Venus William Blowoff In Pit Lane WTF “Get out of Pit Lane” United States Grand Prix

I have taken a lot of VIP’s to a Formula 1 race thanks to Bernie Ecclestone such as Warren Buffets son Peter Buffet, Rolling Stones and U2 business managing director just to name a few and these people have seen it all rock and roll style. They were always so excited to be in pit lane, appreciated the hospitality and if reporters came asking question were eager to part-take in the spirit of the high-octane event. I have personally never ever accommodated anyone or wasted a call to Ecclestone for someone who just wanted to be seen.

So what really ticked me off was Venus William and her attitude in pit lane. She just refused to answer or engage, in pit lane and basically turned her back on Martin Brundle of SKY Sports. My first thought was ‘WTF’ are you doing in pit lane. I am a believer in that the only VIP’s who should be in pit lane are those who will be engaging, tweet, instagram because they then add to the event so don’t waste a pass on moody people.

Now let me say I am not hating, I have been a big fan of the both the Williams sister, so I was just bit stunned by her uncalled for rudeness.

I am not the only one feeling this way.

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