Prince Harry , Meghan Markle a Photographer and a Canadian Designer Ivan Lehec

It was Toronto the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games.  Fashion designer Ivan Lehec of Finezza – Au Nom de l’Homme was going to feature his new line at a fashion show known as TOM.  Julia Campisi a photographer wanted to do some cutting edge photographs of Harry and Meghan for the social media team at their wedding.  I had to see how she could operate under pressure.   Harry and Meghan presented the perfect time to put her under pressure.


When you put teams together to create exciting content for global events you don’t need prima donna photographers, you need someone who can chase down a shot capture that candid moment and run to get the next shot a photograph that will captivate those who are following the events instagram, twitter, and facebook.

As I stood backstage I wanted to know where was the designer?  Ivan Lehec and his wife were stuck at their hotel as Prince Harry was arriving at Air Canada Center and the block had gone into lock down.  Ivan would soon arrive but where was Julia Campisi the photographer?  Julia was texting me that she was stuck in heavy traffic and was going to jump out of her taxi and start walking to the venue of TOM Fashion Week.  Ivan’s models where getting ready and time was running out as I would have to leave backstage and get to Air Canada Center to set up for Harry’s arrival.  The motorcade was en route.  I called Julia’s mobile phone and told her;

” Hey girl, the entire area is blocked off as Prince Harry is making his way to Air Canada Center you have to get to the backstage area get your pass I know you can do it.”

Julia, would later text me as I awaited Prince Harry and this motorcade below, she was backstage and had made it to the other side of Gardiner Expressway.



Julia did make it and got the shots some in this clip.  This is what it is like when you are working an event and Prince Harry is involved and Julia is the type of person you would want on your team because as she demonstrated you have to be quick on your feet as anything can happen at any time.


The Work of Julia Campisi

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