Hilary Caldwell’s Bronze Win In 200m Backstroke Gave Canada It’s 6th Olympic Medal That Even Got Justin Trudeau Excited – Rio 2016

As a Canadian trying to remain neutral in Rio was hard at the Olympic Pool. I am not gonna say what was going on, I’ll just let Justin Trudeau express it, as he did to Hilary Caldwell who brought Canada it’s 6th Olympic medal in Swimming. Show the girl your love and follow her on Twitter.

“I saw the time, I looked up and saw the three lights on the blocks so I knew I was third. I was happy, but I did want the gold medal. I saw the time and I gave a little scowl.” – Hilary Caldwell

Almost every night this week, Hilary Caldwell tried to remain patient while she watched the swimming competition in via television from the Olympic village.

She watched as her Canadian teammates took the world by tidal wave.

Caldwell knew her time would come, however, and vowed to be ready to join the party that has made Canadian women an emerging force in the sport.

On Friday at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium, the 25-year-old from White Rock, B.C., got her chance and delivered, earning a bronze medal in the women’s 200-metre backstroke.

It was Canada’s sixth medal in the pool this week.

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Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak Make History and Music of Michael Jackson Don’t Matter If You’re “Black or White” – Rio 2016

Macaulay Culkin who was in a music video ‘Black Or White’ with the greatest pop star ever Michael Jackson was at the Olympic pool when history was made in women’s 100m freestyle final.CpMdLWAVIAQ8St8

Simone Manuel of the USA tied for gold becoming the first African-American to win gold in swimming, while Canadian 16 years old Penny Oleksiak became the first Canadian women to win gold in swimming. There time was also a new Olympic record.

Simone Manuel had a few words to say in this emotional evening about being black and she hopes one day it won’t matter what the color of your skin is. The best for me was that you had two skin colors and both sharing gold. We are all equal don’t let anyone tell your different and this is proof in the pool and in the music of Michael Jackson. This is also why we have the Olympics.

“I mean, this medal is not just for me, it’s for a whole bunch of people who have came before me and been an inspiration to me,” she said. “It’s for all the people after me who can’t, who believe they can’t do it. I just want to be an inspiration to others so that you can do it.”

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Lanni Marchant and Natasha Wodak of Canada Road to Rio begins with Cover Photo by Canadian Babar Khan – Rio 2016


Lanni Marchant and Natasha Wodak are on the road to Rio.  If ever a song appropriately fit what athletes go through to get to the Olympic games then it has to by Lennon–McCartney ‘The Long and Winding Road’ .  Their cover was photographed by Babar Khan, who you will see at work in the David Bowie Film.

Meet Lanni, Natasha and Babar. The road to Rio.

Lanni Marchant,  is a record-holding Canadian long distance runner.

Please follow Lanni on her Road To Rio;  Lanni Website ,  Twitter, Instagram,  Facebook

Natasha Wodak, is a Canadian long-distance runner. She currently holds the national record in 10,000 meters , set in Palo Alto, California in 2015.

Please follow Natasha on Road To Rio; Natasha Website, Twitter,  Instagram,  Facebook







Babar Khan, is a Toronto, Canada based photographer.  Babar gives it his all when working, he is a joy to watch and work with and I have had great time shooting him behind the scene and being in his shoots for the film on fans of the late David Bowie.

Check out the work of Babar Khan here ; Babar’s Website,


Natasha Wodak and Lanni Marchant


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Michelle Obama,Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah talk about ‘finding one’s passion’ and Canadian Sarah Fisher making a powerful film right now about passion SXSW

First Lady Michelle Obama will grace the SXSW stage tomorrow (March 16) for her keynote panel with a star-studded squad, including rapper Missy Elliott, songwriter phenom Diane Warren, and actress Sophia Bush, as well as moderator, the multi-hyphenate Queen Latifah.

The women will pool their life experiences together and engage in a dialogue on finding one’s passion, music, and the importance of girls’ education everywhere.  As they speak and it will be Live Streaming, Canadian actress, singer, songwriter Sarah Fisher is on the set in Canada making a powerful film “Kiss and Cry “ and a real life story that about a girl who finds her passion, acts on it, and fights to the very end of her last breath the story of Carley Elle Allison.

Sarah Fisher is a girl who believes in all things good, and she will relate to everything that Missy Elliott, Diane Warren, Sophia Bush, Queen Latifah and Michelle Obama have to say at SXSW.  Sarah, when not recording, or making a film, is all about empowering girls, caring about education, poverty, and the wild life of this planet.  When I reached out to Sarah to see what she was doing in her words this was the answer.

“Filming right now! Kiss and Cry movie! Honouring the beautiful Carley Elle Allison, 17 year old girl diagnosed as 1 in 3 and a half billion (second in the world) love story like no other! … Lots of Canadian stars and has all of Canada backing up and supporting this amazing girl and unbelievable life changing story! Her motto “always smile” . – Sarah Fisher

Let Girls Learn is a government initiative led by President Obama and The First Lady to help all the 62 million girls who can not get to school.

Carley who was a figure skater, singer, songwriter, while fighting her cancer never gave up on school.  While she had to delay going to Queen University for a year , she finally did make it, but her time there was cut short as the cancer spread. Not once did she lose faith that she would ditch the disease that was ravaging her lungs and arm.

While Carley is no longer with us, her voice that cancer tried to take away is with us still. At SXSW it is about film, music, and so this story of Sarah Fisher making this film about a girl to whom getting to University was so important is an amazing story. This story should inspire all those girls who want to help getting other girls to school, and I am thrilled that Sarah is making this film and that she is playing Carley which is perfectly cast, because Sarah has the same spirit of Carley. I am warning you now you may get tears watching this video. Make sure to catch the the live-stream of the keynote from SXSW and please help support the Carley’s Angels.

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First Lady Michelle Obama Comes To Speak at SXSW and Canadian Singer Alessia Cara Got A Message for the 62 Million Girls

It’s SXSW Music starting today and tomorrow we have a keynote from First Lady Michelle Obama, and she is joined on the panel by Grammy winner and Oscar nominee Diane Warren, Grammy winner Missy Elliott, Grammy winner Queen Latifah, and actress and activist Sophia Bush for a discussion about finding one’s passion and acting on it. Live Streaming.

How could I not represent and share with all those at SXSW Music, and the world talent from my hometown Toronto.  So to the 62 million girls, who have dreams and hopes, let me introduce you to Alessia Cara. Now according to Spotify the most viral song of 2015 was ‘Here’, by Alessia Cara. So to everyone out there Alessia is another example of how magic can happen dreams can come true, and what you will hear Michelle Obama talk about is letting girls learn, giving them the opportunity and the tools.

Imagine you are a girl you have a song out there and then Taylor Swift calls you up and ask’s you to sing in front of fifty-five thousand people, yes unreal, but true.

So let’s give Alessia a big shout-out follow her on her social media, and let’s get all the girls into the digital world so they too can explore, learn, exchange ideas, invent, with people in some far away place.

“Alessia Cara’s new album is great, been listening to it all the time.” – James Rush British Filmmaker

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