Elodia Like Drizzy Drake Keeps Changing Gears With Her New Single – ‘My Way Home’

No better place to file this blog report on my friend Elodia and her latest collaboration with Melih Aydogan than in Oberhausen, Germany waiting for the man from my city Drizzy Drake.
As one of my friends put it Drake is so big because he is not just rap, he can do anything and after-all he just did a single with Taylor Swift then there is ‘Hot Bling’.

Elodia like Drake can also shift grears.  She has classical musical training started in opera,rock, pop, and now this her first collaboration with Melih. Elodia told me it’s more the direction she is going towards more house-dance. Follow her on her Twitter she is one very cool, talented girl. Here below is her most recent work just to get you warmed up for Drake gig tonight.



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A yacht I had a lot of fun on which would become Donald Trump’s TRUMP PRINCESS and Now Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s KINGDOM 5KR

At the time of this filming the yacht I had a lot of fun on belonged to my business associate Saudi Billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, and was known as Nabila.

During its days as Nabila, it was featured in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, in which it was seen as Flying Saucer (translated from Italian Disco Volante in the source novel, Thunderball), the villain’s superyacht mobile HQ. It was also the inspiration for a track, “Khashoggi’s Ship”, on the 1989 album by rock band Queen, The Miracle.

Donald Trump bought the yacht for $29 million. After a refit, Trump renamed it Trump Princess.

Trump sold it when he ran into financial problems in 1991 to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal for $20 million.

The yacht’s latest name stems from the Prince’s investment company, Kingdom Holding Company, his lucky number (5), and his children’s initials (‘K’ and ‘R’).

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LIVE STREAM Meet The First Women To Play Music In Their Families and Country THE AFGHAN WOMEN’S ORCHESTRA (“ZOHRA”) – Davos WEF 2017


During the Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s, music was forbidden: playing music, listening to music, or selling cassettes was considered un‐Islamic and was outlawed. Afghanistan’s musicians were forced to flee from their homeland. Moved by the critical state of musicians and music education in his native country, Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, a visionary musician and the first Afghan to obtain a doctorate in music, initiated a ground-breaking project to revive and promote music education in Afghanistan. This year, the ANIM’s Afghan Women’s Orchestra (“Zohra”) was launched and it includes over thirty brave young women, between the ages of 14 and 20, who have defied the odds against them and play music together—the first women in their families, community, and country to learn music in over 30 years.


They told me one day we will kill you – Negina Khpalwak

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