Discovering Model Polina Pavilkova On The Road To Rio – Rio 2016

“My favorite sports — I like running and dancing. Now I am going to the ballet class. Very beautiful and strict kind of sport.” – Polina Pavilkova


On my way to Rio, after a gig on the Le Tour de France I discovered Polina.  Polina reminded me of of one of my friends late mother Audrey Hepburn.  I saw that Polina was shooting with various photographers in Paris where she now lives and thought let me share this find with because that is what I love to do, discover, learn more about the discovery and then sharing it with the world.  Because you never know where the road will lead you and in this case it led to the discovery on not only Polina, but of photographer Christian Wilmes (above photo), hairstylist Claudio Duarte (above), and sunglass Max Mara (worn in above shot). See how much you can discover instantly why they call it Instagram.

Wednesday, I watched Russian  Inna Deriglazova wins individual foil gold, so I thought this is the best time to introduce you to another great Russian girl.

Meet Polina and here is my short interview with her.

Since childhood I was totally obsessed by fashion. I was playing with my Barbie  doll a lot and almost lived at her house, I sewed clothes for her with my Mum and dreamed to become a designer.
I worked as a fashion stylist in Saint-Petersburg. Suddenly photographers started to ask me for shootings as a model. It s always great to feel yourself become someone else during the shooting and be a part of a team. It s very inspirational for me and on the set sometimes I have a feeling that magic happens.
My friends call me Polinuska. It s a nice childish version of my name in Russian. It becomes my model’s name.
Now I live in Paris. I really like this beautiful city. Atmosphere of parks and museums, meeting with new interesting talented people, going out… I like running and dancing.
Now I am going to the ballet class. Very beautiful and strict kind of sport. I also like classic music. Russian and French composers. Now Erik Satie is my favorite)

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Portrait of #polinuska by Hokusai πŸŒΈπŸ’ŽπŸ’š #shooting #testshoot #beauty

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