Josefine – Model From Sweden With Love !

Josefine comes from the land that is called Sweden. In Sweden everyone likes to keep up with the Jones’s not in a material way, in the health way. “They all want to out-health each other”, said Josefine as we sat in a Yorkville coffee shop.

I was catching up with Josefine who was on her way to Sweden a day after the British/Irish boy-band One Direction had been in town. My ears still reverberating from the screams. Josefine had seen my YouTube video and told me she just laughed, as it reminded her of her time going to the concert when she was 7 and being crazy about Back Street Boys. Now she is crazy about “Ozzy” Osborne

“I love girls loving boy bands. I’d be the same if I saw Ozzy, LOL. No actually I would contain myself in an attempt to remain cool but probably escape to a nearby washroom and ram myself into the walls for a bit to calm down.”

I ran into Josefine one day at a coffee shop on Queen Street West, after time spent with models from America’s Next Top Models Live CN Tower, Edgewalk. My mobile phone had died and I decided to charge my phone and have a coffee.

Overhearing a Swedish accent, as Josefine had been on the phone and having spent lots of time in Stockholm myself I decided to find out more about her. What a discovery this was.

Josefine, was studying for her exams, not just any exam but in mathematics, yes she likes numbers, it’s how her brain works. There was a level of comfort between us due to ties in Sweden perhaps, and soon the various layers of Josefine began to reveal themselves to me like skin peeling off fruit. She, Josefine had also modeled, she loves to cook, make raw foods taste delicious, had traveled where she’s seen poverty, makes a mean almond yogurt, and loves astrology.

Shortly after our first meeting Josefine informed me she has signed with her agency again and now is back into modeling. This was good to hear because she is talented and had a great look.

At the coffee shop in Yorkville she was unable to contain herself at the thought of just chilling with her mom in bed, eating and being back in Sweden. I shared in her excitement, almost as if I was also going back to see my friends in Sweden.

So here let me introduce you to my Swedish discovery in Toronto, the multifaceted girl from Sweden, Josefine.

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From Models to Ferrari it’s all about Red and Canada!

A red Ferrari, and models are inseparable. They are interchangeable, models and red Ferrari, Ferrari and models. They have remained over time, grafted as one.

A women’s body might as well have been designed by Pininfarina.

Walking into the CN Tower towards the EdgeWalk reception the very first visual that stopped me in my tracks was a fashion editor with legs in red shoes. These where not just legs, these where legs like those of a fine wine.

This was followed by the models of America’s Next Top Model Live Canada Olivia Singh, Evelyn Li, Carol Brantnell, Heather Kelsall the supreme performer Farahri, and Lisa D’Amato all slipping intoCarol Brantnell, Heather Kelsall something more comfortable, red jumpsuits.

So here I was with models in red jumpsuits, a fashion editor in a short mini black trench with long legs in red shoes and dynamo performer who can make anyone’s body shake with a name Farahri, it was no surprise that my mind drifted to Ferrari.

My first time visiting the Fiorano circuit in Italy it was brought to my attention that painted on the track was a very large red maple leaf to honour the infamous, talented, fearless Canadian formula one driver Gilles Villeneuve.

My plan, and I usually don’t have a plan was to discover all the talent at America’s Next Top Models Live and then jump on the plane to Fiorano to watch Jacque Villinuve drive his father’s 1979 Formula One car at Fiorano on May 8, to mark the 30th anniversary of Gilles Villeneuve’s death.

The Canadian driver was regarded by many as one of the fastest drivers ever to compete in Formula One, Gilles Villeneuve earned legendary status for his heroic driving style behind the wheel of his Ferrari. He may only have won six grand prix in his tragically short career, but Gilles’ talent, speed and bravery ensured that his memory remains alive and vivid today in the minds of race fans worldwide.

Then there was the awesome moment and I use the word awesome for what it is intended for, not causally thrown about frivolously, when the great one gave me a ride in his red Ferrari. Wow! you say. Yes, it was wow! No I tell a lie, it was freek’n awesome!

Having befriended the CEO of Labatt’s beer I was introduce to Gilles. The CEO of Labatt’s and I had the similar passion for formula one racing. Labatt’s sponsored the greatest race car driver ever to come out of Canada, the infamous Gilles Villeneuve.

It was Gilles who gave me a valuable lesson about life. He had imparted this wisdom to me. Life he had told me was like driving a Ferrari, you don’t need a rear-view mirror, because what is behind you doesn’t matter. You never look back. Just keep going forward. It was also the manner in which Gilles drove.

The 1979 Ferrari 312 T4 was the most competitive car of Gilles Villeneuve’s career, and Jacques will drive the car at Fiorano on 8 May, 30 years on from the day that his father lost his life in a crash in qualifying for the Belgian GP at Zolder.

A Ferrari statement said Jacques Villeneuve’s outing in the 312 T4 would be “a fitting occasion to evoke the memory of a man who has and always will have a place of honour in the history of Ferrari.”

It is absolutely magical how Ferrari, red, models, red jumpsuits, all intersected for me at America’s Next Top Model Live. It was a natural, just like Ferrari and models go hand in hand so does Ferrari, Italy and fashion. Those are words that can drop with easy from ones lips like apples fall from trees.

My iPhone was about to die from the tweeting, tumbling, photography, video recording and editing at the America’s Next Top Model Live kick-off at the CN Tower so I stopped into a friends coffee shop to have it charged up. I could hear Swedish being spoken, which is not something you hear often in Toronto. After the girl on the phone had finished her conversation I asked her, “so where in Sweden are you from ?”, she seemed pleasantly stunned and told me “Uppasla”. My conversation was as easy as a hot knife going through butter. After all she was Swedish, and one of my most trusted best friend is Swedish. When the nasty vicissitudes of life fell upon me it was Swedes who came to my rescue. It was like being with family. The girl in question is studying mathematics’s, speaks three languages, and occasionally models. I told her that I have a race car driver friend who is Swedish, Stefan Johansson who drove formula one for Ferrari.

This was a day of red, Ferrari, models and talent of Canada. The legendary Canadian driver to the performer Farahri on the tallest catwalk in Toronto, the talented Canadian models to the 1979 Ferrari in Fiorano where on the track is the red Canadian maple leaf.

Life is magic, and magic is real and dreams come true.

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My Date With Four Model’s In The Sky – America’s Next Top Model Live

Evelyn Li, Carol Brantnell, Olivia Singh, Heather Kelsall

If someone had told me I would have a date with four tall future supermodels, I would have said “come on they are all tall”. This date was at 1,815 feet, 5 inches above the city of Toronto and that is just another level. That’s what I call tall.

Four finalist’s from Sutherland Model Supermodel Search 2012 , Olivia Singh, Evelyn Li, Carol Brantnell, Heather Kelsall, where joined by the lady who can make anyone rock their body the bombshell performer Farahri,and Lisa D’Amato winner of ANTM All-Star series 2011, to walk the EdgeWalk at Toronto’s CN Tower.

It was clear to me that the girls had come to play in the clouds making this the a catwalk that they will never forget. Yes they could walk for Dior, Chanel, do New York, Milan, and Paris but there is nothing like being above everyone else. Lady Gaga you may be rocking Hong Kong but these girls really know how to have a ball, they really are girls who where born this way to have a ball.

Trust me when I tell you this. Don’t miss the America’s Next Top Model Live it’s loaded with fun, fashion, style, music and beautiful girls. Now that is what I call a party.

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Future Supermodels Who Will Play In The Sky! ANTMLive

“We are thrilled to be kicking off America’s Next Top Model Live at Toronto’s most famous landmark. We look forward to welcoming fans of the show, as well as shopping, fashion and beauty enthusiasts to this incredible event.” – Stacey Evans, Show Manager America’s Next Top Model Live

Defining the Toronto skyline, at a height of 553.33m (1,815 ft., 5 inches), the CN Tower is Canada’s National Tower, an engineering Wonder and Toronto’s must see attraction visited by over 1.5 million people each year.

To introduce this exciting celebrity packed event, ANTM 2011 All-Star winner LISA D’AMATO will be joined by Degrassi TV star Alicia Josipovic (Bianca DeSousa) and finalists from the nation-wide Sutherland Supermodel Search who will defy fashion gravity by walking a catwalk high above the city of Toronto at EdgeWalk at the CN Tower.

The four models Olivia Singh, Evelyn Li, Carol Brantnell, and Heather Kelsall will do the world’s highest hands-free walk on a building, EdgeWalk providing a thrilling “catwalk” along the edge of one of the world’s greatest manmade wonders as they play in the sky above the clouds.

No Supermodel in the world can say she’s done a catwalk in the sky above the clouds. This is the very first. So what do you think these models will do to the catwalk? They are going to make it sizzle with fashion dynamite.

Here are the four amazingly brave and beautiful models who make history in the world of fashion.

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America’s Next Top Model Live Canada ! Girls on Film !

This week is the launch of America’s Next Top Model Live Canada.

A great deal of work goes into a fashion shoot. Various elements come into play to get a look of a photo shoot that you want. It’s fun, but it is a lot of work.

Sutherland Models Supermodel Search 2012 has twelve girls who aspire to be the America’s Next Top Model.  The models will be doing what they do,  and you can watch them at America Next Top Model Live Canada.

Here are the girls in the photo-shoot for America’s Next Top Model Live Canada and a behind the scene look of what it takes to make it all come together.

This world awaits you as the main event America’s Next Top Model Live Canada kicks off May 4-6 at Toronto Convention Center. So get ready to be a part of the world of Supermodels, and fashion.

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Love For Lady Gaga – These Girls Born This Way !

In less the twenty four hours Lady Gaga will kick off her global tour ‘Born This Way Ball’. The passion of her fans is undisputed, and her fans are some very talented people.

Lady Gaga had her birthday few weeks ago and got herself  a sweet ride the Audi R8 GT. So the chef at Clafouti in Toronto decided to make Lady Gaga a dessert. Something light, and sweet, that would still let you dance, and dance with the sweetness of the Tiramisu.

To document the event a photo shoot was organized bringing together the ‘girl power’ of the photographer, make-up artist, and the hair stylist each contributing their talents to make this happen for the Lady Gaga ‘Tiramisu’ Born This Way Ball Tour.

The shoot was done with the fashion of Magpie who have designed for the King of funk Prince, as well as Andy Allo.

The photo shoot was done in the kitchen of Clafouti to reinforce that pop star’s do eat, and no matter how big a pop star you become, or what ever dreams you have, some of the best times are in a kitchen where you share the love for food with family. These girls like all of us are just ‘Born This Way’ to share with love. In the style and manner of Lady Gaga, who leaves it all on the stage.



Gigi Presentey – Photographer:

“When I first saw Lady Gaga perform, I believe it was in some television or movie awards ceremony. I immediately took a liking to her weird space-age pop punk apparel and her catchy tune (just dance). Her attitude on stage and her backup dancers were something new to my eyes.”








Tamar Yohannes – Stylist: Is a very talented artist. Tamar not only has the eye for styling hair, she has the eye for the look of how a shoot could turn out it’s a natural that she shared for the shoot.

“I love anything to do with hair, makeup and art in general….I’m self taught in all my beauty skills. I come from a family of artists. So Its in my blood. One love”








Safia Chatoo – Make-up Artist: Safia is a Lady Gaga fan with a flare. Like any make-up artist Safia wanted to know what was going to be the look for the shoot, she would require a full hour to prepare the model for this shoot.

Would Safia like to work with Lady Gaga and her crew. Hell Ya!

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