World Cup Finals Germany wins and Adam Lambert and Queen rock ‘We Are The Champions’ in Toronto

1cb0bdaa96978d22f7a3e547a72c65d98c.jpg (856×600) I stood among the over 250,000 people jammed on to the Fan Mile in Berlin to witness manager Jogi Loew’s team at work on massive screens set up for the occasion.
They screamed in jubilation as the one, vital, goal of ‘Super’ Mario Gotze crushed Argentina’s World Cup hopes. Germany was plunged into a frenzy of delight when their boys in Brazil sent their Argentine foes packing in the World Cup Final last night. The very first thing that came to my mind was how are my friends doing in the sold out Air Canada Center show with Adam Lambert. What will they feel like when he belts out the song ‘We Are The Champions’.

As Queen and Adam Lambert headed into Toronto the festivities in Berlin where I had been filming David Bowie Is Around The World had begun and I finally got around to checking my emails with one wondering if I need any tickets for the show at Air Canada Center, by Queen. I thought of a few people sent them messages as I was somewhat hyper with all the energy of Berlin it was whomever first gets back to me I will get sorted out for the show ( I already have ‘attention deficit disorder with the Berlin buzz added to the mix I was a Molotowcocktail).

My friend Vernon and Olivier responded first and I recalled that Vernon really wanted to see Adam Lambert. Both Vernon and Olivier make appearances in my Bowie film and f–k yea! they had to see the show. So many people ask me when going to a show, “where are the seats going to be”, and hell if I know, when the band gives you seats they usually will be good seats, dah!. My friends Vernon and Olivier never asked this question. I confirmed with them over Facebook, Twitter, that they were set, and sorted.

The game began, Germany with Argentina and what a game it was, close calls, near misses not by Germany but by Argentina. Girls next to me could were on the verge of a breakdown, and then that all to pretty a goal by Germany and Berlin went off the charts. Vernon and Olivier were also jubilant as they too had been cheering for Germany. As I lost my self with a quarter of a million people hitting one bar after another screaming Deutschland, Deutschland my friends collected their tickets and messaged me “Floor Seat”, followed by “1st row”, I smiled at the thrill of it all, from Berlin to Toronto. David Bowie exhibit in Berlin to Toronto where Queen who know Bowie well, with my two friends in the front row, it was just all magical.

Adam Lambert and Queen rocked the encore duo of We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, the latter which ended with an explosion of gold confetti, as fireworks filled the night sky’s of Berlin.

Here are some of my friends tweets.

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Ziggy, World Cup, and Fashion Week is why I am in Berlin 40 years after Bowie

bowie.jpg (850×566) If I had thought upon conceiving making a film David Bowie Is Around The World, that the Bowie exhibit which was a hit in London would next travel to my home city the first location of my film, it would have been a dream, but this dream came true. Berlin was also set as a location, as it was a city loved by Bowie, and upon release of his first album in a decade he mentions my favorite spot in Berlin, Potsdamer Platz.

I stood among the people of Berlin watching the team of Germany destroy and humiliate Brazil, and thought it would have been better for them to have existed out of the tournament such as Italy and Spain rather than go down in history as a team that got raped by Germany. In Berlin they ran out of fireworks as they went off each time Germany scored but not even those in Berlin could grasp the seven goals.

So here I am in Berlin with David Bowie exhibit open till August, the World Cup 2014 final Germany with Argentina, and Berlin Fashion Week. No one could have planned this, no one did, it all just came together.

What exactly persuaded Bowie to decamp to the city in 1976? Christopher Isherwood’s “Goodbye to Berlin”? Romy Haag, the glamorous transsexual owner of a legendary night club, and Bowie’s muse and reputedly lover? Or the divided post-war city itself, a refuge for drop-outs, artists, mavericks and draft-dodgers?

As the Bowie exhibit discloses, it was a bit of everything. Most of all, perhaps, the move stemmed from Bowie’s longing for a break, his desire to be somewhere else and do something different after drug addiction, depression and burn-out in Los Angeles (he once told me those years were a blur, and I can relate as I too ended up in Berlin after few years of being constantly stoned out of my mind), it was Berlin that revitalized me. According to Eduard Meyer, the sound engineer at the renowned Hansa Studios near Potsdamer Platz, where Bowie recorded “Heroes”, the second album in his “Berlin Trilogy”, the singer came to Berlin to find peace and get his life in order. In an interview in 1978, Bowie said: “I got into a lot of emotional and spiritual trouble and needed a split.”

As I sit writing this at the cafe of Hyatt Hotel on Marlene Dietrich Platz, I still get a chill up my spine about the Bowie connection with Marlene Dietrich one of the many highlights of the Bowie exhibit is from 1978 revealing a short correspondence between Bowie and Marlene Dietrich about “Just a Gigolo”, an unsuccessful film in which Bowie played a gigolo who works in a brothel run by Dietrich’s Baroness (her final appearance on-screen). According to Heidemann, Bowie and Dietrich never actually met in person, since his scenes were shot in Berlin and hers in Paris.

There is a certain magic in Berlin, and for me to walk along those taking a walking tour in the steps of Bowie while filming them (with Samsung S5 and iPhone) as they tours around Hauptstrasse and Potsdamer Platz, including Hansa Studio and the Bowie/Pop pad, all part of the exhibition’s side programme and should not be missed. The tour highlights the changes made to Berlin since Bowie walked its streets almost 40 years ago and, like the exhibition itself, helps elucidate the city’s effect on Bowie’s life and music. As the V&A’s Mr Roth put it, “Bowie without Berlin doesn’t work.”

Here is Melinda Michael’s view on the exhibit she is in the Bowie film.

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Berlin Fashion Week 2014 – Friedrichstraße Station Bowie film Berlin

Berlin Fashion Week

There are a number of reasons to be in Berlin this week in July. The David Bowie Is exhibit is here for the summer, and Berlin Fashion week also kicks-off, and what a great backdrop to film in Berlin the David Bowie Is Around The World, scene ‘Friedrichstraße ‘.  The scene set to music and is based on a poem I wrote few years ago.

At Friedrichstraße she sat,

her legs glowing in almond oil,

the prospect of tasting her in my mouth, eerie, terrifying, and enchanting,

she parted her exquisitely sculpted legs,

the scent of surrender,

a cool mist swept my face, reverberating,

not against the retina, or the ear drum, but the nasal epithelia, 

her explosive screams fill the air,

the smell of gray, of worn concrete, a light perfume of drab industrial stench, a hint of smoke and stale air,

her body hurling, as if helium and hydrogen in space,

her scent on my face, is awesome,

she is instinctively powerful art-form,

almond oil glowing on my face, 

awaiting a train at Friedrichstraße 

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David Bowie Film Takes – Jarrell Guitar On Tour And You Can Win

Swedish Model Josefine with Jarrell Guitar, fashion by Magpie designers for Prince at Ritz Carlton Toronto

From the mind of visionary designer Phillip Jarrell comes an extensive collection of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, amps, microphones, and unique guitar accessories for the serious musician. Phillip Jarrell has combined his personal insights from a lifetime in music, art and design and invested them all into a comprehensive line of top quality products for musicians and producers.

Jarrell guitars and basses are handmade with the finest tone-woods, Tone Pros hardware and Seymour Duncan pickups according to Phillip Jarrell’s personal specifications. These modern classics embody years of painstaking design, experimentation and refinement into a focused group of guitars and basses ready to rock yet refined to meet the expectations of the most accomplished players. Jarrell Guitars include acoustic, semi-hollow, chambered, and solid body instruments.


As the production of the David Bowie film tours the world to various locations in each city a Jarrell guitar will be showcased at a venue that is music related.

1. In each location at a selected venue the guitar will be showcased and by following all on Twitter, you get in the game to win.

2. #DavidBowieIS #Film you comment on Bowie. It can be one word.

3. You are now in the game.

The fun does not just stop here, throughout the production of the film followers can win cool gifts with those whom we have partnered with to help make a very exciting project, in the style and manner of Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol

Why you may want to win this guitar. All you need to do is check out this video. Playing the guitar in this video is Monte Pittman, and Gary Lucas.

Monte Pittman:

Monte Pittman is an American musician, songwriter and studio musician, based out of Los Angeles, known largely as Madonna’s long-time guitarist but has quite a diverse professional resume, including stints that range from glam-pop star Adam Lambert to metal band Prong.

Pittman started playing guitar as a teenager when he “finally got my first guitar when I was 13”. His guitar teacher was Robert Browning. He also took music theory and piano lessons from Delores Rhoads at the Musonia School of Music in North Hollywood.
Pittman’s early musical influences came from bands and artists such as Kiss, Metallica, Slayer, Steve Vai, Jimmy Page, Pantera, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead, to name a few.

Gary Lucas:

Gary Lucas is an American guitarist, a Grammy-nominated songwriter, a soundtrack composer for film and television, and an international recording artist with over twenty solo albums to date. He has been described as a “guitarist with a global guitar” (Larry Rohter, 9 May 2011, New York Times) “one of the best and most original guitarists in America” (David Fricke, 16 Nov. 2006, Rolling Stone); a “legendary leftfield guitarist” (The Guardian, 24 Dec. 2005); “the thinking man’s guitar hero” (The New Yorker, 8 Jan. 2007), “perhaps the greatest living electric guitar player” (Daniel Levitin) and one of “the most innovative and challenging guitarists playing today” (fRoots, March 2002). Lucas’ style melds easily into rock and blues, has “avant-garde affinities,” but is “not easily typecast.” (Steve Dollar, May 6, 2011, Wall Street Journal). He is also associated with vocalist Jeff Buckley, who performed for a year in Lucas’ band, Gods and Monsters, early in his career.

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