Fashion Food – Milano Fashion Week

It is Milan Fashion Week and let me introduce you to the languid, sensual world of Italian dining. From fine wine to artisanal pastry, cured meat to hand-made pasta, these restaurants, bakeries and bars will send your senses into heady, enthralling overdrive.

10 Corso Como Café

Corso Como, 10 / +39 02 654831

Neighborhood: Brera/Isola

Carla Sozzani’s small retail, dining and accommodations empire
features a Kris Ruhs-designed black-and-white dining room, with
charming views over a plant-filled, Parisian-style courtyard. The
organic food is simple and delicious, but the real point is to come
for the 6:00 p.m. aperitivi and ultra fashionable people watching.

Armani / Lounge

Via Manzoni, 31 / +39 02 88838888

Neighborhood: Montenapoleone/Corso Venezia

Overlooking the magnificent skyline and terraces of the city, the
Armani / Lounge features a bamboo bar, double volume ceiling, louvered
window wall and backlit onyx features. It’s the perfect spot for a
pre-dinner aperitivo, a light lunch or elegant afternoon tea, and the
service is impeccable.

Convivum Ristorante

Via Ponte Vetero, 21 / +39 02 86463708

Convivum’s cool and casual atmosphere and mouthwatering menu is
sourced from only the freshest of seasonal ingredients, which make
their way into a delicious variety of pizzas and classic Italian fare.

Ristorante Da Giacomo

Via Pascale Sottocorno, 6 / +39 02 76023313

Neighborhood: Montenapoleone/Corso Venezia

A favorite of Dolce & Gabbana, as well as Mr. Giorgio Armani himself,
Da Giacomo offers the perfect mix of traditional and trendy, featuring
a classical yet stylish décor. Its outstanding fish preparations are
well deserving of its high culinary reputation and a must for those
looking for a healthy yet tasty meal.


Excelsior Milano, Galleria del Corso, 4 / +39 02 76307301

Neighborhood: Duomo

The basement level of the fashionable Excelsior department store is a
gastronomic celebration, featuring a gourmet supermarket that offers
an extensive selection of products including fine wines, fresh meat
and fish, hand-made pasta and daily baked breads, as well as
beautifully packaged goods. There are three separate dining solutions
offered: “now” for sophisticated take-away, ‘”fast” for a seasonal
menu at the in-store bistro, and “slow,” which allows customers to
experience the gourmet creations of a regularly rotating list of
renowned guest chefs.

Giacomo Bistrot

Via Sottocorno, 5-6 / +39 02 76022653

Not to be confused with its older sibling, Da Giacomo, Giacomo Bistrot
is a more low-key affair, popular for lunch, or an aperitivo while
partaking in some of the best people watching the city has to offer.

Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone

Via Santo Spirito, 10 / +39 02 76001123

This is the latest opening of the longstanding Milanese institution,
Il Salumaio, which has been around since 1957. The gorgeous al fresco
courtyard dining is a fun place to watch the world go by, while the
attached fine grocery shop allows diners to bring a bit of the magic

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Clafouti Toronto – My Cafe for Tiff12

If your coming from Los Angeles then you’ll love the fact that everything at this cafe owned by my friend is made fresh daily.

The almond croissants are so good, and made with almonds from California they are made into paste in the kitchen. Now that to me is fresh.

As far as sandwiches go, everything is fantastic. Hey they even make something sweet, sexy like The Lana for Lana Del Rey.

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The Link Between Jimmy’s Coffee Shop, Danny Boyle, and Olympics 2012

You all know this. There is a sign on the street pointing you to a location, you are curious but don’t have time, the inclination, nor the hunger desire to check it out. This you have done several times such as in the German film Run Lola Run, where the same occurrence is repeated till the outcome changes.

Then came a day, when I made a conscious decision to simply go to Jimmy’s Coffee only because now I had heard about the great coffee they make from someone I know. My curiosity is aroused, Hollywood will be coming to town and I need to know every little spot that has charm, personality and in this case coffee.

So I finally arrive to Jimmy’s Coffee at the right day, the right time and here is where everything got very interesting.

Ordering my coffee from Ash, I let her know it had been my mission to come try the coffee, my very first time to Jimmy’s. Ash wasting no time as time is not to be wasted at Jimmy’s due to the line-up of regulars, Ash produced for me what looked like a magical cappuccino and informed me it’s on the house, ( yes, folks in a city where no one give you anything for nothing ) at Jimmy’s it’s sort of a trend, that caught me off guard.

I took a seat out side on the patio on Portland Street, and sitting across from me where a few guys three of whom had crashed over to visit a friend. The man they had dropped in to visit told me how he was bouncing back from divorce, loss of job, a move to Toronto and how now everything was coming back to what some would say normal (in my world I have no idea what “Normal” is)

Ash had decided to take a break and she was recovering from late night of being in-love with tequila. I told her “hey it’s summer and a roof party would not be a party without tequila”.

It was as this time I discovered that the dude in the orange cap in the photograph below, was from Amsterdam, and we started talking about me making films, and how much I loved Amsterdam my nights with Rolling Stones at Yab Yum was one of the best-known and most exclusive brothels in Amsterdam till it was closed due to it’s owner’s link to Hell’s Angels, a surprise came my way.

Jimmy’s Coffee shop has a lot of cool pictures of Jimmy Hendricks and Bob Marley, and the conversation went to A.R. Rahman recording with Mick Jagger and Damien Marley and we started talking about the Oscar winner film directed by Danny Boyle Slumdog Millionaire. The Dude from Amsterdam looked at me and told me his best friends dad is diplomat Vikas Swarup who wrote the novel Q & A (2005), the underlying work which was adapted for the screen by Simon Beaufoy.

As I sipped what was an excellent cappuccino, my mind raced in wonderment at the collage Jimmy’s Coffee.

London and United Kingdom was still buzzing from the Olympic Opening Ceremonies created by Danny Boyle, and here I was few day’s later sitting with a dude who’s best friends dad, had written the novel.  The link to Danny Boyle, Olympic’s, London weaved it’s way into the patio of Jimmy’s Coffee.

Should you have coffee at Jimmy’s Coffee? Hell yes, if nothing else what you came for coffee is excellent.

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Magic At The Ritz Montreal – Canadian Grand Prix

My Weekend with McLaren, continued with the hospitality of the luxurious and friendly Ritz Carlton Montreal.

The Ritz Carlton has always been my favorite hotel in Montreal ever since I was growing up. It recently opened a week prior to the Canadian Grand Prix and this is perhaps the best time to see the hotel at work. The pressure is on.

Jetting in early I was given a warm welcome from the hotel team and in desperate need for a coffee I was escorted into what I call the magical kingdom managed by the renowned Executive Chef Daniel Boulud and his restaurant Maison Boulud and introduced to Rachid Mallis. Rachid greeted me with a big smile and assured me he will make for me a coffee “strong” personally.

It was quite when I arrived the coffee was yes, strong, and every detail was looked after by Rachid, the basket of breads, to the amazingly light and so good french toast. Cafe after cafe, slowly the beat picks the chefs arrive, the Executive Chef himself in arrives, and the pace starts to pick up. The team in the kitchen starts to move as if in a ballet. The very petite sommelier, she now busy carrying cases of wine and checking her inventory.

Monday after the Canadian Grad Prix and still on a high from the win by Lewis Hamilton and late night of parties I returned for more strong coffee, and this time Joe, and Rachid looked after me it was a day when Lewis Hamilton was pronounced King of Montreal and trust me the King will be staying at the Ritz in Montreal because I will tell him so. The Ritz delivers, for me they made the impossible happen. That alone speaks volumes for a hotel and it’s team.

King of Montreal the Ritz.

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Assassination Tango? Oh No It’s Tango Tea !

One of my friends and also my trainer in Los Angeles with whom I had many adventures from the Hollywood Hills to Venice beach was Frank Cassavetes. He was to me and everyone who really knew him just Frankie.
Frankie’s brother is Nick Cassavetes who is a film director, and who’s father John was also a film director married to the actress Gena Rowlands.

The Cassavetes are old school Hollywood family. They have old school Hollywood friends such as Robert Duvall.

While Robert Duvall can never be forgotten for his role in The Godfather he is also a film-maker. Assassination Tango was a film that Robert Duvall was excited to make in Argentina, and Frankie began training Duvall at the Golds gym in Venice in preparation for the part.

In the film Assassination Tango Robert Duvall created a character with the name Frankie to pay homage to his friend and trainer who also has a club in Argentina called  ‘Frankie’s’.

El Almacen, is a great little cafe that I discovered last year and walking into it yesterday, I was told to come back if I was in the hood to watch some Tango. The owners are Argentinian and Mexican couple who are absolutely delightful.

Tango is about passion. It has nothing to do with the man. It is all about the passion to show-off the women, in dance, so other will desire her as well. The man sole role in Tango is to make the women he is dancing with look astonishingly seductive, desirable, erotic, and sexy.

This was the scene yesterday afternoon as well as the essence of Tango. I could not leave out Assassination Tango because that’s where the story of Tango began for me, at Frankie’s.

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Lady Gaga ‘Don’t Eat Tweet’ but OMG!!! Her Tiramisu is Sweet!

“Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IWasBornThisWay,”

the 26-year-old “Born This Way” singer posted.
Immediately the backlash started rolling in from the Twitter community, accusing the pop star of supporting eating disorders.

“I’m gonna say this about girls: The dieting wars have got to stop. Everyone just knock it off,” Gaga said at the conference held in Los Angeles and hosted by former California First Lady Maria Shriver.
The singer also has been an outspoken advocate for empowering youth who feel like outsiders, and the irony between what the singer has said in the past and her tweet was not lost on her more than 22.7 million followers in the Twitterverse.

Hey all this right after Clafouti in Toronto created The Lady Gaga Tiramisu.

So what gives? Lady Gaga should take care what she tweets as what she may have been saying is “I am so busy working out for the tour don’t have time to eat.”

Great care was taken to make The Lady Gaga Tiramisu, which is a light dessert, so it will not weigh you down if your dancing on stage if you are a “Pop Singer”.

Lady Gaga loves her Audi R8 GT and it was used to bring singer, songwriter, dancer, actor Jasmine to try the sweet dessert. She loved it and could not stop eating it. While some prefer to use a model for a shoot, it was done with Jasmine a real girl, who keeps it real, loves food and likes to eat all in keeping with Lady Gaga and the philosophy of empowering young girls.

Jasmine Spence in the Kitchen of Clafouti in Magpie Fashion

The action is always in the kitchen and Lady Gaga loves to eat as well, and the Lady Gaga Tiramisu made in the kitchen has Jasmine having a ball in the kitchen.

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