Elodia Like Drizzy Drake Keeps Changing Gears With Her New Single – ‘My Way Home’

No better place to file this blog report on my friend Elodia and her latest collaboration with Melih Aydogan than in Oberhausen, Germany waiting for the man from my city Drizzy Drake.
As one of my friends put it Drake is so big because he is not just rap, he can do anything and after-all he just did a single with Taylor Swift then there is ‘Hot Bling’.

Elodia like Drake can also shift grears.  She has classical musical training started in opera,rock, pop, and now this her first collaboration with Melih. Elodia told me it’s more the direction she is going towards more house-dance. Follow her on her Twitter she is one very cool, talented girl. Here below is her most recent work just to get you warmed up for Drake gig tonight.



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