Canadian Grand Prix 2016 Music Playlist of Canadian Artists You Should Know

Welcome to Canada and if you are traveling by train, car, bus, air, or just walking around the circuit here is a all Canadian music playlist for you to enjoy and discover some Canadian talent.  The playlist has mellow start and goes from there.  While there is so much talent out there, I just put this together of friends of mine or those musicians my friends know.

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Megan Bonnell her recent album was fully crowd funded, from my home town Toronto, not only can she sing she can also make a mean banana bread.

Alannah Myles  I used to spend a lot of time on the road with my buddy Kevin Jones who was tour manager for his brother Mick Jones of the band Foreigner, and Alannah was always around Ca Va is mellow start to the playlist.

Serena Ryder – born in my hometown of Toronto and she kicks ass.

Anna Cyzon – Is a dear friend of mine and she totally rocks she has also been a great help to me for my film on fans of David Bowie.

Armando Scarlato Jr. One day walked into a jam session of the David Bowie film started to sing and blew everyone away.

Alanis Morissette – I first met Alanis on my birthday dinner in Los Angeles with my buddy Tim Thorney she had come to shop her album Jagged Little Pill.

Drake – Also from my hometown of Toronto (the 6) and a friend of my buddy Sammy. I don’t need to say more it’s Drake.

Virgina Storey  she just rocks, and put new twist to her music she is a big fan of Bowie and if he was still with us he would like her music.

Gang Signs  – My friend Karen Hood owns a music label File Under Music and this band is signed to her label.

Bend Sinister – Also signed to my friends label File Under Music of Vancouver.

Francesco Yates – I first met Francesco at a fashion show his big influence was Prince and Michael Jackson.

Hill And The Sky Heroes –  A solo project of my very multi talented friend Hill Kourkoutis  a massive fan of David Bowie.

Justin Bieber  – Well who does not know this dude, Lewis Hamilton been hanging with him of late and my mom loves him.

Sarah Fisher – Super cool friend another multi talented Canadian.

The Weekend  – This dude from my home town been killing it, working real hard and has collaborated with my friend Hill Kourkoutis also on this play list.

Tim Thorney – A very talented friend of mine who is a record producer, singer songwriter and owner of Villa Sound a very cool recording studio, he has his fingers on the pulse of talent in Canada.

In My Coma – This band not only rocks they can party and we have done it they have a new album coming out this fall.

Mandy Bo –  She just followed her dream and works really hard, I really like her and she has a crowd funding project on the go, check it out on her website.

NJ Taylor – From Montreal a big fan of Red Bull Racing, she is one very talented friend who is always working at her craft.

Young Empires – I got turned on to them by my fashion stylist friend Kirsten Readerh who styled one of the band members.

Brian Asha  lives in Vancouver and just likes good music.



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Bold Moves By Bugatti With BlackBerry At The Ritz Montreal

The Ritz Carlton Montreal during the Canadian Grand Prix was playing host to Bugatti Automobiles. Entering my room I found a nice welcome note with chocolates by Bugatti. While many think that the Bugatti is sexy in any color, these Bugatti chocolates by the Ritz Montreal were oh so sweet and perfectly complimented the car, hotel, and the weekend in Montreal. “Sweet”.

Many of my friends have a Bugatti. In Iron Man 3 , you will see the Bugatti sitting in the garage. Others drive them and have been known to race the California Highway Patrol.

Luxury was at play at the Ritz, the excitement was building the Ritz bar was in full swing, and the head of Bugatti North America customer service department Edouard Klein and his team were keeping in contact with the world using the BlackBerry Bold. Bugatti and BlackBerry complimented each other with the sleekness of design and the Bugatti team was eager to show-off the BlackBerry Bold to me in play at the Ritz in Montreal.

It was bold people making bold moves and in this case it was BlackBerry Bold moving with the sexy automobiles of Bugatti. The art of style be bold.

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Lewis Hamilton King of Montreal – Canadian Grand Prix

Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe in magic? You should as that is what was happening in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix 2012.

Magic was all around and at play it was as if Merlin himself had waved his magic wand and said “McLaren shall win and Lewis Hamilton this time shall be crowned King of Montreal.”

My weekend with McLaren could not have started on a better note with Ron Dennis in Toronto and translated into the magic that was took place in Montreal. I told Ron Dennis that many were rooting for McLaren and he said, “I certainly am”.

Lewis Hamilton was cool and calm, and through the race he kept it cool even when the McLaren pit crew messed up. The call’s started coming on the radio “Push it”, and Lewis Hamilton did just that. He pushed his car, he did his slide which he loves to do and he won in Canada where he won his very first Grand Prix.

Yes magic was at play, and it was great for everyone including his friends who had come to watch him in Canada.

Last time I came to Montreal I was with the master of funk Prince, and this time it was with the King of Montreal.

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Magic At The Ritz Montreal – Canadian Grand Prix

My Weekend with McLaren, continued with the hospitality of the luxurious and friendly Ritz Carlton Montreal.

The Ritz Carlton has always been my favorite hotel in Montreal ever since I was growing up. It recently opened a week prior to the Canadian Grand Prix and this is perhaps the best time to see the hotel at work. The pressure is on.

Jetting in early I was given a warm welcome from the hotel team and in desperate need for a coffee I was escorted into what I call the magical kingdom managed by the renowned Executive Chef Daniel Boulud and his restaurant Maison Boulud and introduced to Rachid Mallis. Rachid greeted me with a big smile and assured me he will make for me a coffee “strong” personally.

It was quite when I arrived the coffee was yes, strong, and every detail was looked after by Rachid, the basket of breads, to the amazingly light and so good french toast. Cafe after cafe, slowly the beat picks the chefs arrive, the Executive Chef himself in arrives, and the pace starts to pick up. The team in the kitchen starts to move as if in a ballet. The very petite sommelier, she now busy carrying cases of wine and checking her inventory.

Monday after the Canadian Grad Prix and still on a high from the win by Lewis Hamilton and late night of parties I returned for more strong coffee, and this time Joe, and Rachid looked after me it was a day when Lewis Hamilton was pronounced King of Montreal and trust me the King will be staying at the Ritz in Montreal because I will tell him so. The Ritz delivers, for me they made the impossible happen. That alone speaks volumes for a hotel and it’s team.

King of Montreal the Ritz.

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‘My Weekend With McLaren’ – Starts With Ron Dennis – Canadian Grand Prix

There is perhaps no better way to kick start the Canadian Grand Prix 2012 then to begin it with the defending champion McLaren,  it’s principal Ron Dennis and his sterling crews launch of McLaren in Canada.

The man who gave me my first ride in a Ferrari was none other then the greatest formula one driver this country has ever produced the legendary Gilles Villeneuve, who first got his big break in formula one in a McLaren. I attempted to combine this in my fashion statement wearing my red Puma shoes, as Gilles while getting his start in a McLaren went on to drive for Ferrari, but this was not going to fly at the McLaren opening. This was about my weekend with McLaren, so no red shoes please, and so I was told.

McLaren is not just a car. A McLaren is like a women you see sitting having tea at Hôtel Ritz in Paris dressed from head to toe in Chanel amplifying glamorous sex-appeal, classically refined and alluring yet underneath it all lurks La Femme Nikita.

My first time in a McLaren was in Australia’s Northern Territory with formula one driver Gerhard Berger driving while I sat in the back exhilarated and horrified as the McLaren felt it was traveling at the speed of sound hitting speeds unimaginable in a conventional car when Gerhard turned his head around and looked at me and said, “now you want to see what this baby can really do?”, naturally I said “let it rip.”

As one of Canada’s greatest auto dealerships Pfaff Auto launched it’s partnership with McLaren, the excitement was building, the buzz factor was off the star meter the launch was in true McLaren style first class all the way.

This weekend with McLaren will be up close and personal, without the red shoes.

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