Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Paris 2016 City of Light Filled with Angels Catch it December 5th on CBS

Late at night last night I was catching up on Vikings on Google Play and the fight was on for Paris.  Paris the city of light no matter what you throw at it will come back shining it has done so throughout history.

This 2016 series of Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was taped in Paris and if you where gonna add anything more to Paris why not fifty-one angels.

Music was with the stunning Lady Gaga who was discovered by my friend Wendy Starland, the man from my hometown Toronto The Weekend, and someone I really love because he is super nice Bruno Mars.

No need for me to say more. Just watch this amazing show on December 5, on CBS.

VS Fashion Show Paris Part Two from Timothy Hollywood Khan on Vimeo.

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Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars Rock Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Half Time Show


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My Race From Super Bowl XLVIII to Prince and 3rd Eye Girl

Prince 3rd Eye Girl
I rarely talk on the phone, all the communication is on WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter,Text, Facebook, and if you are not calling me I have no idea what’s up with my phone. My friend Aimee, wants to come to the Super Bowl, I try calling her and what, I can’t get through. I am checking with everyone for a spot for her, just then a phone call comes and it’s Steve Tisch’s friend who wants to know how things are going. I tell him that I am running around to see how I can get a friend into the Super Bowl, “Yea, my friend owns MetLife stadium, and the Giants,(speaking about Steve Tish) no problem, but she will have to go with you as you have a pass, can’t give her a seat”. I text my friend to call me, and the game has started I am running around snapping pictures talking to people about being in my David Bowie Film (it’s what producers do). I don’t get a call from Aimee, but then again the game has started, and I am busy trying to make it backstage to check if I can take any shots of Bruno Mars. As I am making my way down I run into Queen Latifah opened the Super Bowl with a powerful performance of ‘America The Beautiful’ that moved the audience, and Renee Flemming who sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and did what few artists can do sing “And the rocket’s red glare” part with zero fear. By now the game was a blowout.

My friend Paula “DM” on Twitter arrived, she feels life is not fair and that Prince and 3rd Eye Girl are doing a listening party. I respond to confirming that they are at the Darby and she should just go to the door and DM her my business card to show at the door if required. I am now in the process of tracking down Lewis Hamilton and David Beckham there is a dinner after the game and all plans now will have to change due to the Prince listening party. Paula “almost there” she is headed to the Darby. I find David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton who start taking pictures. Paula “LOl ok! They aren’t ready to open yet they said but will keep u posted”. I have zapped out a text message and dinner arrangements are confirmed. A number of people want to come with me to go to the Darby and see what all the fuss is about, and since I have been going on and on about the fashion of Prince and 3rd Eye Girl from Toronto, and the guitarist of the band Donna Grantis some are curious. Paula “Ok I am in … Thanks I am so excited! I owe u for all the help”, I did nothing at all Paula was all on her own and she was in that was good news.

While millions tuned in to catch Prince’s appearance on the FOX sitcom “New Girl”, a few hundred packed into The Darby to hear new music from his upcoming album PLECTRUMELECTRUM brought together by Essence Magazine. By the time my guest and I arrived a line began to snake its way down 14th Street in New York City, as partygoers armed with RSVP’s and the hope of seeing the man in person.

Walking into the Darby, the ladies of 3RDEYEDGIRL addressed the attendees, introducing themselves and the new music.

Prince who like Bowie is always cutting on something new continues to delve deeper into his repertoire, this time bringing guitarist Donna Grantis (big time shout-out for the girl from my hometown Toronto), bassist Ida Nielsen and drummer Hannah Welton together to further his fusion of rock and funk for an album that’s going to be as much about reclaiming musicianship as it is pushing the envelope.

“The album was completely recorded live, analog, old-school,” said Nielsen. “It’s going to pull something inside of you that you may not be feeling listening to music these days.”

The ladies also extoled the virtues of working such closely with Prince and how they pick up things from him in mere seconds, whether onstage as members of the New Power Generation or throughout the recording the process as 3RDEYEDGIRL.

As my friends settled into a boot finding a comfortable space, the ladies premiered “PRETZLEBODYLOGIC”, a fun track featuring a driving guitar and a drum solo from Welton that puts an exclamation point on the jam session. The songs chorus is classic Prince, “Pretzelbodylogic is so much fun/Dreaming of each other on each other’s’ tongue” and will undoubtedly rock in clubs and arenas as Prince sets out to tour with the band.

After the ultra-funky “Funk N Roll” was played, featuring a groove and sped up vocals, the party began as hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh took to the DJ booth tophoto play master of ceremonies as the crowd danced, socialized (there was very little cell phone usage, my self included with the exception of on picture upon entry). The picture I took was posted on Instagram and Paula saw it the next day, and sent a message telling me she say the picture and that is her sitting in the back booth with her hair in a bun. It was now 2 a.m. when security tightened up and the cell phones came out in unison, hoping to capture an image of music royalty, as he entered the club to DMX’s “Party Up.” The crowd moved in Prince was perched in the booth, visibly having fun with the band and other NPG members.

For twenty minutes, most could only see the top of his now-famed afro, holding on to what little cool was left after being so close to a person who’s seemingly been so distant. While he didn’t say a word, he did bring another new song, which has alternately been billed as a remix to “Funk N Roll” or “Let’s Roll”, but it was a decidedly hip-hop driven beat that really seemed to resonate in the feet, necks and hips of those on the dance floor. Then just like that, he was gone. Back out into the NYC rain, leaving in his wake revelers and new music, memories and a promise for days to come.

London is a lucky city, as it will welcome Prince and 3rd Eye Girl next and what a show that will be. What a Super Bowl night in New York this was.

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Bruno Mars and The Super Bowl XLVIII Gig!

imagesSales of Bruno Mars album have skyrocketed after the Super Bowl XLVIII performance. So how did this dude land the gig.

“We just got that phone call and they started scoping me out,” he says. “They were coming to my shows, I guess, and they popped the question. It’s one of those things where I feel like it’s early on in my career, but … it’s definitely something on a bucket list. It’s the biggest stage ever. It’s something you’re not gonna say no to.”

As is the custom with Super Bowl halftime acts, Mars did not get paid an appearance fee for his efforts, confirmed a league spokesperson. The NFL did cover the usual setup, travel and lodging costs for the singer and his team, and that is not small change.

Mars’ payment came in the form of exposure. He played what amounted to a 12-minute commercial for himself, which both boosted sales for his concert tickets, albums and merchandise (for context, a 30-second ad costs about $4 million this year). Billboardreported a jump of 164% in sales of “Jukebox”.

His selection surprised some observers, given that the last two years’ performers—Madonna and Beyoncé—had both been international superstars for many years before playing the Super Bowl. Why didn’t the league pick another name like that?

In just four years’ time, Mars has rocketed from being a struggling songwriter to cementing his status as one of the top acts in pop music today. On top of releasing a pair of platinum-selling albums, he’s been nominated for 18 Grammy awards and won two, including Best Pop Vocal Album for Unorthodox Jukebox at last week’s ceremony.

“[My band and I] were all watching Beyoncé perform last year,” he says. “We were just blown away. We said, ‘Wow, what if one day we got the call to play that show?’”

It’s New York baby, it’s where dreams come true, and for Bruno Mars, not only did he get to play the Super Bowl Halftime show, he did it in New York city. Start spreading the news his tour is about to roll-out.


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2014 Grammys FU*K You! Say’s Trent Reznor


Some of the biggest names rock closed out the 56th annual Grammy Awards, including Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, Queens of the Stoned Age, Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, but producers of the show began to roll the credits before the encore had finished.

Afterward, an upset Reznor took to Twitter to blast CBS and the show’s producers for pulling the plug on the all-star rock performance.

What really pissed me off was some of the celebs in attendance who bailed including Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Macklemore, before the lights went up at Staples Center.

The Beatles duo Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, meanwhile, were some of the many honorees who stuck around for the two-song encore, because they truly are rockers who would not dream bailing on them.

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Frieda Pinto turns it on in Bruno Mars’ next single Gorilla! What’s next rocking a guitar?

Frieda Pinto Frieda Pinto the girl that gave me that strong sensation of Déjà vu of a friends late mother Audrey Hepburn at Toronto International Film Festival Gala (TIFF 2013), ‘100 Years of Indian Cinema’, the grace and the glam and the utterly spellbinding personality. Frieda Pinto is giving everyone another sensation a far racier side as she writhes around a stripper pole in the provocative video released on the singer Bruno Mars Facebook page on Tuesday.
While some may be shocked by this, I am not the least bit surprised. Freida plays the sultry Isabella, a stripper in a seedy bar, her beauty the envy of the other women in the joint. Actor Luis Guzman makes a cameo as the stripclub owner, introducing Freida as the ‘new girl in town’. I knew there was a reason I like Frieda. I call it ‘changing it up’ and as I am currently directing a film documentary on David Bowie the man who throughout his life has always been changing up the game I would personally like to see a collaboration between Bowie and Pinto. Changing it up once again this time with some guitar work with Bowie? ( I seriously need to stop letting my imagination run -off). But hold on a second it not that wild an idea.

As Frieda Pinto was leaving the TIFF 2013 Gala I asked Shaun Marq who looks after some of the coolest luxury gifting lounge that he should invite Frieda to come see the goodies. Pinto was hesitant at first as her car was about to arrive but as it was on the way out, why not check it out, and that is exactly what she did. Being a guitar dude, I suggested to Frieda that she take a Jarrell Guitar, and if you don’t know how to play, not to worry. I had an ace up my sleeve. That ace was singer, songwriter, guitarist Monte Pittman. Not just any dude. This dude taught Madonna another lady who like Bowie keeps ‘changing up the game’. What happened next? These tweets say it all. You can check out Frieda Pinto’s cool Jarrell Monte Pittman guitar in this video – Check it out – Let’s all go on the wild side.



Timothy Khan - Frieda Pinto

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