letting the names people call you or the bad things you’ve experienced define you, not letting the weight of your past determine your future.

4.  Who all worked with you in creating the music video?

I have an amazing creative team called Sunset6 Productions made up of Director Dan Snow and Producer Juan Mendez; they are the creative geniuses behind this music video. They have such incredible vision and work so hard, I am extremely proud and excited to be working with them. Being on set with them is an absolute pleasure and a BLAST! I would recommend Sunset6 Productions to anyone looking to shoot music or corporate videos.

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TIFF 2013 – Lisa Ray At TIFF Gala Indian Cinema 100

Lisa Ray The first time I saw Lisa Ray in a film was in film directed by Deepa Mehta and written by Anurag Kashyap called ‘Water’. I watched it with a Mexican actress Bárbara Mori Ochoa who herself had been in an Indian film ‘Kites’. After watching the film I was torn between the two women, Lisa Ray or Bárbara Mori, the subject of the film causing both Bárbara and I to hit the bottle of tequila (Don Julio) of which I had several cases thanks to Seagrams (now defunct) thanks to Edgar Bronfam Jr.’s (how to loose a family fortune by going into the movie business).

Toronto International Film Festival’s gala of 2012 ‘The Night That Never End’ recently won for the event company of Jocelyn Flanagan, Best Entertainment Production – Esprit Awards (International special event society) . You can check it out below some of what it looked like.

Canadian Lisa Ray is a well known actress, model, host, activist and cancer graduate who was raised in Toronto by an Indian father and Polish mother. It is her love of food and exposure to cuisine all over the world that brought her to this exciting role as host of Top Chef Canada. An iconic figure in India – where she started her career at 16 – and abroad, Ray is a successful cover model and award-winning actress. With starring roles in Bollywood Hollywood and Oscar nominated Water to name a few, Ray has achieved international success, appearing in more than 27 film and television titles. Her hosting experience spans her own entertainment show in India, to hosting India’s popular series OMG (Oh My Gold) on TLC, and hosting award shows such as The Genies and The Giller Prize amongst others. She has also been featured in Hello! Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the Country and on the cover of People Magazine.

So what is the team of Deepa Mehta, Warren Spitz, and Jocelyn Flanagan up to this year. It’s just going to be one more notch above last year, and the red carpet is certainly going to be all glam with Lisa Ray. September 7, 2013, corner of University and Queen Street, at Four Seasons Center, get your smartphone ready.

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George Leach Rock’s Ironhead !

Like anything in life, if your not walking with your eyes wide open your about to miss the magic that is all around you every day. I don’t have a mission other then when I landed back in Toronto after years in Los Angles back where I grew up to seek out and speak out about great cool Canadian stuff, not in a shy way, but my way! on the pages of My Name Is Khan.

So one day I walked into a store, not by design I was actually headed to Jimmy’s Coffee shop, but then this shop Ironhead on Queen Street caught my eye and I was drawn in.

Ironhead, was started by Mike Regan after he had been busy stitching hand made jerseys in his parents basement officially founded IRONHEAD. The company takes great care in making sure your getting the best easy to wear all Canadian goods. There stuff, is really just very cool. Carlos Santana walked in one day got a few things and rocked them on stage, so it was no surprise when I walked in and met with Melissa the manager that our meeting would turn into good old rock and roll.

Melissa had moved from Vancouver where Ironhead opened it’s first in Vancouver’s Kitsilano district. Opened in 2000 by Danny Regan (founder Mike Regan’s older brother), IRONHEAD Vancouver was nominated as one of the city’s top ten new stores in its first year. Renowned for its customer service as much as its focus on Canadian-made limited-editions and iconic graphics. So when a musician from Vancouver walked in George Leach, naturally Melissa knew him as Ironhead get’s to know it’s customers like any good place.

George talked about his show, his upcoming album and I was just there showing Melissa a picture of a guitar case designed by a designer friend of mine Marc Marmel whom I was introduced to by Sean Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan’s son, yes folks, (that’s just how things happen), George was keen to look at the picture on my phone and explained he too plays guitar.

It was one of those magical moments, as George opened his laptop to show me the new album cover art, and then play me a few tunes. I told him he has got to go connect with my friend Karen a great lady who lives in Vancouver and own the record label File Under Music. All George really wanted was some things to wear as he told Melissa and me, Ironhead is so easy to tour with.

So here is what George shared with me and I am sharing with you. Music discovered by me at Ironhead store in Toronto.

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Joy Okafo – Model – Tokyo to Cairo

I was on a mission to track down Joy Okafo, who also reminded me a great deal of Andy Allo the super cool guitar chick who rock the stage for the master of funk Prince.

At America’s Next Top Model Live, I did run into Joy who had just finished for the day and was on her way out but she was gracious enough to give me the time to find out a little bit more about her.

If there was a photo-shoot to do in Cairo, Egypt then I would pick Joy Okafo to shoot in some very cool spots I know around Cairo. Joy Okafo in the land that started fashion and makeup by the ladies of style of fashion from Nefertiti to Cleopatra, now that would be fun.

While I could tell you that Joy, has a great smile, or what Joy like’s on her pizza and that she would be a cool person just to hang with, there is nothing better then letting Joy tell it in her own word’s.

Here is the discovery of Joy Okafo.

So here is the very cool model who is with Sutherland Model, from Toronto, a Canadian, Joy Okafo.

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From Models to Ferrari it’s all about Red and Canada!

A red Ferrari, and models are inseparable. They are interchangeable, models and red Ferrari, Ferrari and models. They have remained over time, grafted as one.

A women’s body might as well have been designed by Pininfarina.

Walking into the CN Tower towards the EdgeWalk reception the very first visual that stopped me in my tracks was a fashion editor with legs in red shoes. These where not just legs, these where legs like those of a fine wine.

This was followed by the models of America’s Next Top Model Live Canada Olivia Singh, Evelyn Li, Carol Brantnell, Heather Kelsall the supreme performer Farahri, and Lisa D’Amato all slipping intoCarol Brantnell, Heather Kelsall something more comfortable, red jumpsuits.

So here I was with models in red jumpsuits, a fashion editor in a short mini black trench with long legs in red shoes and dynamo performer who can make anyone’s body shake with a name Farahri, it was no surprise that my mind drifted to Ferrari.

My first time visiting the Fiorano circuit in Italy it was brought to my attention that painted on the track was a very large red maple leaf to honour the infamous, talented, fearless Canadian formula one driver Gilles Villeneuve.

My plan, and I usually don’t have a plan was to discover all the talent at America’s Next Top Models Live and then jump on the plane to Fiorano to watch Jacque Villinuve drive his father’s 1979 Formula One car at Fiorano on May 8, to mark the 30th anniversary of Gilles Villeneuve’s death.

The Canadian driver was regarded by many as one of the fastest drivers ever to compete in Formula One, Gilles Villeneuve earned legendary status for his heroic driving style behind the wheel of his Ferrari. He may only have won six grand prix in his tragically short career, but Gilles’ talent, speed and bravery ensured that his memory remains alive and vivid today in the minds of race fans worldwide.

Then there was the awesome moment and I use the word awesome for what it is intended for, not causally thrown about frivolously, when the great one gave me a ride in his red Ferrari. Wow! you say. Yes, it was wow! No I tell a lie, it was freek’n awesome!

Having befriended the CEO of Labatt’s beer I was introduce to Gilles. The CEO of Labatt’s and I had the similar passion for formula one racing. Labatt’s sponsored the greatest race car driver ever to come out of Canada, the infamous Gilles Villeneuve.

It was Gilles who gave me a valuable lesson about life. He had imparted this wisdom to me. Life he had told me was like driving a Ferrari, you don’t need a rear-view mirror, because what is behind you doesn’t matter. You never look back. Just keep going forward. It was also the manner in which Gilles drove.

The 1979 Ferrari 312 T4 was the most competitive car of Gilles Villeneuve’s career, and Jacques will drive the car at Fiorano on 8 May, 30 years on from the day that his father lost his life in a crash in qualifying for the Belgian GP at Zolder.

A Ferrari statement said Jacques Villeneuve’s outing in the 312 T4 would be “a fitting occasion to evoke the memory of a man who has and always will have a place of honour in the history of Ferrari.”

It is absolutely magical how Ferrari, red, models, red jumpsuits, all intersected for me at America’s Next Top Model Live. It was a natural, just like Ferrari and models go hand in hand so does Ferrari, Italy and fashion. Those are words that can drop with easy from ones lips like apples fall from trees.

My iPhone was about to die from the tweeting, tumbling, photography, video recording and editing at the America’s Next Top Model Live kick-off at the CN Tower so I stopped into a friends coffee shop to have it charged up. I could hear Swedish being spoken, which is not something you hear often in Toronto. After the girl on the phone had finished her conversation I asked her, “so where in Sweden are you from ?”, she seemed pleasantly stunned and told me “Uppasla”. My conversation was as easy as a hot knife going through butter. After all she was Swedish, and one of my most trusted best friend is Swedish. When the nasty vicissitudes of life fell upon me it was Swedes who came to my rescue. It was like being with family. The girl in question is studying mathematics’s, speaks three languages, and occasionally models. I told her that I have a race car driver friend who is Swedish, Stefan Johansson who drove formula one for Ferrari.

This was a day of red, Ferrari, models and talent of Canada. The legendary Canadian driver to the performer Farahri on the tallest catwalk in Toronto, the talented Canadian models to the 1979 Ferrari in Fiorano where on the track is the red Canadian maple leaf.

Life is magic, and magic is real and dreams come true.

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Rock and Roll – ‘Hard Core Logo 2’ – with Bruce McDonald

"Tiff opening 'Hard Core 2'"

Nothing should surprise you in the world of Rock and Roll.

Yes, I have seen Roy Hay of ‘Culture Club’ jump out of a moving jeep outside of The Roxy on Sunset at the mention that Canadian rocker Alannah Myles might hit on a female guitarist on stage. The prospect of a lesbian ‘Femme Fetal’ too alluring for Roy Hay, who landed flat on his face on the sidewalk of the infamous Sunset Strip.

A rocker friend of mine with residue of cocaine on his nose, a bottle of Jack in one hand, Smith and Wesson in the other attempted to explain to me about the beauty of the hand gun.

Then there are the parties, drugs, sex, girls, more girls, complex relationships, with managers, producers, and band members that can weave a rich and colorful tapestry.

I ended up at the TIFF bar with my friend actor, singer, songwriter, model Jasmine Spence who had given me the heads up that there was a good buzz about the film to meet up with Lee Bremer of Listening Duck Productions who is working with Bruce McDonald. Lee made quick introductions to Pin who had just gotten of the plane from Hong Kong, and Sam.

I was quick to point out to all that I have never seen any of Bruce McDonald films. I knew nothing about the first cult classic Hard Core Logo, or it’s story line.

Hard Core Logo 2 directed by Bruce McDonald, in which Bruce McDonald plays a documentary film-maker took me for an unexpected ride, into a world I have known too well. The world of rock and roll.

Bruce McDonald plays a much in demand director till his life fall prey to the vicissitudes of life. As any director will tell you, projects never stop coming your way they just change in scope, subject and budjet. In the case of Bruce McDonald in ‘Hard Core Logo 2’ an opportunity presents itself to film a documentary following
Care Failure (played by the real musician Care Failure), a cross-addicted emotional whirlpool and the principal creative force behind punk outfit Die Mannequin. Care Failure claims she’s channelled Hard Core Logo’s late front man Joe Dick while writing songs for her new album. Bruce accepts the gig.

The film Hard Core Logo 2 had me from the start. It started in Laurel Canyon where I had my Shangri-La, perched above Los Angels. It was at this home of mine on the seductive Elusive Drive that Val Kilmer had recorded the tracks to Oliver Stone’s homage to 1960s rock group The Doors. I was captivated. I strapped into the seat as if ready for a sonic flight and I was not disappointed. the film delivered the goods.

Hard Core Logo 2, is funny with a great cast. Care Failure is brilliant and Bruce has done a great job capturing this wound-up complex character bringing it to life on the silver screen.

I really believed this was a true story, that is how real it was for me. If you’ve partied with some big rock bands and think this is real, that’s a big deal. If you don’t get the film then you just have no grasp of the world of rock and roll or those who make films and live in the hills of Los Angeles.

After the screening I told Bruce, how real the film was. That speaks volumes for the script.

Inspired by the film my friend and I with our new found friends took off to catch a rock band leaving Bruce to have dinner. The night spun it’s magic transforming the producer, singer, director, model, banker, and artist into a cast of characters in a Bruce McDonald film Hard Core Logo 2.

There are some things you just can’t miss. This was a great discovery for me the discovery of an artist who is just having a blast doing what he likes doing. That man is none other then Bruce McDonald. Canadian talent that needs to be backed up.

Go see this film and I am certain it will cast it’s spell on you, so be prepared to party like a rock star.

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