President Obama To Director Sean Brosnan With His Film ‘My Father Die’ For Both A First SXSW

I once died and heard my mother’s voice. She whispered, “Keep breathing.” And I did. – Director Sean Brosnan

Saturday, March 12th  –  Time:  11:59pm – 1:25am  Theater: Alamo Ritz 1 320 East 6th Street.


When you go see Sean Brosnan’s film ‘My Father Die’ , you will understand how great it is that he kept breathing, because he one very talented filmmaker.  While Sean is the director of the film, he is not alone.  There is his lovely wife Sanja Brosnan, parents to daughter Marley, and then there is their dog who is never far.  When Sean met Sanja on an airplane one day he knew right there and then he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  They are a love story.  The films they make and Sean directs are works of passion.  You will see.  Get your tickets, NOW!, (just saying), if President Obama was to ask ‘who do you think should make few short films to inspire people?’ Sean Brosnan would be top of my list.  Some quick notes on ‘My Father Die’ .

My Father Die's midnight premiere at SXSW is on Saturday, March 12 at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz 1.There will be...

Posted by MY FATHER DIE on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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Nancy Reagan Former First Lady and My First Meeting At The White House

Farewell to the great White House romance that began in Hollywood a true love story that of the Former First Lady Nancy Reagan


Itinerary note Henley Park Hotel May 11, 1983

A film director once staying at my home in Los Angeles while I was traveling in Europe called and said, “I love your home, it is so calming, but tell me what is with all the Reagan stuff in the study all about?”.  I told her it’s a long story.  The pictures have since been lost, during an earthquake.  How I got to the White House is another story, this is about my first meeting with an elegant, stylish, women who just loved her man, and would do anything to protect him, and that was the Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who passed away today.



In an era without Instagram, YouTube, Google, Twitter, or any other form of social media other than above known as ‘Telex’,  I was prepped and ready to go to the White House on May 12, 1983.

As the note had stated the cars arrived at precisely at 4:40pm and wearing my Armani tuxedo I was off to the White House.  I was not just going to the White House, I was also going to meet the President and the First Lady and this had not yet sunk into the brain or perhaps the brain was in shock at the events unfolding.  Nothing can truly prepare you for a moment like this, you just have to wing it like a quarterback having to deal with a blitz.

Walking into the White House a surge of energy seeps into your bones, delivering a message to the brain ” you have arrived at the most powerful place in the world” .

As you can imagine before one is invited to the White House they already know everything there is to know about you. After all we have all seen ‘House of Cards’ 

When my time came to meet with the President Reagan I had no clue what I would say, but the man with the dynamic charisma put me at ease as soon as he shook hands, “how does it feel to be in the White House?” asked the President.  It was at this moment I already knew if this man holding my hand asked me to take a bullet for him I would.  The First Lady was keenly watching the interaction. I responded by telling the President, “Mr. President, that flag flying on the White House lawn is the only flag I am prepared to take a bullet for”.  The First Lady had her eyes fixed on me and I reached my hand to shake hers and this is the moment I will never forget.  I froze.  There standing before me was a petite lady, her radiant eyes, looking into mine and I was awe-struck by her elegance and beauty.  Nancy Reagan was not the kind of women who was going to die with the music still locked inside her, no she was going to let it play. The only words I could utter, “Mrs. Reagan, you look so beautiful”.

Over the years, I would get to know Nancy Reagan a lot better her passion for ‘Just Say No’ to drugs, he love for Ronald Reagan, the value she placed on loyalty and if she liked you there was no door that she would not open for you.  I had often thought of her living without Ronald Reagan, and while she has departed, I am not sad but happy that she is with the person she is in heaven with her husband whom she loved so much and, the man who changed my life forever.

There’s a big world out there and I am tired of walking alone without you





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