Artist Zan Rococo Rocks Her Art At Frank In The Art Gallery of Ontario

Artist Zan Rococo ‘s art goes from her studio loft apartment to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Magic is real and dreams come true.

Toronto artist Zan Rococo and I had not seen each other in three years.  The last time I had seen her art it was all wrapped up sitting in her loft apartment.  Zan and I keep tabs on each other over social media such as Instagram or Twitter, and she saw through my Instagram I was coming into town for Rihanna and sent me a message (DM), “Hey my art is at the AGO now, come see my exhibit”.

Artist Zan walked me around her exhibit that was in a private dining room of Frank restaurant at Art Gallery of Ontario almost never letting go of her book by Richard Serra an American minimalist sculptor and video artist known for working with large-scale assemblies of sheet metal who is her inspiration.

Zan Rococo’s works are also like Serra, large-scale full of emotion and movement.  As I walked around looking and admiring her painting, it was clear they could play any gallery in the world, Shanghai, New York, Dubai, London or Berlin to name a few.

Zan’s works are as complex as the artist herself, no holds barred art, not constrained by the edges of her canvas. Follow her on her Instagram.

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