Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Paris Tonight on CBS Meet Model Rachelle Denison

The motto of this story is always keep your eyes open for what is around you as you never know what you will discover.

Discovering Rachelle was all about making a U-turn. While on my way to Paris for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taping I walked right past Rachelle doing a photo shoot. Having passed her I thought to myself come on Tim, lets check out what’s up and turned around. What I found was a pleasant surprise.
I instantly knew Rachelle had it when she discovered she had no pockets in her blazer and decided instead to hold on to the jacket for effect.

Learn more about Rachelle her thoughts on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later this week on my upcoming podcast.

Give Rachelle a follow and tune in to CBS at 10pm EST for the gig from Paris.


Take me away. #photo by @ikomaramo #photoshoot @elitetoronto #model #beach #freedom #peace #beauty

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Paris 2016 City of Light Filled with Angels Catch it December 5th on CBS

Late at night last night I was catching up on Vikings on Google Play and the fight was on for Paris.  Paris the city of light no matter what you throw at it will come back shining it has done so throughout history.

This 2016 series of Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was taped in Paris and if you where gonna add anything more to Paris why not fifty-one angels.

Music was with the stunning Lady Gaga who was discovered by my friend Wendy Starland, the man from my hometown Toronto The Weekend, and someone I really love because he is super nice Bruno Mars.

No need for me to say more. Just watch this amazing show on December 5, on CBS.

VS Fashion Show Paris Part Two from Timothy Hollywood Khan on Vimeo.

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Pippa Small’s Seeds Of Life Collection with my Talented friend Belquis Zhair Debut In Brentwood

“We need to show them that Afghan craft has worth” – Pippa Small

My extremely multi talented friend Belquis Zhair is the granddaughter of the last King of Afghanistan Mohammed Zahir Shah, who teamed up with Canadian born designer Pippa Small in a collection known as “Seeds Of Life” which is unquestionably dazzlingly and made its debut in Pippa Small’s Brentwood store on Thursday, November 3.


Both the dynamic, talented women have a love for Afghanistan.  It is in Kabul where for the last ten years Small has trained women bringing their sketches to life, it is also where one could easily be killed just for going to work, yet both Pippa and Belquis are committed to make the project in Kabul work where the environment has deteriorated since the allied troops pulled out in 2014.

Here is a look at some of the collection and help these great talented women plant the “Seeds of Life”.





Pippa Small’s involvement in Afghanistan.

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