Lanni Marchant and Natasha Wodak of Canada Road to Rio begins with Cover Photo by Canadian Babar Khan – Rio 2016


Lanni Marchant and Natasha Wodak are on the road to Rio.  If ever a song appropriately fit what athletes go through to get to the Olympic games then it has to by Lennon–McCartney ‘The Long and Winding Road’ .  Their cover was photographed by Babar Khan, who you will see at work in the David Bowie Film.

Meet Lanni, Natasha and Babar. The road to Rio.

Lanni Marchant,  is a record-holding Canadian long distance runner.

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Natasha Wodak, is a Canadian long-distance runner. She currently holds the national record in 10,000 meters , set in Palo Alto, California in 2015.

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Babar Khan, is a Toronto, Canada based photographer.  Babar gives it his all when working, he is a joy to watch and work with and I have had great time shooting him behind the scene and being in his shoots for the film on fans of the late David Bowie.

Check out the work of Babar Khan here ; Babar’s Website,


Natasha Wodak and Lanni Marchant


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Keira Knightley Top For Topless – Toronto International Film Festival 2014

keira-knightley-by-patrick-demarchelier-for-interview-magazine-september-20141.jpg (617×788)

Keira Knightley has gone topless for a very revealing new magazine shoot, setting the mood for her arrival at The Toronto International Film Festival.

In the stunning pictures, captured by French photographer Patrick Demarchelier for Interview magazine, Knightley is shown in a succession of glamorous designer gowns.

Expect, that is, for one striking shot, in which she faces the camera, completely bare on her top half but for long, lace gloves.

As Keira Knightly embarks on Toronto for the film festival for the international premier of her film “Laggies”, fashion photographer Babar Khan and style guru Michael Bonneville who has styled Cate Blanchett , Annie Lennox , Vanessa Williams, supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Shalom Harlow and Carolyn Murphy to name a few has something in mind to rock out Keira at the Windsor Arms Hotel photography studio. 

Now just picture Keira with this top it’s ready, it’s waiting, and only this girl could rock it.

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Robin Williams with the man Andy Warhol who inspired my Bowie film

robin-williams-valerie-williams-and-andy-warhol-at-studio-54-1979-new-york-daily-news.jpg (1044×817) Robin Williams, Valerie Williams and Andy Warhol at the famed Studio 54, 1979. I look at the image and instantly am filled with sadness at the loss of Robin Williams who made me laugh so much throughout the years. This photograph says it all, where is Robin Williams?.

Andy Warhol and I met in New York at a party on the 67th floor of 641 Fifth Avenue at Olympic Towers a building owned by a friend the late Christina Onassis. The building also was where David Bowie had his office at the time, yet Bowie and I would not meet till later when we were neighbours in Los Angles.

Andy Warhol inspired my project the documentary film I am making David Bowie Is Around The World. The inspiration came from Warhol’s project 8mm where he just filmed people dropping into his factory. Later he took all those clips and put them together and he had a film. David Bowie played Andy Warhol in the film called Basquiat, and during The Toronto International Film Festival, with the Windsor Arms Hotel, Babar Khan a photographer the factory created by Andy Warhol in New York is being recreated as the Bowie Film Sound and Vision Studio Lounge, bringing Bowie and Warhol together once again. If you think I am kidding, than wait till you meet the man who is doing the hair and makeup because in the Bowie film he is the Andy Warhol.

The Bowie Film Sound and Vision Studio Lounge is where various people visiting The Toronto Film Festival will be captured by the lens of Babar Khan, for a book that will be created in as a limited edition by the Windsor Arms Hotel and the proceeds from the sale of this amazing work with various actors, musicians, will be donated to a charity to help those with mental illness.

More on the lounge and how you will be able to preorder the limited edition book. Lets activate the prevention of loss of life to mental illness through the art of photography.

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Bowie film original music inspired by Bowie, Queen “Under Pressure”


Adam Lambert and Queen are currently on tour. David Bowie asked me at dinner once who my favorite band was and I told him Queen. The history with Queen and Bowie in now legendary, in the making of the song “Under Pressure”.

In the summer of 1981, the British band Queen was recording tracks for their tenth studio album, Hot Space, at Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland. As it happened, David Bowie had scheduled time at the same studio to record the title song for the movie Cat People. Before long, Bowie stopped by the Queen sessions and joined in. The original idea was that he would add backup vocals on the song “Cool Cat.” “David came in one night and we were playing other people’s songs for fun, just jamming,” says Queen drummer Roger Taylor in Mark Blake’s book Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Freddie Mercury and Queen. “In the end, David said, ‘This is stupid, why don’t we just write one?’” And so began a marathon session of nearly 24-hours–fueled, according to Blake, by wine and cocaine. Built around John Deacon’s distinctive bass line, the song was mostly written by Mercury and Bowie. Blake describes the scene, beginning with the recollections of Queen’s guitarist:

‘We felt our way through a backing track all together as an ensemble,’ recalled Brian May. ‘When the backing track was done, David said, “Okay, let’s each of us go in the vocal booth and sing how we think the melody should go–just off the top of our heads–and we’ll compile a vocal out of that.” And that’s what we did.’ Some of these improvisations, including Mercury’s memorable introductory scathing vocal, would endure on the finished track. Bowie also insisted that he and Mercury shouldn’t hear what the other had sung, swapping verses blind, which helped give the song its cut-and-paste feel.

The same concept is applied in the original music of the David Bowie Is Around The World, a recording artist comes into the studio with recording producer 7 Keys and lyric are given to them and off they go, while 7 Keys works the hook, and other who have never heard the tune do their own version and then it’s cut-and-paste this is done with Bowie film discovered recording artists from around the world.  This is just a rough 8 mm black and while look thanks to recording producer 7 Keys.

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David Bowie Film Cast Sneak Peak – Part 1!

Melinda Micheal, Tommy James Murphy, Timothy Hollywood Khan – Producer, Director and Kayla Havard
Photo – Babar Khan

Andy Warhol created the factory and those who came to visit got filmed in his 8mm film. They were all interesting people. At the Toronto International Film Festival, The Ritz Bar, at the Ritz Carlton Toronto was home to the David Bowie Table where creative people came to meet like-minded people, ending up in the film and sharing their talent.

This is first of a series of photographs taken by the very talented Babar Khan who also found himself in the film David Bowie Is Around The World. The Creative Director of this shoot was the wonderful Jackie Gideon of Jackie Gideon Beauty. As the film develops you will get to meet more of the cast and learn their individual stories.

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