Katie Ledecky becomes 1st woman since 1968 to sweep 200, 400 & 800 in single Olympics – Rio 2016

Katie Ledecky is such a pain to film because if you keep the camera on her you loose everyone else, it just isn’t fair.

Katie Ledecky made history by shattering the world record and the field in 800m freestyle.

How unfair is it to race against Ledecky you ask?. Ledecky finished 11-plus minutes ahead of silver medalist Jazz Carlin of Great Britain, who posted a time of 8:16.17. Taking bronze was Boglarka Kapas of Hungary, who finished in 8:16.37. The separation between Carlin and eight-place finisher Sarah Kohler of Germany (8:27.75) was smaller than that between Ledecky and Carlin by nearly two seconds.

You see how filming her can be a pain now, you lose the rest of the field.

This is what I mean if you keep the camera on her, then you wont have anyone else in the frame.

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